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Get To Know Seahawks Running Back Deejay Dallas


What is your favorite thing about playing running back?

"Its offense so I mean you get to score touchdowns. Being a playmaker, that's one of the main things. But just contributing, I can contribute more as a running back. I feel like running back is one of the most crucial positions on the field because you have to protect the quarter back and make other plays."

What do you like to do in your free time?

"I like playing Xbox. I play Call of Duty: Warzone, I play MLB the Show. My loadout on Warzone depends on what map I'm playing on. If I'm playing on the big map – Verdansk – I run an M4A1 and an SPR. If I'm playing on the smaller map – Rebirth – I'll run an MP7. You have got to be quick on Rebirth!"

Name a moment that made you realize you were really playing in the NFL?

"It was last year when Fred Warner popped me on the sideline. I had one in practice too where Bruce (Irvin) and K.J. (Wright) hit me on the sideline and I kind of popped up like 'Ah, whatever.' But then I got hit in the game and it's like 'Yeah, I'm here now.'"

Do you have any favorite movie characters?

"The Dark Knight Joker, Heath Ledger, the man's a legend. He's immortal, that character will never die. It's going to live forever as long as movies are being shown. Heath Ledger's Joker is top tier. The closest thing you get to Joker is Loki from the MCU. I think I like DC and Marvel the same. I think their characters bring different aspects because the regular person can identify with the Joker or Batman because the Joker wasn't just all evil and Batman wasn't just all good."

Who would say inspires you?

"My mom and my uncle were my biggest inspirations growing up. My uncle taught me what hard work is. My mom – I'll say my mom and my step-dad – taught me unconditional love. That's a big part of me."

If you could choose any super here or super power what would it be?

"What is Wolverine's? Regeneration? He can't die. I would choose invincibility, that's what I want. Invincibility."

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

"I like to hunt and fish. I like to be real outdoorsy. That's my thing. I like Rattlesnake, I hike that a lot. I drive out to Mt. Rainier sometimes and sight-see and try to get as close to the mountain as I can without going all the way to the mountain."

What is your go to meal?

"My wife makes this glazed salmon. It's incredible. She's a chef. She's top tier!"

If you could have dinner with any celebrity who would it be and why?

"I would probably choose David Goggins. I'm not sure why, he just gets me fired up. Maybe Malcolm X, just to see what he was thinking about. But David Goggins for sure."

What are you playing on your game day playlist?

"I drive to the stadium and really get in some Luke Combs for sure. It helps to slow my heart beat down, I feel like music helps to slow my heart beat down and get my anxiety out. It's okay to have anxiety or be anxious about something. I'm usually pretty anxious to play so I listen to country. Once I get to the stadium, I'll switch it up to some rap."

What would you say is your passion?

"My family is my main passion. I love family time, that's my main thing. On our off days, I spend my whole day just chilling with my son. He just turned two in June. He's busy man, he's starting to talk more. His communication is coming along."

If you could go back and give younger DeeJay any advice, what would it be?

"I would tell my younger self to build up some mental calluses. Don't allow the small things to bother you, and if you have a task, be detail-oriented. Don't think of the task as this big overall arching task. Look at the smaller task within the task to complete the m

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