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Thursday Round-Up: Defensive Coordinator Clint Hurtt Discusses New Role In Interview With Seattle Sports 710 AM

Highlights from Clint Hurtt’s appearance Wednesday on the Mike Salk Show.


Good afternoon, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today — Thursday, May 19 — about your Seattle Seahawks.

Clint Hurtt Talks About Defensive Coordinator Role On Seattle Sports 710 AM

Seattle Seahawks Defensive Coordinator Clint Hurtt is a familiar face around the building, but he's bringing some new flavor to the team in his new role. The promoted former defensive line coach sat down with Seattle Sports 710 AM’s Mike Salk to discuss his plans to unleash the Seahawks defense. But first, he's had to make adjustments to his offseason family routine.

"My wife is definitely trying to make the adjustment now," said Hurtt on the schedule change. "Usually in the offseason I'm helping to pick kids up from school or I'm cooking more meals and things like that, but it has definitely not been that this spring"

Hurtt takes over the reins after serving as defensive line coach under former defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr (2018-21). With the defense making the shift from a 4-3 scheme (four down linemen) to a 3-4 (three down linemen) there are plenty of adjustments for Hurtt & his staff to make.

"I was raised and grew in a 4-3 system in my time, even through high school but even at the University of Miami," said Hurtt "You want to have the ability to be balanced. What happens is formationally a lot of times offenses can put you in certain formations & sets to make you uncover so they can see coverage-wise what you're doing. Anything that you can do to make the quarterback have to work."

Hurtt's love for the 3-4 bloomed during his time at Louisville, where he spent served as defensive line coach from 2010-13. But that doesn't mean some familiar 4-3 looks won't make an appearance.

"It's not that if you go 3-4 that you don't just have any 4-3 elements to your defense - that's not true," Hurtt continued "The multiplicity of 3-4 defenses is why I've become a big fan of it. I can get to whatever I need to with the structure and principles in coverage as well."

The scheme change will have a ripple effect in the secondary as well.

"You can play stickier and challenge routes more, and also be in position to get your hands on the football a lot more too," Hurtt continued. "It also affects the pass rush. If we can make that quarterback choke and hold onto it for another second that's usually what you need for the pass rush to get home."

Former All-Pro Safety Jamal Adams has been a key component to the Seahawks defense. Despite recovering from a torn labrum suffered in December, he's very much part of the new plan.

"Right now, the most important thing for him is getting healthy like he's been doing, but the carryover of the scheme," said Hurtt. "We hear all the talk about the things he has to do to get better - look, Jamal is a workaholic."

Change is inevitable in life. The upcoming weeks will provide better insight to the changes we'll see on the field.

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