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Get To Know Seahawks Running Back Chris Carson

To help 12s learn more about some of their favorite Seahawk players, we caught up with running back Chris Carson and asked him 12 questions. Check out his answers below. 'Get to Know the Seahawks' presented by Delta.


Did you ever wear a number other than 32?

"I had 23 all throughout high school, then I went to junior college and had 23. The first year of junior college I had like ten fumbles and then was like, 'Oh no I can't have this number anymore.'" I switched the numbers around to 32. The next year I ended up with no fumbles, so it worked out for me."

What is one of your favorite memories since becoming a Seahawk?

"Being drafted here is one of my favorite football memories. Just being drafted in general. I wasn't expecting to be drafted, so being drafted here. Oh, and that flip against the Carolina Panthers. That was insane."

Do you have any hidden talents?

"Oh yeah. I'm good at UFC. Boxing, or I recently have gotten really into longboarding. I think I'm pretty decent at that."

If you could have dinner with any celebrity who would it be?

"I would love to have dinner with LeBron James. He's been my favorite basketball player, and he was a childhood idol for me. It would be great to meet him."

Why do you play this game with so much passion?

"In the beginning, my why was more because our house had burned down. It was about helping my family out and getting them in a better situation. Now, it's my daughter. Taking care of her and making sure I do what it takes to take care of her for the rest of her life."

Do you have any favorite musical artist that you listen to?

"I don't listen to just one artist. There are so many different ones. Youngboy NBA is probably my favorite when it comes to my game."

Who is someone that has a big impact on your life?

"My daughter is my biggest inspiration. She was born in June. My whole mindset before was playing football, but now it's like playing ball to provide for my daughter. It's a whole new inspiration."

What is your favorite part about the 12s?

"I love the 12s. Without them, especially in this type of city when it can get gloomy, without them it would be dead. It's a blessing to get them back in the stadium. It's going to be crazy."

Can you tell us what your favorite food is?

"Wings are my favorite food…. American Deli. For me, I love wings so American Deli is just the go to wing spot. Got to get the peach drink too."

Who on the team is someone that you are close to?

"I've known Robert Nkemdiche a while. We played him every year growing up, so being close with him now is cool."

What is one of your favorite parts about being on the team?

"My favorite part of my job is just being with the guys. You build a lot of relationships, especially with the running backs. The running backs that came through before me, just keeping the connection with them. That's probably one of my biggest things is just staying connected with them and building those relationships."

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self?

"Enjoy the moment. It goes by fast. I'm already on year five and it feels like yesterday I was a rookie. Just enjoy the moment."

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