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"He Knows What I'm Thinking And I Know What He's Thinking" — DK Metcalf and Russell Wilson Speak About Their Connection In Thursday Press Conferences

The QB-WR tandem say that their similar mindsets and desire to win have helped fuel their bond on and off the field.


Russell Wilson's case for MVP has continued to grow this season, as the Seahawks lead the NFL in points per game (34.3) behind a dynamic passing attack. Wilson's 26 touchdowns through seven games are the second-most in NFL history (Tom Brady holds the record with 27 in 2007), and seven of those touchdowns have gone to DK Metcalf — tied for most in the league alongside teammate Tyler Lockett and a handful of other receivers.

Metcalf's ascension has also been well documented this season. He's coming off of a career performance against the 49ers in Week 8, recording 12 catches for 161 yards and two touchdowns. On Thursday, Wilson and Metcalf spoke about their bond and connection on and off the field, including more details about their time spent together in the offseason.

Early in his career, Metcalf has already drawn comparisons to legendary wide receivers like Calvin Johnson and even Jerry Rice. Wilson has touched on the idea before himself, including in his DangerTalk podcast episode with Joe Montana. He spoke about it again Thursday.

"I think he's got the work ethic of greats like Jerry Rice," Wilson said. "Not just the game part, but how you practice. And I think that's how DK is, he's got a tremendous work ethic at practice, he's got a tremendous work ethic in the offseason. We spent a month and some change together this offseason in Mexico and in San Diego, California. Just spending time together. He's one of my best friends."

Wilson lit up as he mentioned how his kids Future, Sienna and Win all "love" Metcalf. "He's come over to the house a couple of times and held Win," Wilson said. "He's family to us. It means a lot."

Wilson cited Metcalf's strong hands and ability to make tough catches as two factors that make him a standout wide receiver. He'll likely have to make some tough catches this Sunday against a talented Buffalo Bills secondary that features cornerback Tre'Davious White. 

"They don't give up on the play," Metcalf said of the Bills secondary. "From Tre'Davious White, to Levi Wallace, both of their safeties to their nickel, their linebackers even try to punch the ball out. They fly around everywhere, whether it's perimeter or down the middle of the field … Just being conscious of that and knowing going into the game that that's what they're going to try to do."

When asked why he thinks he and Wilson have connected so well, Metcalf attributed a lot of it to having a similar approach to the game.

"I believe our mindset, we both like to win and we're both competitive," Metcalf said. "I believe that brings people closer, and during the hard times in workouts or in games, he knows what I'm thinking and I know what he's thinking. So it just brings us closer together, mainly because of our mindset."

While Wilson gushed over Metcalf's work ethic, the wideout named that same exact trait as the one that most stood out to him about his quarterback upon entering the league.

"One thing that stands out is how consistent he is and how he comes to work every day," Metcalf said. "The process of weekly preparation doesn't get tiring to him. He comes in every Monday, Tuesday, putting together a gameplan for the next week, and he doesn't waver from that. His consistency is what sticks out most to me."

We know that Wilson taught Metcalf how to swim this summer, and today we learned that Wilson even got Metcalf into golfing a bit during the offseason.

"We played a bunch of golf," Wilson said. "He thinks he's Tiger Woods now all of a sudden. It's like, 'Hold on, hold on!' He hits one good shot off the tee and he thinks he's driving the ball 350 all of a sudden, he feels like he's the best."

"He called me little Tiger, I'm going to say that now," Metcalf said. "My golf game was not that good at first but as I kind of got my swing going, I think I found my stroke. Hit a couple pars, a few birdies. I think I got a little golf career growing in the future."

We just hope he plans on doing the football thing for several more years before that becomes a reality.

The Seattle Seahawks visit the Buffalo Bills on November 8 at 10:00 a.m. Take a look back at photos from past games between the two teams.

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