Sea Gals Excited to Unveil 2017 Swimsuit Calendar on Sunday

Just days away from revealing the inside of their calendar, the Sea Gals talk about the process by which it was made.

First-year Sea Gal Kiana is eager for the unveiling of the 2017 Swimsuit Calendar at The Triple Door on August 14. The process by which it came about was an enjoyable experience for her.

"I'm really excited," Kiana said. "Just everything has been really fun, and getting to know the girls and obviously doing the calendar photoshoot was really fun. It's my first time doing that kind of thing, so I'm excited to see how it turns out."

Each of the 31 Sea Gals were photographed in one of four locations over four days, including places like Cave B Estate Winery and Resort at The Gorge, Alki Beach in West Seattle, a mansion on Lake Washington, and Golden Gardens Park. Every girl had their own timeslot, with the first one beginning her shoot at 8 a.m. and the last one beginning hair and makeup at 3 p.m. The cover of the calendar has four Sea Gals on it with Mt. Rainier in the background.

"We were out on Lake Washington on the dock with just a crisp shot of blue sky," Sea Gals director Sherri Thompson said. "Mt. Rainier was just floating in the sky, so we shot that to make it a little different than the normal beach shot."

Even though the Sea Gals have seen the cover, the upcoming premiere event of the season is the first time that the cheerleaders themselves will lay eyes on the inside of the Swimsuit Calendar.

"The first time we actually see it, Sherri will pull us behind stage right before we go out, and then she'll flip through each page and show us all," Sea Gal Christian said. "And then we really kind of get to actually see our picture when we go out on stage and they'll ask us a few questions and it's blown up huge on stage. It's so much fun."

Doors to the event open at 5 p.m. and the performance by the Sea Gals will begin at 6:30 p.m.

All 31 Sea Gals will be available to autograph and personalize the calendars after their performance.  Last year, more than 375 fans were entertained at the unveiling.

"It is such a fun event," Thompson said. "We do a show, and it's not just on-stage, the girls are coming out from all over the place, from the woodwork so to speak, and they perform. As Sea Gals we do a couple numbers, then our show group performs a couple sets, which is different costume changes and really fun and a lot of the fans have never seen anything like that at all. The best part is it's the only time where all the girls sign for just the cost of the calendars, so you get in for $30. It's great food, a great show, get your calendar and get as many as you want, and then all the girls will sign it."

While the Sea Gals don't know which of their pictures will be in it, there are some things that are consistent from year-to-year. The 16-month calendar will have all of the Sea Gals in it, and on the back will be a page with all of their roster pictures on it.

"We're excited," Christian said. "It's always a surprise!"

Each ticket costs $30 and includes one seat (or standing room only) and one calendar.

Go behind the scenes of the Sea Gals swimsuit calendar shoot and see the making of the 2017 Sea Gals Swimsuit Calendar.

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