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Pete Carroll: Seahawks Have "No Intention" Of Trading Quarterback Russell Wilson

Pete Carroll addressed Russell Wilson trade rumors during his press conference Wednesday at the NFL Scouting Combine. 

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll speaks at a press conference on Wednesday, Mar. 2, 2022 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. (Aaron Doster/NFL)
Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll speaks at a press conference on Wednesday, Mar. 2, 2022 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. (Aaron Doster/NFL)

INDIANAPOLIS—For the second straight NFL offseason, a big storyline in the media has been about the future of quarterback Russell Wilson. 

But while the trade rumors persist, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said at the NFL scouting combine that while his team listens when teams do call, the Seahawks have no intention of trading their Pro-Bowl quarterback. 

"At this time of year, there's conversation about everybody, we're talking about everybody," Carroll said when asked if teams have called about Wilson. "And it's commonplace for us to have conversations with teams about all of the players, particularly marquee players, and that's not changed. It's been the same every year we've been here, so it's the same as it's been. We have no intention of making any move there. But the conversations, John (Schneider) has to field those, he always has, but nothing specific to that."

Later, off the podium, Carroll was asked how Schneider handles those inquiries and said, "What John says is 'We're not shopping the quarterback.' That's what he tells them. He has talked to other teams. Just because of all of the media, they think that something is going on, so he's fielded a lot of calls. But he's fielded a lot of calls on everybody, but for that in particular, he's got a pretty standard response."

Wilson is coming off of the first season in his 10-year career in which he missed playing time, and it was also Seattle's first losing season since he became the team's starting quarterback as a rookie and just the second season the Seahawks have missed the playoffs in his career. 

Carroll said Wilson's mindset after that season is one of determination to get back on track. 

"He's determined," Carroll said. "He's disappointed that we didn't do better. We've been together to not share that. And he's ready to get back at it. He can't wait to get playing again."

Carroll also reiterated the strength of his and Wilson's relationship and the communication they have on all topics. 

"Russell and I have had a partnership for all of these years," he said. "We've worked at this the whole time. We always tell you—and he says the same thing I do, because it's the truth—it's how we've worked at stuff. We've communicated on a really high level ever since the first horse game we had when I told him he is going to be the starter. At that point, I told him that he and I are going to be in front of this program over the years if things work out well and we hang together and we're successful, we're going to have to take on a lot of that responsibility. And with that thought, I felt it was hugely important that we communicated really well, and that we would be in touch, we would know what's going on and we could take the time to step aside some of the action that's at hand and make sure that we keep things in proper perspective, and that's what we've done. So that's really what this has been about. There's been a lot of talk and all that, that's just this time of year, but I feel like we're on a good page that we know what's going on and we're communicating really well still."

Carroll was also asked why in the NFL it's never as simple as saying a player is under contract so there is zero chance of that player going anywhere, and he explained in the name of always competing to build the best team possible, the Seahawks have to at least be willing to listen to just about everything in all aspects of roster building, even if nothing materializes from those conversations. 

"The facts are that if you're competing, you've got to be listening to what's going on, and we have been—how many years have we been here, 12, 13 years?—I think we've been staying the exact same way, because we believe the same. We can't afford to miss the opportunity to compete. So that's what we're taxed to do and that's what we've been doing. We still listen, we listen to everything, and like we've always said, any phase of transition for acquiring talent, we've always tried to be right at the front of it and know everything that's going on. What is the possibility, what is the opportunity? We don't just go, 'nah, let's pay attention next year.' We don't do that. And we count on our ability to figure it out and be creative, and we know we're supported well by the organization to spend the money and do what we've got to do, so it gives us a chance to always been involved. Some clubs don't get to do that; we're fortunate that we do."

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