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Timeout With Seahawks Guard Anthony Bradford

Stop the clock. We’re taking a timeout with Anthony Bradford to help the 12s learn more about the Seahawks player who likes to draw and want to meet Will Ferrell. ‘Timeout with the Seahawks’ is presented by Delta.


Who is his inspiration?

"My mother. My mother inspires me since I could remember. My mom has gotten up every morning no matter how early it is. Just to go to work every single day to take care of us. I got two other sisters, so she worked very hard to make sure we didn't see all the bad stuff that was going on. I appreciate my mom for everything she did. That's why I look up to her every day."

Who encouraged him to play football?

"I got my encouragement from my high school offensive line coach. I was just a big kid in middle school, just walking around and not playing football. He saw the potential in me. He's the one who got it in my brain, giving me the idea that I could do this for a living. He's been pushing me ever since."

What football player, or legend does he admire?

"Well, Trent Williams for sure. That's what I'm going to say. But I feel like I take a piece of my game that comes from just being physical at the line of scrimmage. Being able to move like any other ordinary O-line man would be able to move. So yeah, Trent Williams."

What does he miss the most about his family?

"Just me and my sisters. When us three are together it's always fun. We are always cracking jokes and making each other laugh. I miss the laughs with my two sisters for sure."

What does he miss the most about Michigan?

"I like winters. I like the four seasons. Probably unpopular opinion would be the winters. I miss them. I'm looking forward to these winters."

What was playing at LSU like?

"It's known for its high intensity so, playing at LSU you got to hold up to the standard of the LSU Tigers. It was fun for me my whole four years. Being under Coach O (Ed Orgeron) and under all the legendary players that have been there. It was a good experience for me all four years."

What was a highlight moment from college?

"Yeah for sure, 2019. That was the first year I played and we got a National Championship run. I would say this past last year we had beat Alabama. That was probably my two biggest highlights."

Does he have and hidden skills or talent?

"I can draw, I'm a little artist. I've been able to draw since middle school. I've just been getting better and better since then. I'm not at the painting stage. I just do a lot of pencil stuff. Like drawing sketches."


Which teammate he would switch lives with?

"DK (Metcalf). He's just a freak athlete. I want to be able to jump 20 feet in the air and catch a ball."

Which celebrity would he like to meet?

"Will Ferrell. He's just that dude. I feel like Will Ferrell is a ball of energy. I feel like he's one of the best actors. I love him. Stepbrother's of course is my favorite movie."

Which teammate is the funniest and who brings the most energy?

"Matt Landers, right now is the funniest rookie. Most energy I would say Kenny McIntosh."

What is the meaning behind his jersey number?

"My offensive line coach from high school is the one who put the idea in my head to play football. His number was 75 and that's the number I've had ever since I put on some pads. 75 really meant something to me. I was fortunate enough to have it in middle school, high school, and college. A number doesn't make the player but I do wish I had number 75."

What is something most people don't know about him?

"I feel like I'm an open book and I feel like I don't really hide stuff. Maybe, it's that I can draw."

What is he looking forward to most playing for the Seahawks?

"The fan base is crazy. I love the fan base here. So meeting new people out here and making connections. Building a relationship with my teammates. I've never been to Washington before so this is my first time. It's beautiful out here, for one. Different sceneries and different things to do out here so I'm looking forward to seeing what Washington has to bring."

Take a look at photos of guard Anthony Bradford during his three years at Louisiana State University. Bradford was selected by the Seahawks with the 108th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

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