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Seahawks Defensive End Michael Bennett and his Brother Martellus are "The People's Champs"

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett joined ESPN's SportsCenter on Wednesday to share what it was like to get the win over his younger brother Martellus, who plays tight end for the Chicago Bears.

Heading into last week's game against the Chicago Bears, we let you know that the Bennett brothers weren't too thrilled about having to match up against one another at CenturyLink Field.

Michael, who as 12s know plays defensive end for the Seahawks, ended up getting the best of his brother Martellus, who plays tight end for the Bears, as Seattle secured a 26-0 shutout of Chicago. During a Wednesday interview with ESPN's SportsCenter, the always-entertaining Michael brought the humor as he let viewers know what it felt like to get a win over his younger sibling.

"Actually, I got this big brother award, too, in the mail yesterday from my mother," Bennett said while showcasing a souvenir on screen. "It's a trophy from my mom for being the best son."

Michael provided a few more details on what it was like to line up against Martellus.

"It's unlike anything, man," he said. "It's hard to get that aggression and want to go out there and push him back really far because I feel like if he beats me my children won't listen to me and if I beat him his children won't listen to him, so it's one of those things where you kind of want to push each other back just far enough."

The Bennett brothers, who had their own segment last year on NFL Network, have two of the more colorful and outspoken personalities in the entire League. The SportsCenter host recalled a recent exchange with Cliff Avril where the Seahawks defensive end called the Bennett brothers "crazy," and Michael's response was again on point.

"I think I'm one of the only sane players in the NFL, me and my brother," Michael said. "I think we just say what's on our mind and I think the fans love that because a lot of people give them generic answers and sometimes the fans see through that.

"They want some real live answers and we just happen to be the people's champs."

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