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Timeout With Seahawks Center Evan Brown

Stop the clock. We’re taking a timeout with Evan Brown to help the 12s learn more about the Seahawks player who collects sports cards and loves Raising Canes chicken. ‘Timeout with the Seahawks’ is presented by Delta.


Growing up in Southlake, Texas, his biggest inspiration introduced him to the game in second grade.

"I started playing football in second grade, with Dragon Youth Football. My dad was a big influence up through today, just being a huge supporter and role model for me. He was my coach growing up in youth football and my biggest supporter, whether it was training with me, lifting or running, and just always being there if I needed anything. I played in middle school and varsity for three years before playing in college."

Staying home to play college football at SMU always seemed like the right choice.

"I think SMU was a great place for me with the combination of great academics and the opportunity to play Division I football at a high level. The combination of both of those with it being close to home was a big draw for me."

A program-changing win created a memory that will last a lifetime.

"They always say you don't remember the games; you remember the times there that you had such a good bond with. However, a game that did come to mind, was when we beat No.5 Houston at home. That was a big win and a big accomplishment for the program. When I first arrived at SMU, it was one of the worst teams in college football. It was good to see from my freshman year to my senior year how we put SMU back on the right track. They've done a good job ever since, building it up and having great seasons after."

Going undrafted is never a bad thing

"I wasn't expecting to get drafted on day one or day two, but those three days you are sitting there hoping to get a call but expecting to not get one. However, I had a lot of teams interested in me to sign as an undrafted free agent. At that point, I picked a spot where I had an opportunity to go and learn, and possibly make a roster spot. And that's exactly what I did that first year with the New York Giants in 2018. You learn being undrafted that your opportunities are very limited. When you do get one, you have to make the most of it and build off of it each time."

Being a center entails a lot.

"A center is the quarterback of the offensive line. He directs what our scheme is going to be based on the defense that's out there. When you get to pass protection, it's identifying pressure, watching rotation, and seeing what the defense can bring based on what we have to block."

Even though he has experience playing multiple positions on the offensive line, the transition from one position to another is harder than an outside eye might think.

"Going from right to left guard is much harder than people realize. It looks the same to everybody else. Things that we do that people nobody really sees is how technical we are. It's a lot of practice to flip everything. A guy that plays right guard all the time and then tries to play left guard; everything is backward. Your hips get set one way and you have to open them up and twist the other way. You get so comfortable on one side, but when you flip it, everything is different. On the other hand, center to guard is a completely different position in things that you're asked to do and technique. They're all very different. While it might look like to everyone else that it's simple to switch positions, it's definitely not."

Keeping the same routine is essential to success on Sundays.

"Everything I do pregame I keep pretty consistent week-in and week-out. I'm there three hours early, I jump in the hot tub, and then I get a massage to warm me up. I'll go to the field with no pads on, get some steps, and then visualize some plays that we'll run in the game. I'll go back into the locker room and listen to my pregame playlist, whatever I'll have on. Then I'll get the pads on and then my pregame warmup routine with them. That's the routine I go through each time."

He's already built a great connection with Geno Smith.

"I think just popping ideas off each other. What we see in certain areas and going through alerts and checks. Off the field, he's super active in the community and always hosts events. I try my best to come out to anything that he has. Just building that comradery between us is a huge thing to have."

If he ever is forced to sing karaoke, his go-to is a classic by Marvin Gaye.

"My rookie performance was singing this song in front of the team and ownership up in New York, which was "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Marvin Gaye. It would have to be that because I've sung it in front of a crowd before."

Brown enjoys card collecting, Call Of Duty, and golf when he's not on the field.

"During my off time, a little bit of Call of Duty. I've recently picked up the sports card hobby and have started collecting them. That's been a cool hobby and industry to get into, peeking to see what's going on there. Also, being a part of it is a cool aspect of it too. I don't have my own card yet, they don't show linemen love. Shoutout Panini. Let's give some of those active linemen some love. Other than that I like to golf in the offseason a good amount and hang out with my wife and my dog."

He would bring Raising Cane's to Washington if he could.

"I'm a big fan of Cane's. I try to not eat it too much but when I'm feeling some good fried chicken and fries, Cane's is the move. My go-to order is the Caniac Combo with no slaw, extra toast, extra Cane sauce, and a large lemonade."

A trip to a place he's always wanted to go will soon be checked off his bucket list.

"I'm a quarter Japanese, so I've always wanted to go to Japan. I've got that on the schedule for next offseason. In early March I'll go to Japan with my mom, dad, and my wife. That'll be a fun experience to see the homeland - my mom lived there for four or five years. It'll be a cool experience for her to go back and for us to all see it."

Take a look at photos of center Evan Brown from his first four seasons in the NFL. Brown signed with the Seahawks as a free agent on March XX, 2023. Read more.

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