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Episode 6 of The Sound: Rock Paper Scissors

The latest episode of The Sound takes a look at the tight bond of the tight end group, plus scenes from the much-anticipated matchup vs. the Broncos and quarterback Russell Wilson during Week 1.


Week 1: Triumph over Russell Wilson and the Broncos

Episode 6 of The Sound drops us off at Lumen Field for Week 1 of the 2022 NFL Season, as the Seattle Seahawks defeat the Denver Broncos 17-16. Seattle took down a Broncos team led by former Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson in an electrifying matchup of old friends-turned-foes. Seahawks lifetime fan Curtis Eastwood is the first interviewee for the episode, a fan since 1983.

"Russ no question will go down as one of the most-iconic sports figures in this market," said Eastwood. "Winning that game, beating him and the Broncos in that style, I think it sent sort of a reaffirming message that the one is not greater than the whole."

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll takes us inside the locker room as he reads off the stat sheet postgame to congratulate quarterback Geno Smith on a breakout game. Smith completed 23-28 passes for 195 yards and two touchdowns, but his post-game comments may be as iconic as the performance.

"They wrote me off, I ain't write back though" the now-famous Geno Smith postgame quote.

But a big focus of the episode is the Seahawks' tight end room.

Dissly, Fant, Parkinson: Three The Hard Way

The Seattle Seahawks 2022 roster returns tight ends Colby Parkinson and Will Dissly. In March, tight end Noah Fant joined that group via the trade for former Seahawks play caller Russell Wilson

"It's been a long time coming, going through these first two years with some injuries and then to catch a touchdown in the first game of my third season was amazing," said Parkinson. "There was a lot of joy and happiness on my face as you can tell once I caught that."

Recovering from prior injuries, getting in better shape and eating better was the name of the game for Parkinson this summer. Parkinson toned up to a chiseled 260, while getting faster, showcasing the speed on his 25-yard touchdown against Denver.

Veteran Leadership

Seahawks Legends like Marshawn Lynch, Cliff Avril, K.J. Wright and Richard Sherman all appear in Episode 6. We get to hear the conversation at the Seahawks mock-game at Lumen Field between Sherman and Head Coach Pete Carroll, as they discuss the potential of rookie corner Tariq Woolen. 

Carroll’s suggestion for Sherman to impart wisdom on the young 6-4 cornerwas accepted by Sherman, and safe to say whatever he's told Woolen has been working. From blocking field goal attempts, to his first interception to his first pick-six, Woolen is rolling four games into his rookie campaign.

Episode 6 of the sound is an in-depth look at how the Seahawks find the balance between fun and grit. The coming-of-age tale of a team looking to defy the odds when many counted them out from the start. Every episode of The Sound is a further look into just why the Seahawks are convinced that the players and personnel they have in the building are just right to get the job done as they look to continue to grow this season.

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