Friday Round-Up: Seahawks Cornerback DeAndre Elliott Buys His Mom A House

Seahawks cornerback DeAndre Elliott followed through on a 20-year promise to buy his mother a house after his first season in the NFL.

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DeAndre Elliott Buys His Mom A House

DeAndre Elliott, who the Seahawks signed as an undrafted rookie free agent last year out of Colorado State, made headlines for The Coloradoan yesterday, with news that the 24-year-old cornerback had followed through on a 20-year promise to buy his mother a house after living his dream of playing in the NFL.

The Coloradoan's Kelly Lyell writes that at the age of four, Elliott, who was too young to play organized football at the time, delivered an IOU to his mother promising her a house once he made it to the NFL. DeAndre's mother, Elizabeth Elliott-Sims, cashed in that IOU last weekend.

"He kind of had been hinting at it and told me, 'Mom, start looking for a house.' So I started looking, just generally looking," she said. "I didn't dive wholeheartedly into it.

"But he kept asking, 'Mom, did you find a house? What neighborhoods are you looking in? What are you looking for? Four bedrooms, five?.' That's when I realized he's definitely serious about this. He's had it in his mind the whole time."

DeAndre, who played in 13 games for the Seahawks last season primarily on special teams, said the promise is one of the things that kept him motivated over the years.

"I'm just glad they gave me the opportunity and they believed in me," DeAndre said of his rookie year in Seattle. "Now, I've just got to get back to the grind and earn my spot again."

Tweet Of The Day

Today's "Tweet of the Day" comes from the Seahawks Pro Shop, which is offering free shoe laces for Sunday's Seahawks 12K run when you spend $30 on gear at the Pro Shop's Renton location.

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