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5 Things To Know About Seahawks First-Round Draft Pick, Defensive Tackle Byron Murphy II

The Seahawks selected DT Byron Murphy II of Texas with the No. 16 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. And here are a few facts to get to know the new Seahawk. 


While celebrating with a crowd of around 300 friends and family members, Byron Murphy II took some time to answer questions on a conference call with Seahawks media on Thursday.

Byron Murphy II has been a Seahawks fan.

Before being drafted to the Seahawks, Murphy said he was a fan of the Seahawks growing up. And even though he is from Texas, he said the Cowboys or Texans weren't teams he was rooting for as a kid.

"I used to like the Seattle Seahawks," Murphy told Dallas News. "The Legion of Boom era, with Russell Wilson, Kam Chancellor, Marshawn Lynch, Michael Bennett."

During his conference call with Seahawks media after being drafted, Murphy said he liked the Seahawks because of, "Just how goated they were. Just watching them growing up, they dominated the league and won a Super Bowl."

Murphy said that one player from the era that he tried to emulate his game after was Seahawks Legend, Michael Bennett.

"Michael Bennett, that was the guy on that d-line back then. I used to watch him a lot growing up."

Murphy II has shoe game.

One thing that Murphy enjoys all things fashion. Murphy told Dallas News that he loves shoes. "I love Jordans. I probably have about 30 [pairs of shoes]," he said. "I'm into fashion, I love to dress and I love clothes."

Murphy was asked if anyone helps him put together his fits and said that he usually does it himself but, "my mom she tries to put her two cents in, and my girlfriend helps too."

A pair of touchdowns for the DT.

Although he is a defensive tackle, Murphy does have two offensive taouchdwons to his name. He was a three-year defensive lineman and played in 39 games, with 16 starts at the University of Texas. And in two separate games Murphy rushed for a touchdown against the Washington Huskies in the Sugar Bowl and caught a touchdown pass in a win over Oklahoma.

"I hope I can get the ball," Murphy said when asked if he hopes to be able to carry the ball this season for the Seahawks.

And running the ball in college wasn't his only time on offense. He played running back up to his ninth-grade year and says his background at that position is helpful to his game now.

"Growing up playing running back and linebacker all the way up to ninth grade, it helped me out a lot. That's where my twitch is from, my quickness and my speed. It's going to help me out at the next level," Murphy said.

Likes to wreak havoc.

Last season, Murphy was the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year and finished his junior season with 29 tackles, 8.5 tackles for loss and five sacks. When asked what kind of player Seahawks fans can expect to see on the field, Murphy said a player who wreaks havoc.

"They will be getting a very disruptive player," Murphy said. "A player that can really take over the game. A game changer is the kind of player they're going to get."

Best of the best.

When the Seahawks drafted Murphy, they made him the second highest defensive tackle to be drafted since selecting Sam Adams No. 8 overall in 1994. Ironically, both Murphy and Adams are from Texas and played at rival schools with Adams going to A&M.

The Seahawks selected Texas defensive tackle Byron Murphy II with the 16th pick of the 2024 NFL Draft. Check out the best photos of the 1st rounder from his college playing days.

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