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The Sound Season 2, Episode 2: Home Sweet Home

The 2023 Draft Class gets comfortable in Seattle, and honest about the Draft process in this week’s episode of The Sound.

In April, Seattle selected 10 players in the 2023 NFL Draft to bolster an already talented roster. While the season premiere of the second season of The Sound focused on draft weekend, episode two follows the rookies through their introduction to Seattle & rookie minicamp.

The episode begins at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center, as the class of 2023 are officially welcomed at the Seahawks Rookie Spotlight. In reverse order of selections, running back Kenny McIntosh is highlighted first, as the humble-yet-driven Georgia alum breaks down the Draft process.

"Just to hear my name get called was all I needed for real," said McIntosh. "To get them nerves out of my body, I felt like I had a monkey on my back. But soon as my name got called, they all left my body. When I got drafted, they weren't expecting me to be on the board then. I wasn't expecting to be on the board that long. So when I actually got drafted, I actually was on the phone with my agent talking about free agency. Then, they called me and I just called my mom. You could hear me, 'Mom! Mom!' calling her to tell her what happened. It was a blessing, a moment I'll never forget."

Fans get a look at General Manager John Schneider making the call on draft day to an emotional McIntosh, before the episode transitions to head coach Pete Carroll welcoming the class at rookie minicamp. Second-round selection Derick Hall explains what it's like meeting and being coached by Carroll.

"I'm telling you, when he just walks down and everybody starts screaming and yelling, it's just a different environment in that team meeting room," Hall said. "I feel like this is a place where they really and truly let you be yourself. They try to bring out the best in their players through what they do. It's not uptight, it's not 'Be quiet,' they really let you be yourself. As long as you embody and carry yourself as they feel the way a Seahawk should."

The Day 2 and 3 selections of the class take turns telling their story and explaining why Seattle is setting them up for success. Former NFL player-turned-Navy SEAL-turned risk advisor Clint Bruce speaks overcoming adversity and struggling for excellence to the rookie class, as fourth-round pick Anthony Bradford gives his impression of the environment he was drafted into.

"It's just an all-around good place to be at," said Bradford. "I feel like this is a safe haven, but it's so many examples that've been here before us so there's no room for excuses. No complaining, one of our rules for sure. Altogether, this is a great organization. Glad to be a part of it, ready to work."

Episode two showcases the work-play balancing culture Seattle is known for. As the rookies get a better understanding of Carroll's methods and the lay of the land, fans get a glance at the humble beginnings of another Seattle draft class looking to prove their worth.

The Seahawks hit the practice field for the final day of minicamp on June 8, 2023 at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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