Seahawks Raise More Than $100,000 For The Hungry In NFL's Kick Hunger Challenge

The amount is nearly $25,000 more than the Seahawks' total in last year's Kick Hunger Challenge, which supports Food Lifeline to provide meals to those in need.

The fifth annual 'Kick Hunger Challenge' dinner and auction event was held on Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at Seattle's SPORT restaurant, where Seahawks Legends teamed with chef John Howie to provide a night of entertainment in support of Food Lifelife, which aims to end hunger in Western Washington.

For a second year in a row, the Seahawks claimed the No. 2 spot in the League's Kick Hunger Challenge, the 26th annual competition that encourages all 32 NFL teams and its fans to raise funds supporting food banks across the United States.

Seattle raised $113,189 in this year's challenge for Food Lifeline, enough to provide more than 400,000 meals to hungry people in the Pacific Northwest.

The final number is nearly $25,000 more than the Seahawks raised in last year's Kick Hunger Challenge, nearly $30,000 more than what the third-place New England Patriots raised, and nearly $100,000 more than every other NFL team besides the Houston Texans, who claimed the top spot in this year's competition by bringing in $137,659. Prior to their second-place finishes in 2015 and 2016, the Seahawks had won the NFL's Kick Hunger Challenge three straight years.

"When you ask them to do something, it's a unique city in that they jump at the opportunity to come and help and give," former Seahawks defensive tackle Craig Terrill, who spearheads the team's Kick Hunger efforts with local chef John Howie, said last month of Seattle’s fundraising feats. "So I think that's the coolest thing year-in and year-out. When we kick off this thing and get it going, people are lining up to show up to an event, or lining up to buy a t-shirt, or going online and donating on our website.

"I think it'd probably be disheartening if you did it and nobody gave, which could be the issue in some places," Terrill added. "But Seattle's a cool city like that."

Here's a look at how much the Top 10 teams raised in this year's Kick Hunger Challenge:

  1. Houston Texans - $137,659.00
  2. Seattle Seahawks - $113,189.00
  3. New England Patriots - $85,040.00
  4. Flavors of Houston Championship - $24,193.00
  5. Denver Broncos - $17,284.15
  6. Tennessee Titans - $17,000.00
  7. Los Angeles Chargers - $16,513.00 (donations in San Diego)
  8. Atlanta Falcons - $11,025.00
  9. Kansas City Chiefs - $10,653.00
  10. Green Bay Packers - $9,230.00
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