GM John Schneider Talks Seahawks Championship Mentality, Defense Ahead of Regular Season Opener at St. Louis Rams

Hear what the Seahawks general manager had to say before the Seahawks kicked off against the St. Louis Rams.


Executive VP/General Manager John Schneider joined "Voice of the Seahawks" Steve Raible on the team's flagship radio station 710 ESPN Seattle on Sunday ahead of the team's 2015 opener against the St. Louis Rams.

The full audio file is embedded for you above, and below find a few highlights from Schneider's pregame interview:

(On what to expect from the 2015 opener...) "There's just a lot of uncertainty. You're kind of developing an identity. Every year is a little bit different year, you know? We've got to come out today and establish our identity and be the team that we want to be."

(On what he sees in the Seahawks defense...) "From a pass rush standpoint I feel like we're a little bit deeper there. I think [defensive coordinator] Kris [Richard] is probably going to call a little bit more of an aggressive game - I'm not quite sure on that yet, we'll see how that transpires. All in all, they had a great preseason. The Oakland game was a great game, especially for some of the young guys to get out there and show that they can perform, Tye Smith will be active today so we'll see how he does as well, some of the younger guys, and just establishing that speed and aggressiveness on defense."

(On seeing more from Marshawn Lynch, Jimmy Graham against the Rams...) "Like any other team, you try to limit your frontline guys to a certain extent, guys you know you can rely on a ton. Obviously with Marshawn and Jimmy, those are guys that are going to get a lot of touches. I would think it would be exciting to see those guys be more involved today and see what transpires."

(On opening the year on the road in St. Louis...) "There's no easy game in this league no matter where you play. We talk about it all the time, that every week is a championship week and you have to just try and drown out the noise and play the way you're capable of playing and not beat yourself. For us today, to come out, establish our identity, not beat ourselves, and do what we do best - I think that's the key to this game here today."

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