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Luke Willson, Jordan Roos Explain The Techno Thursday Movement

Seahawks tight end Luke Willson and rookie offensive lineman Jordan Roos talked about why they started the Techno Thursday movement.

The Seattle Seahawks' theme of wearing short shorts and playing techno music during practice on Thursdays is growing faster than expected. The team's new fad, also known as Techno Thursday, has rapidly become popular. 

Since training camp, more players have joined guys like rookie offensive lineman Jordan Roos, safety Earl Thomas and running back J.D. McKissic by wearing short shorts to practice. As the season progressed, Roos became good friends with Seahawks tight end Luke Willson, who combined the look of the shorts with techno music and created a dynamic combination of the two. 

"It's a movement, you know?" Willson said last week. "We've got the core group of guys now. I'll bet by Week 12, 14, somewhere in there, we'll have 53, plus 10 practice squad, so 63 guys all wearing it. That's what I think." 

Since camp, the group of players joining in on the theme has gotten larger.   

"I think today we'll have 20, maybe 25, but it's growing" Wilson said before practice Thursday. 

"I was just kind of doing my thing," Roos joked when asked Thursday about why he started wearing the shorts.

Although Tuesday is actually the day for techno according to Willson, the Seahawks don't practice on those days of the week. That inspired the veteran tight end to shift the day to later in the week.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is one of the players in on the movement. 

"Yes, I'm wearing the short shorts today," Wilson said when asked if he likes Techno Thursday. "You guys will see my thighs today, it'll be fun. 

"We figured it was kind of funny and then we started listening to techno music every once in a while after a meeting or when we were leaving a meeting and it's evolved to this. It's always good to just see team camaraderie. There's so many ways that happens, but I guess this was just one weird, interesting way."  

Even though all players are in favor of bonding, some guys such as linebacker Bobby Wagner, tight end Jimmy Graham and wide receiver Doug Baldwin aren't fans of this method in particular. 

"Jimmy and Doug have been really bad teammates," Willson passionately explained.

"Jimmy and Doug would be the two guys right now that have really let me down with this whole movement."

Whether or not the Techno Thursday movement continues to ascend from here remains to be seen, but you'll be hard pressed trying to convince Willson it isn't on the come up.

"I don't know why anyone doesn't want to join," Willson said. "I couldn't tell you." 

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