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 Get To Know Seahawks Linebacker Cody Barton

Learn more about the Seahawks linebacker who loves to ride horses and wants to be the next Tom Cruise in the next Top Gun.


His most memorable play throughout his whole football career was an interception he had in college vs UCLA

"My most memorable play I would say was my senior year in college vs UCLA. We've been watching tape all week and they kept running the same plays. They were running the same play throughout the year and the reason it was memorable to me is because during the week, I saw that play and I was like, 'I'm going to pick this exact route.' Sure enough, it's the third quarter of the game, they came out in this formation. I remember it from tape, jump it, pick, just like I envisioned it in my mind. It was clear as day. To me, that was the most memorable because that whole week, I just kept talking about it like, 'this play is going to happen. They're going to come out in this formation, and I'm going to pick this route.' Sure enough, it came through."

The one person that has always been by his side since he has started playing football is his older brother, Jackson Barton

"Since I first started playing, I would say obviously my family especially my dad and my older brother. My younger sister and my younger brother, they've been by my side, but there's a little bit of an age difference. I would say the most is my brother just because we are only a year apart. We played high school football together, played college football together, and we got drafted together. I would say the biggest person by my side is my brother."

Cody Barton and Jackson Barton Picture

When things get tough, he focuses on the positives and learns from the negatives to keep him motivated

"Just look at the positives. I mean football to me is like life. You are going to have your ups and downs and I'm an optimistic person. I'm always looking at the positives. I'm always looking at the things that could be good. When things get tough, everyone knows it. Everyone knows that things get tough. I focus on the positives and learn from the negatives and try to turn those into positives. So, that's the way I do it mentally and it works for me."

Whenever he retires from the game, he wants to be remembered as a great friend and teammate and someone that has left it all out on the field

"First, I want to be remembered as a great teammate and a great friend to people. Also, as a player on the field, one thing that I take pride in is playing hard no matter the situation, the score, doesn't matter what it is. I'm always going to play hard and go all out. I would say being a great teammate, a great friend, and being the dude that played hard, and left it all on the field are the things that I want to be remembered by."

The biggest life lesson that he has learned so far about being a professional athlete is it's all about building relationships especially with your teammates and coaches

"One lesson that I say I've learned is since I've been here in the NFL, I would say it's more than just a game. It's about relationships. You build relationships with guys in the locker room, with coaches. So, I would say that's the biggest thing is just the relationships. You always hear from guys that come back that are done playing and say, 'the things they miss the most are the relationships they made with all those players and the fun that they had with their teammates.' That's something that I've learned is it's about relationships."


The night before each game, he likes to relax, visualize and let loose on gamedays by joking around and being himself

"I'm a person of habit, routine. So, the night before we have our meetings and have dinner after our meetings, I'll go up to the room, kick back, turn on a movie. Then before it's time to go back to sleep, I'll just turn off the tv and visualize and lay in bed and just think about the things that I've seen throughout the week on tape, things that we have done in practice, and just visualize a lot of things in my head. On the day of the game, I like to be loose on gameday. I'm a talker throughout the week, and I don't really change up on gamedays. Some guys might get quieter like the way they lock in, but I'm loose and joking around still. I'm not a headphone guy. I just try to be myself and I don't make it bigger than what it is. I just know I'm going to go out there, have fun with it, and just play my hardest."

He would star as an actor in an action movie specifically as Tom Cruise in Top Gun

"An action movie. I love action movies. I would say the new Top Gun, that would be sweet. I want to be Tom Cruise."

He would choose his fellow teammate, Tanner Muse, to be Siamese twins with because he's a great friend and they are built alike

"I would say Tanner Muse. He's a really good buddy of mine. We are actually built very similar, same height, same weight. I would say Tanner."

He would choose to direct a commercial about his life back home at his ranch in Salt Lake City, Utah involving his horses and calves

"I would have a commercial about our ranch back home in Utah. It would be about us riding horses, pushing calves, and showing the country and all that stuff. It would be about something like that."

His theme song would be "Til You Can't" by Cody Johnson because it speaks a lot about himself chasing his own dream and taking advantage of the opportunities in front of him

"It would be 'Til You Can't' by Cody Johnson. I say that because there's a part of that song where it says, 'if you got a dream, chase it because the dream won't chase you back.' It resonates with me because the whole song is about taking advantage of your opportunities. It talks about not putting things off in life. You might not get the opportunity later in life. It's just living in the now. That would be my song. I think that song speaks a lot about me."

On a typical day in the life back home in Salt Lake City, Utah, he is training, eating, studying tape and heading up to his ranch to ride his horses.

"In the offseason, Monday through Friday, I'm in Salt Lake City training. I get up early, workout, come home, eat, study some tape in the offseason, eat again, workout again, eat, Pilates. It's a full day of stuff. I'll see my niece and nephews, my parents, and my siblings. Friday afternoon comes, we head up to the ranch to ride horses and get wild."

He would be reincarnated into a horse in his next life

"A horse, my favorite animal. We have horses back home and I love them."

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