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Seahawks Mailbag: Post Trade Deadline Takeaways, Path To Top Of The NFC, & More

You had Seahawks questions; guest host Michael Bumpus has answers.


The Seahawks bounced back with a 37-27 home victory over the 49ers last week and are now getting ready to head east to take on the AFC-East leading Buffalo Bills. Week 9 should bring an added boost for the team with several key players, including Jamal Adams, returning from injury and new pass rusher Carlos Dunlap II ready to make his debut. Before we turn our attention to Seahawks at Bills, it's time once again to answer questions from you, the fans. Back in to tackle your questions this week is former Seahawks wide receiver and 710 ESPN Radio Analyst Michael Bumpus.

With the trade deadline in the rearview mirror, here's what Bumpus had to say:

What are your top takeaways on the Carlos Dunlap II trade now that the trade deadline has passed?

A: "I love the Carlos Dunlap trade. Honestly, he wasn't really on my radar. I knew that this guy was going to be available, but I was looking more towards Everson Griffin just because prior to the season starting they were taking a good look at Griffin. But, I do like the Carlos Dunlap move. One, you're getting a guy who's proven. 31 years-old, has been in the league about 10+ years, he's a veteran, and I feel like he still has a lot of football left in him. In his down year, he had 4.5 sacks in his second season. Last year, he had 9 sacks. Not only does he bring production to the table immediately, he also brings leadership. He's going to show guys like Alton Robinson, L.J. Collier, and Benson Mayowa, who's been in the league for a while but is in his first season as a starter, how to be professionals and some tricks of the trade - what are your hands like, how to get leverage on this guy.

So not only do you get production, but you get a proven leader. Now you add him with "Snacks" Harrison, it's kind of like a two-for-one. Snacks is going to collapse the pocket; Carlos is going to clean it up. I'm loving the move."

@seahawks_daily asks "Are the Seahawks in prime position for the #1 seed in the NFC?"

A: "As of now, yes they are in prime position. As of now, they have the No. 1 seed. The way they don't get this thing done is if there's a horrific collapse in how they play in their schedule. The teams you have to look at in the NFC are Tampa Bay, New Orleans, and Green Bay. You must respect the Arizona Cardinals because they beat you, so now you have to prove it. They'll come to Seattle and you have to beat those guys, but as of now they are in prime position.

And I like the Seahawks schedule coming up. They have the Buffalo Bills this week and then they have the Rams. The Rams always play the Seahawks tough so you have to take care of them. I don't know if I believe in Jared Goff yet. I know he's a good football player, but when you turn the ball over four times against the Miami Dolphins, it has you scratching your head a bit. And then you have the Cardinals, so these next three games are crucial. I think if they can go 3-0, that would be nice, but at least 2-1 these next three games then they'll be good. After that, they have the Eagles, Giants, Jets, and the Washington Football Team which should be wins. So their schedule is set up to where if they finish the season just dropping two games, I think they will be good to go. I like their position in the NFC so far."

Brian Campbell from Ellensburg, WA asks "See any problems with Damien Lewis for (Seahawks) offensive rookie of the midway point?"

A: "It has to go to Damien Lewis. I don't know who else it would go to. You're starting at the right guard position in a team that typically likes to run the football and now they're asking him for pass protection. He's a guard who's quick and can get onto the second level. We haven't heard his name a lot. There hasn't been a lot of penalties on Damien Lewis. His first few games he struggled a bit, but you would assume that's going to happen as just a rookie playing in the NFL. Playing against different speed and going up against different type of competition. Now he comes from the NFL D League is what I call it, the SEC, because he sees a lot of talent there. But there's nothing like when the lights come on and you're playing on Sundays. For this football team, the offensive rookie of the year at the halfway point has to go to Damien Lewis."

Some of the best photos of Seahawks rookie guard Damien Lewis during his first few months with the Seahawks. Learn more about Damien in this Player Q&A fueled by Campbell's Chunky Soup:

Don Cassady from Sallisaw, OK is wondering "I've been impressed with Alton Robinson, but can't figure out why he hasn't gotten more playing time as he always seems to be in on a good play when he's out there."

A: "Alton Robinson has flashed. This is going to be Seahawks' end game: They're 6-1 and at this point in a college season you're winding down. The NFL is a different type of beast. You're going up against better competition and sooner or later, guys have film on you and they figure you out. In college, you can just be a better athlete and get things done. I think Alton is doing a great job, but I also think he's still learning so there's going to be road blocks along the way. It's rare that you get a rookie who just jumps on the scene and performs at a high level throughout the season especially when you're playing 16 games. There's going to be peaks and valleys. As a rookie, he has to learn how to be consistent. With the addition of Carlos Dunlap, he's going to help him learn how to do that. Alton Robinson I think is going to continue to make plays, continue to flash, but again, being a rookie you have to learn how to be consistent."

@walkngirl asks "What will the rotation be in the secondary with everyone available?" And in another secondary question, @ThatWiiMaster is wondering "Is it fair to assume that Ryan Neal will still be getting snaps when Jamal Adams returns, with how he's been playing?"

A: "I can tell you who the stars are going to be. It's going to be Quinton Dunbar on one side, Shaquill Griffin on the other side. Safeties, you got Quandre Diggs and Jamal Adams. Now Paul Moyer made a great point. With Ryan Neal playing as well as he's been playing, maybe they take a linebacker route and play more of a nickel type with that strong safety in there and bring Ryan Neal in. They can allow Adams to get after the quarterback while allowing Neal to drop back. I still think Tre Flowers, at least the past game, has proven he might get some snaps, but there won't be too much rotating going on. If you got all your starters healthy, you're going to roll with those guys.

Dunbar, Griffin, Diggs, Adams – that's enough right there. They haven't played too many games together. They're still building their chemistry, so you don't want to bring guys in who you aren't going to rely on later in the season. You want to let these guys gel together and build that cohesiveness. I assume guys will get spells every now and then, but for the most part, you got to go with the four I mentioned."

@matt_the360 asks "How do we get Ursua some game run? He's got some shake the other 5/6 guys don't seem to have but he can't find the field."

A: First, some context on John Ursua this season. The wide receiver out of Hawaii made the original 53-man roster, but then was caught in WR numbers and was added to the practice squad. He knows the system, has been around two years, and is an option for depth.

Now Bumpus on Ursua going forward: "It's going to be hard for John Ursua to get on the field. If there's anyone he'll be competing with it's David Moore. Moore has 16 catches, three of them for touchdowns and you're feeding him the ball when it comes to the jet sweep and smoke screens. That lets you know that they just believe in him. It's no knock on John Ursua. It's just David Moore has been consistent every year he has been here. That's the type of guy you want on your football team. As long as David Moore is playing at a high level, it's going to be tough for Ursua to get on the field. I've been a fan of Ursua, I love his game and think he brings something to the table. If he doesn't see the football field, that just means the guys in front of him are getting it done. DK is balling, Lockett is balling, Moore is balling, all these guys are being extremely reliable."

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