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Seahawks Stories Podcast: Sam Adkins

Former quarterback Sam Adkins joined the show to swap stories with two of his longtime teammates, Jim Zorn and Steve Raible.


Former quarterback Sam Adkins played for the Seahawks from 1977-1981 and bears the distinction of being the only player to wear No. 12 before it was retired in honor of the 12s.

Adkins, Jim Zorn and Steve Raible began the podcast episode talking about their time with each other in Seattle. Raible talked about how they would drive to the Kingdome, park in the parking lot with the fans and walk into the stadium with the fans.

"We would leave the hotel and one of the funny thing for those early years, we'd just park in the parking lot and we'd walk in with the fans to the Kingdome," Raible said.

The podcast provides insight into what the league was like at the time and what NFL salaries were like as well. Adkins, Zorn and Raible talked about having second jobs because of how little they were making in the league. The three joked about having McDonald's as a food option before games – they either got Big Macs or a Filet-O-Fish before getting on the team bus they said while laughing.

Adkins retold stories from the perspective as a backup and spoke on his experience in that role. In his time with the Seahawks, Adkins became the only player to ever wear the No. 12 jersey.

"We're playing in San Diego, and there was a poll that came out 'Who was the most popular opposing player in the NFL? Who do people like to watch come to the stadium?' And Mr. Zorn won that contest," Adkins said.

Adkins goes on to tell the story of starting quarterback Zorn's jersey being ripped during a game and his jersey being replaced by his own, Adkins jokingly says it's because Zorn won the contest. So, Zorn technically wore the No. 12 for half ofa game. But officially, Adkins was the only player to have worn the jersey.

Following football Adkins came to have a successful construction company and talked about all of his jobs that led him to being a third-generation contractor.

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Today's show:

  • Driving into the stadium with fans (03:20)
  • Winning a car (05:13)
  • NFL salaries and food in the '70s (06:20)
  • $1,500 hot dog (07:44)
  • Crowd noise penalties in the Kingdome (08:21)
  • Howard Mudd's influence on the game (11:38)
  • Adkins memories of being a Seahawk (17:53)
  • Only Seahawk to ever wear the No. 12 jersey (19:39)
  • Life after football (24:20)
  • Success in 1978 and 1979 seasons (27:11)
  • Fondest memories with the Seahawks (32:41)

Listen below:

Sam Adkins played quarterback for the Seahawks from 1977-1981, primarily serving as a backup to Jim Zorn. Take a look back at some of the best photos from Adkin's time in Seattle.

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