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Seahawks Executive VP/General Manager John Schneider Talks Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner & Kam Chancellor On SiriusXM NFL Radio

GM John Schneider comments on the four-year contract extensions for Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner.

Seahawks Executive VP/General Manager John Schneider joined SiriusXM NFL Radio on Wednesday to talk about the four-year contract extensions recently awarded to quarterback Russell Wilson and linebacker Bobby Wagner. The segment is embedded for you above and a couple discussion highlights are laid out below.

It Was A Process

The extensions for Wilson and Wagner were each finalized this past weekend, but Schneider emphasized there was nothing "quick" about putting the contract offers together.

"It was a process," Schneider said. "Both very talented players and real good people. We're just trying to identify those core players and take care of them as we go."

Wilson, age 26, and Wagner, age 25, were each part of the team's 2012 draft class. Both players started at their respective positions as rookies and found immediate success, with Wilson earning Pro Bowl honors and Wagner in the running for NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year.

"I think we were the youngest team to win the Super Bowl, and I mean that in a humble manner as I possibly can say it," said Schneider. "But we have a willingness here to play with young people and we try to reward our core players as we go."

Kam Chancellor's Absence

The Seahawks have gone through five training camp practices without Kam Chancellor, who has yet to report. Schneider said there's no animosity between him and Chancellor, indicating the two sides have had "good communication" to this point.

"We all love Kam," Schneider said. "He is a phenomenal football player. Obviously, a key core player in what we're doing here defensively. The guy is a monster over the middle and one of the strongest leaders that we have. We all miss him."

Schneider wasn't able to provide a timeline when asked when he expects the strong safety to make his 2015 training camp debut.

"We've had a plan in place for several years," Schneider said. "Kam was one of the first players that we drafted that we were able to reward with one year left on his contract. It's personal because you love a guy so much and you have so much emotional and personal feelings for the player, and at the end of the day you have to stick to your plan and your principle and that has to guide you. Rather than, 'Oh, I just love this guy and we have to.'

"This is about the team. It's the ultimate team sport and in order for us to be a consistently championship caliber team that we've been preaching ever since we got here we have to continue to conduct business the way we always have."


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