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5 Things To Know About Seahawks Tackle George Fant

Get to know new Seahawks free agent acquisition, George Fant.


Welcome (Back) to Seattle

Fant got his NFL start in Seattle in 2016 after being signed as an undrafted free agent. Fant was with the Houston Texans last season and with the New York Jets in 2020-22. When Fant first heard that the Seahawks were interested and that there was a chance to come back to Seattle, Fant said he was excited. "I was telling my wife that it would be cool to come back home. Seattle means a lot to us. I'm so happy and excited to be back here and get back to work." Seattle was his first NFL stop and Fant entered the NFL with just one year of playing football at the collegiate level. And there's a good reason for that, speaking of which…

Mr. Basketball

During his time at Western Kentucky Fant played on the basketball team throughout his first four years there. He had an impressive career and racked up accolades like 2012 Sun Belt Conference Tournament Most Outstanding Player and 2015 NABC All-District First Team. Following his senior year, he was prepared to go play basketball overseas, but after talking with the Western Kentucky football coach, Fant realized his size and athleticism could probably take him further in the NFL. He returned to Western Kentucky for a sixth year, this time as a football player, rather than a basketball player. He played tight end and mostly on special teams but when working out at Western Kentucky's pro day, he drilled as a tight end, defensive end, defensive tackle, offensive lineman and linebacker.

No. 74 Is Eligible

It'd be remiss to mention Fant and not talk about the time that Fant was actually eligible. When Fant was asked about one his favorite memories from his first stint with the Seahawks it was the play where he caught his first NFL pass.

"I have to set the record straight on something," Fant said. "I caught a pass, and I got a first down, but they didn't give me my first down. Turf monster fall."

Fant wore No. 74, and 74 is an offensive lineman jersey number which means he couldn't be downfield or catch a pass without the Seahawks being penalized. When he reported eligible to the referees, then he could theoretically catch a pass. Fant often reported as eligible but had gone without being targeted through 12 games in the 2018-19 season.

"[Catching a pass was] just unique, it's something different. I wish I wouldn't have fallen but it was definitely fun. One of my fondest memories here." Fant said.

12s, He's Ready

After signing, Fant's Twitter/X was already being blown up with welcome messages from the 12s when he simply tweeted "HOME!"

"Already on social media, getting all the love from all the 12s, I've always been close with the 12s when I was here before. I have the same kind of love for them too. I'm ready to get back in front of them. I'll see them at training camp."

Drake, G3 and Jordans

During Fant's previous time with the Seahawks, he answered some get to know questions and told fans about his favorite artist, nicknames and shoe collections.

Seahawks agreed to terms with tackle George Fant who returns to Seattle where he played the first four years of his career. After three seasons with the Jets and one season with the Texans, Fant returns to the Seahawks.

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