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Former Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Jim Zorn Raises 12 Flag Atop The Space Needle

To help kick off wild-card weekend, former Seahawks quarterback Jim Zorn hoisted the 12 Flag on top of Seattle's most iconic landmark on a cloudy Blue Friday morning.

Former Seahawks quarterback Jim Zorn helped the city kick off Wild Card weekend by raising the 12 flag atop a Seattle landmark on this cloudy Blue Friday morning.

"It's my privilege to be able to raise the flag, the 12 flag, on top of this Space Needle to kick off a weekend of celebration and hopes that the Seahawks go to Minnesota and get after those Vikings," Zorn said just before raising the flag. "Here we go!"

Zorn, the MVP of the Seattle Seahawks in its first year of franchise, was part of the team's original dynamic duo along with Hall of Fame receiver Steve Laargent. The former QB said the Seahawks will need to pay extra attention to ball security in Sunday's anticipated sub-zero temperatures.

"You have to make sure you hang on to the ball a little bit harder because ... it'll pop. It'll just pop out in this kind of weather, so ball security is going to be hugely important."

Still, Zorn predicts a Seahawks victory at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis this weekend, where the sixth-seeded Seahawks will take on the third-seed Minnesota Vikings at 10:05 a.m. PT.

"If I was to predict a score, it may be something like 35-17, something like that." he said. "That's what I'm hoping for, and that's what I think."

A playoff-edition of Blue Friday started with a 12 Flag raising on the Space Needle and was followed by rallies and more 12 Flag raisings in the cities of DuPont, Renton, and Kent.

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