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Wednesday Round-Up: Russell Wilson Gets His Own Wheaties Cereal Box

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will appear on Wheaties boxes in the near future.


Good morning, 12s.

Here's a look at what's "out there" for today — Wednesday, September 5 — about your Seattle Seahawks:

Wilson On Wheaties

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is one of the new faces of Wheaties.

Wilson revealed this week on social media that he will be on the front of the well-known breakfast cereal that features prominent athletes on the cover.

Wilson wrote about the experience of being an athlete on the cover for The Players' Tribune:

It took me back. Way, way back. Back to the days of playing one-on-one football with my brother out in the snow. Back to the days of rocking the backwards baseball cap like Junior. Back to the days of hopping on the front of the grocery cart and having my mom push me around the store.

Now that I'm a father myself, I have a new appreciation for the idea that my father put into my head when I was a kid. I truly understand how powerful it is. He convinced a too-small African-American wannabe NFL quarterback to look at a picture on a cereal box and think, "Why not me?"

It's still the greatest gift I've ever received.

Wheaties hasn't announced when Wilson's cereal box will hit stores.

Social Post Of The Day

Today's "Social Post of the Day" comes from the Seattle Storm, who advanced to the WNBA Finals last night:

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