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Seahawks Round Up: The Penultimate John Schneider Show Before The Draft & Other News

All the Seahawks news you might have missed this week.

Round-up 041924

Good afternoon, 12. Here's a look at what's going on out there and any news you might have missed about your Seattle Seahawks this week.

The Penultimate John Schneider Show of the 2024 Offseason

As he has done throughout the offseason, John Schneider sat down with Dave Wyman and Bob Stelton on Seattle Sports 710AM Thursday for the penultimate version of "The John Schneider Show" (though he may still appear on their airways after the final official show airs before the draft).

In addition to talking about draft preparation and what goes on in the final days of that process, Schneider also addressed the growing noise around the fact that the team took down some of the pictures featuring players and moments from the Pete Carroll-era teams in one hallway of the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. Schneider downplayed the "controversy" around it, noting that wall will soon feature video boards that can rotate pictures, and also pointing out that the team's history is still celebrated all over the building.

"Right outside the team room to the indoor facility, (there were) a lot of pictures and slogans from Pete's tenure here, like all the stuff we did together the last 14 years – (which was) awesome," Schneider said. "But celebrating our history is, like, all over this building, and so we're actually going a little more digital, too.

"I was actually talking to (Seahawks president Chuck Arnold) about it this morning – we're going to have TVs up just kind of like celebrating the Dave Wyman tackles, if you will. Or the Curt Warner runs and the Shaun Alexanders and the Coach Holmgrens and Coach Carrolls, the whole thing. Right when you walk around the corner from the indoor facility, I mean, we have the plates (with names) of every player that's played here, and the pictures from all the guys, like more recent guys and all that. Really in Mike (Macdonald's) mind, it's kind of, hey, we're celebrating our history, guys get that, but we're not coming in here with certain slogans and leadership mottos and that sort of thing. We're going to build our own as a team."

Also still present are two giant banners in the team's indoor facility celebrating the team's Super Bowl XLVIII victory, the banners in that same building recognizing division titles, and plenty of other pictures around the building not in that one hallway that was altered.

News and Notes from Thursday's Pre-Draft Press Conference

Prior to Schneider's radio show, four key members of his player personnel department, assistant general manager Nolan Teasley, vice president of player personnel Trent Kirchner, senior director of player personnel Matt Berry and director of college scouting Aaron Hineline met with the media Thursday for a pre-draft press conference, discussing, among other things, what it's like preparing for the draft with a new coaching staff.

"What makes this unique is that it's our first draft with Coach Mike Macdonald and his staff," Teasley said. "They've been absolutely awesome from the moment they walked through the door. We just finalized a really productive free agency period with them. It's just been really collaborative. We've enjoyed working with them hand in hand and looking forward to being more collaborative as we work through the draft process.

"In terms of the process, I would say it's familiar. We're going to work forward, move forward and work with the coaching staff and maybe get a little bit more specific as the process kind of develops and we get closer to the day. But I would say in terms of the evaluation process, this started, you know, in the summer last year. So we've maintained our consistency throughout. These guys are a huge part of it. Our staff in the back is a huge part of it, and I would say it's very familiar and that adds a level of comfort."

Girls Flag Football "The Next Big Thing"

Next week, the WIAA will vote on sanctioning girls flag football, and if the vote passes, it would make the 11th state to make girls flag football an official high school sport. The Seahawks have been big supporters of girls flag football, and hopefully soon it will be an officially sanctioned sport in Washington.

"It's going to be an Olympic sport," said Seahawks Vice President of Community Engagement and Legends Mario Bailey. "States that are sanctioned, they are ahead of the game and their girls are way more advanced because they're playing. It's important for this to get sanctioned because it's not a matter of if it's ever going to be sanctioned, it's going to happen. So why not get it done now, so we can compete and also give these girls an opportunity to play."

Jon Ryan Retires as a Seahawk

Longtime Seahawks punter Jon Ryan, who spent a decade with the team before finishing his career in the Canadian Football League, signed a one-day contract with the team in order to retire as a Seahawk.

In addition to being one of the best punters in franchise history, as well as a key part of one of the most memorable plays in team history, his NFC Championship game touchdown pass to Garry Gilliam that helped spark a comeback win, Ryan also formed a unique bond with Seahawks fans over his decade in Seattle.

"I played 19 years of pro football, five teams, two different countries, two different leagues, but the best part of my career was playing here for those 10 years," Ryan said after signing alongside his wife, comedian, actor and author Sarah Colonna. "It meant so much to me, I feel like I really found myself here. It was a big part of my life going from 26 to 36 in one place. And just the way the fans treated me here is the No. 1 thing. When you retire from football you're going to miss the boys, but I can call up the boys any time, they're going to be there. You're going to miss football, but I can take a bag of balls to the park and kick them around any time. But you can never recreate the 12s. That feeling of walking on the field, of running out of the tunnel, it's something that no matter what you do the rest of your life, you'll never recreate. So the best situation for me was if I could just walk away as a Seahawk, and that's what they're allowing me to do today."

Social Post Of The Week

Outside linebacker Uchenna Nwosu's alma mater, Narbonne High School, opened the Uchenna Nwosu Athletic Training room this week:

The Seahawks finished their second week of offseason workouts on Thursday, April 18, 2024 at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. Check out the 12 best photos from their workout.

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