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Monday Round-Up: Michael Dickson's Double-Punt Goes Down As 'Play Of A Lifetime'

NBC Sports’ Peter King broke down Dickson’s improbable double-punt, something he’s “never seen” in 37 years covering the league.


Good morning, 12s. Here's a look at what's happening today – Monday, Oct. 11 – for your Seattle Seahawks.

Peter King Breaks Down Michael Dickson's Double-Punt

Last Thursday was a tough night on multiple levels for the Seahawks. Seattle lost a divisional game to the Los Angeles Rams at home to fall to 2-3, but it they also lost starting quarterback Russell Wilson to a gruesome finger injury.

There was one highlight from the game, though, that won't be lost in history: Michael Dickson's double-punt.

With just under three minutes to play in the third quarter, the Seahawks lined up to punt from their own 21-yard line. Rams special-teamer Jamir Jones broke through the line to block Dickson's punt attempt, with the ball jettisoning to Dickson's left. The Australian cleanly scooped it up with one hand, ran up near the line of scrimmage and booted another punt that traveled an incredible 69 yards. A flag was initially called on the play but it was ultimately ruled legal and the Rams' next drive started way back at their own 11-yard line.

NBC Sports' Peter King couldn't help but write about the play in his “Football Morning in America” column on Monday.

"I've covered the NFL since 1984," King wrote. "I've never seen a punt -- nor a special-teams play -- as incredible as the Michael Dickson double-punt in the Rams-Seahawks game Thursday night."

"It ranks as the weirdest play I've ever seen, because I've been consumed by it since it happened," Mike Pereira, a FOX analyst and former NFL referee, told King. "I've never seen a play and a rule and a situation like that one."

"The amazing thing, to me," King wrote, "is that Dickson just handled this bizarre play with such cool. 'Crazy,' he said. 'But really, it was just like a normal Aussie rules play, something I've done since I was 9. What's important at a time like that is to rely on your instincts. Don't overthink. Just play like you always have. Stay calm. Do whatever you've always done to be successful.'

"Good advice for life, and for executing a play the NFL has never seen in 102 years."

Social Post Of The Day

Russell Wilson is still getting his football fix despite getting injured last week:

Go behind the scenes with team photographer Rod Mar as he shares moments from the Seattle Seahawks' 27-16 loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday Night Football on October 7, 2021 at Lumen Field. Eye On The Hawks is presented by Western Washington Toyota Dealers.

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