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Friday Round-Up: Seahawks Safety Quandre Diggs Honored To Be Named Team Captain

Seattle Seahawks Safety Quandre Diggs honored to be named a captain ahead of 2022 NFL season.

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Good afternoon, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today – Friday, September 9 – about your Seattle Seahawks.

Quandre Diggs On Being Named A Captain, Some Exciting Rookies & More

As Seattle Seahawks safety Quandre Diggs enters season No.9, his career continues to bloom with time. Thursday, the Seahawks named Diggs as one of four team captains for 2022 - a role that means everything to the man from the lone-star state.

Diggs' family pedigree of athletes precedes him, with brother Quentin Jammer being a two-time First Team All-Big 12 selection as a cornerback at the University of Texas. Jammer would play a decade in the NFL, being named to the Los Angeles Chargers 50-Year Anniversary Team. Diggs made his own name as a Longhorn, and he's certainly carved his own path in the NFL. In 2019, the Detroit Lions named Diggs a team captain after extending their 2015 sixth-round selection to a three-year deal.

The Seahawks would acquire Diggs in the fall of 2019 via a midseason trade, and over the course of his time with Seattle Diggs has nabbed 20 interceptions in 38 games. This week, Diggs was named as a team captain along with defensive tackle Al Woods, linebacker Nick Bellore and wideout Tyler Lockett. Diggs took to the podium following Thursday's practice to discuss what the honor meant to him.

"I mean, it means everything, honestly, because all I really care about was the respect inside of this building from my teammates, my coaches," said Diggs. "That's been the most important thing for me is just having respect. I mean, like I said, it means everything. Those guys voted me and voted 'Big Al' as the leaders of this defense and we've got to take that serious. But it's even cooler to be a captain with one of my best friends, Tyler Lockett. So, it's something that we couldn't even imagine when we were training for the Combine. We always said that we couldn't be teammates because we play around and joke too much and that wouldn't work in the NFL. But if you look at us now, we're still the same guys that we were in 2015 and we're just a little bit older. But we're always playing around, joking around. We've got an inside joke of; we know one person that didn't expect this out of us. And people that know us, they know who it is. It's just cool for this opportunity to be a leader of this team, a team that I've watched growing up. You see all the great players here before. And to be a leader here, it is super dope."

Respect is a big thing for Diggs, and despite the accolades he's garnered in the past, he still feels slighted.

In August, Diggs climbed five spots from his 2021 position on the #NFLTop100 list to No.72. After consecutive five-interception seasons, Diggs' best years may still be in front of him as he approaches 30-years-old. But he's also used this summer to take in the young talent around him on the defense, including rookie defensive end Boye Mafe.

"Boye (Mafe), he's a different energy guy," said Diggs. "He's one of those guys that when he's out there, you can tell he's out there. He's always flashing. He's always making plays. And he's a guy that's super athletic and he gets off the ball pretty good. And he's physical. I'm excited to see him flash and do things on special teams and things like that. But as a young guy, you've got to earn your keep on special teams and that's just what it is."

Diggs also discussed high-potential 6-foot-4 rookie cornerback Tariq Woolen, and what he sees from his game. 

"Like I've told you guys before, he's a unique player," said Diggs. "He's somebody that I was excited about when we drafted him. Because for me, I always look and see if we going to get any Texas guys, because Texas guys like to stick together. And it was cool when we drafted him. I was actually in Napa, and I was super excited. I remember texting (Clint) Hurtt and being like, 'I like that pick.' Pete (Carroll) texted me, so I could tell he was excited about it. And then you just see him. He's 6-4. He's fast. He's physical. He's long. He does everything that you want out of a big-time corner. I think for him, it's just more about letting the game slow down and that comes with experience, and he's been flashing a lot."

Diggs also shared what's been his overall message to the young pups throughout the summer in OTAs, training camp and preseason.

"Man, you've been playing football for a long time," said Diggs. "Yeah, it's different. It's your rookie year. It's your rookie year, but I mean, you've been playing football for a long time. Never want to put any extended pressure on anybody. Those guys, they know how to play the game. You have your highs and lows. You have your good and bad plays. And it's about how you bounce back. And when you have a good play, just know the next play could be a bad play, so it's all about stacking the good plays. But I won't tell them too much. You guys have been around me long enough to know I'm not a super 'rah-rah' guy. I do my job, keep it pushing, and give guys a talk if I need to. But more than likely, I just want to crack jokes and have fun and play ball."

Whether the stat sheet, field or locker room, Diggs is a factor for the Seattle Seahawks. For a team recouping from the loss of several legends, Diggs' willingness to be a leader is greatly appreciated.

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