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Episode 3 Of 'The Sound': The Many Hats of Tyler Lockett

The third episode of “The Sound” came out this week, looking at veteran receiver Tyler Lockett.

It's been quite an offseason for Seahawks wideout Tyler Lockett, as he prepares to enter season eight in the league, all with Seattle. Reeling off his third-consecutive 1,000-yard season, Lockett is aging like fine wine.

Whereas Episode 2 of "The Sound" focused on Seahawks defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt building a new defensive culture, "The Veteran" gives you a look at Lockett on and off the field. Lockett can't be put into one box; he's a leader, realtor, mentor to the youth and much more. The challenges in finding the balance in all of Lockett's talents, obligations and aspirations is what makes Episode 3 special.

Episode 3 kicks off with Lockett steering a golf cart through the blazing Dallas sun, catching up on golf with friends.

"It was hard for me to enjoy golfing because my dad and my grandpa were actually really good," said Lockett "So it was just tough for me to actually enjoy myself. Then when I started playing with my two friends Jordan James and Kevin Rucker Jr. started to enjoy it because we were hitting some pretty bad balls that we could laugh about."

Between spritzing himself with water to beat the heat, Lockett shows the competitive drive that seems to drive his success on the football field, as he works to become a better golfer.

"The thing I love about golf though, is you've got to know yourself," he said. "That's where it pertains back to football, stick to what you do. Your adrenaline works for you in football, like sometimes you get anxious and you're ready - golf you've got to be patient. Golf, you've got to talk to yourself, because you can hit two bad shots, like me, I can hit two bad shots and get on in four. And I'm frustrated that I didn't get on in two or three, but you've still got to focus because you have a chance to get a par."

From shorts and golf shoes, to hard-bottoms and a suit, Lockett heads back to Seattle for his Seattle Sports Man of The Year Award nomination.

Episode 3 gives a look at Lockett the person from his own mouth, as well as a look at the respect he receives from others in the building. Voice of the Seahawks Steve Raible is one of many familiar faces (and voices) to give a word on Lockett.

"Here's a guy who stays busy all offseason, keeping himself in shape, but also, working in the community, doing all those things that you would hope," Raible said.

After winning the award, Lockett speaks to some of his Seattle peers about finding the balance.

"The biggest thing that I learned is, not trying to be able to find a formula, but learning how to be great given every situation," he said. "There's times I had to learn how to play when I was depressed; there's times I had to learn how to play when I was emotional, there's times I had to learn how to play and I was having a little too much fun. I learned how to meet myself exactly where I am, and to be able to allow myself to celebrate my victories. Because what good is it to win if we no longer celebrate ourselves?"

From Seattle to Sammamish, WA, Episode 3 takes us back to March, as Lockett secures his first home sale as a real estate agent. Selling a house is no piece of cake, especially as a full-time athlete. Fans will find it interesting seeing how Lockett keeps his cool in tough situations as he makes the preparations to close out sale No.1.

"He's trying to make the most of an opportunity, not just doing something as a fun project on the side," offensive coordinator Shane Waldron said. That's the same thing he does everything, day-in, day-out in practice and games. And then you get a chance to be around him this year, some of those off-field settings, like the open-house he had. You see what a well-rounded person he is. But how his competitive drive and true character really comes through in all these different settings."

To check out the full episode of 'The Sound' and get a better understanding of Tyler Lockett the person, watch here.

Episode 3 of "The Sound of the Seahawks" follows pro athlete, realtor, golfer, gamer Tyler Lockett. The veteran takes us through his offseason as a new season dawns on the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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