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Get To Know Seahawks Guard Gabe Jackson

To help 12s learn more about some of their favorite Seahawk players, we caught up with Seahawks guard Gabe Jackson and asked him 12 questions. Check out his answers below. 'Get to Know the Seahawks' is presented by Delta.


What is your main goal as a player?

"I want to improve as a player and a person. To me that's the biggest thing I can do."

Who is your biggest inspiration?

"I would have to say my dad. He not only raised me to be like how I am but he also showed me how to act and how I should be. He taught me the way of life and how to treat people."

What do you look forward to most this season?"

I'm excited to be part of a great organization and great fanbase. I'm ready to hear the 12s on gameday."

Can you share with us your gameday routine?

"I have one when I can but I don't want to give my secrets away."

Do you have any hidden talents?

"I play a lot of instruments. I play the piano, the bass guitar, drums, and a do a little bit of singing. The bass is my best instrument, I make that thing talk."

His impact extends beyond the game of football.

"It depends on the time, situation. It could be someone that had a house fire or some small things here and there. It's not all about money but it's about spending time and treating people right."

The number 66 has become a special number since receiving it during his rookie year.

"It grew on me when I first came into the league. I just feel like I'm me when I'm wearing that number."

Finally beating his cousin will always be one of his favorite football memories.

"I would have to say a time from my freshman year of high school. I was struggling against a guy that was my cousin actually. He was about at least 70 pounds bigger than me so he gave me fits all of the time. I found a way to get stronger and bigger and was eventually able to handle him."

The first game of his career showed him what the NFL was really like.

"I would probably have to say my first game in the NFL. Everyone as a whole was moving faster. Sometimes you will have a guy who is more talented here or there but for the most part everybody was trying to do the right thing. That was the biggest thing about the step from going from college to the NFL."

He's a grown man on the field but acts like a big kid outside of football.

"I watch TV a little bit and play video games. I'm a big kid so if it's not music, I'm usually just sitting back and chilling on the video games. I like to play Madden, of course, as well as Call of Duty. NBA2K is down on the list, I like to play it but I'm not as good at it. I try to stick to what I'm good at. My favorite TV show, from the beginning of time, is Martin."

He wants to be remembered as a great teammate and someone who respected the game.

"I want people to know that I respected the game and I gave it my all. I tried my best and was a great teammate."

While leading the Raiders offensive line for years, he and C Rodney Hudson developed a special bond.

"Rodney Hudson, for one we share the same birthday. Our personalities mended well. We were together for a while and went through certain situations together outside of football. Just being there for each other helped also."

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