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Eye of the Hawk Highlights: Seattle Seahawks vs Buffalo Bills

Check out top highlights from four unique camera angles at CenturyLink Field from the Seahawks' Week 9 win over the Buffalo Bills.

At CenturyLink Field for Seahawks games this season the Seahawks mobile app brings you in-game highlights and live video feeds from around the stadium.

Below, check out a few highlights from Monday's 31-25 Week 9 win over the Buffalo Bills that showcase four 'Eye of the Hawk' camera angles seen in the Seahawks mobile app:

Jimmy Graham One-Handed Touchdown Catch

What Pete Carroll Said About The Play: "What an incredible player and competitor and all of that. He just continues. Every game is a highlight film of catches."

What Jimmy Graham Said About The Play: "I told coach [Carroll] next time I'll use two [hands], but I didn't have my left at the time."

Jimmy Graham Jumps Over Bills Defender

What Pete Carroll Said About The Play: "Nothing more fun than watching a guy hurdle somebody like that, an athlete of that kind of stature, it was an extraordinary play. He was phenomenal tonight."

Richard Sherman Intercepts Tyrod Taylor

What Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan Said About The Play:"We misread it. Obviously [Bills quarterback] Tyrod [Taylor] is not going to make that throw. It was a big mistake obviously."

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