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Chills, Tears And Lots Of Laughs In Debut Episode Of "The Sound Of The Seahawks"

The first episode of the new Seahawks docuseries aired on Wednesday, and there was plenty for fans to sink their teeth into.


The Seahawks have unveiled a new season-long docuseries, The Sound of the Seahawks, granting the 12s across the globe an inside look at scenes and stories from the Virginia Mason Athletic Center throughout the year. With unique access and conversations with players and staff, each episode promises to be insightful and entertaining for even the most casual of fans.

Let's take a look at the first episode, "Fresh Seattle Air," released on Wednesday. The episode drops you right into the Seahawks Draft Room at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center on Day 1 of the 2022 NFL Draft. Seahawks general manager John Schneider is hooting and hollering as he high fives scouts and fist bumps team president Chuck Arnold. "Let's go!" he yells. And we're off.

Schneider is joined by head coach Pete Carroll and Chair Jody Allen at the head table, reviewing the team's draft board and discussing protocols as the clock ticks. Allen jokes that she's "ready to make some phone calls," sharing a smile and embrace with Carroll. Even in one of the biggest moments for the organization in many years, the mood is light and fun.

In addition to reactions from the draft room, viewers hear directly from Schneider, Carroll, and others throughout the show through sit-down interviews, reflecting on their experiences as they unfold on screen. Follow first round selection Charles Cross through the draft process, as the Mississippi State tackle gets the call from Seattle from his seat in Las Vegas, to making the trip up to Seattle, and eventually putting on a Seahawks jersey for rookie minicamp.

Beyond exploring the process of what goes into making the draft selections, it's hard to not get chills while watching players receive the call that will change their lives forever. For seventh-round selection Bo Melton, it was more tears of joy than words spoken.

"It's really rewarding and it's fun to be part of that," said Carroll on making the calls. "I wish there was more to it but there's always so much screaming in the background that it's hard to communicate a lot. But it's really about making that first connection."

For fans making their first connection with the 2022 Seahawks, "The Sound of the Seahawks" is a great place to start.

Catch a new episode each month, debuting on the Seahawks YouTube channel.

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