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Bobby Wagner Tackles Richard Sherman For Big Loss at Pro Bowl; Trash Talk Predictably Ensues

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman saw playing time on both sides of the ball at the 2016 Pro Bowl.

HONOLULU, Hawaii—Richard Sherman was lobbying for a chance to play receiver in the Pro Bowl during the practices leading up to Sunday's game.

This probably wasn't what he had in mind.

With Team Irvin enjoying a big lead in the third quarter of an eventual 49-27 win, Sherman got his wish and came into the game on offense. When a reverse was called, Sherman initially ran left after taking a pitch from Teddy Bridgewater, as the play was designed, but sensing that wasn't going anywhere, he reversed field, running all the way back to the right sideline where fellow Seahawk Bobby Wagner, a member of Team Rice, was there to tackle Sherman for a 22-yard loss.

Wagner, who had a game-high 10 tackles, enjoyed that one most, staying on top of Sherman for a moment to pass along a message.

"I just kept it classy, told him he wasn't fast, told him he was slow," Wagner said. "I just kept it classy."

Sherman interrupted before Wagner could finish, saying, "He didn't keep it classy." Later, Sherman joked, "He's just immature, as you guys can see."

And the way Sherman sees it, the big loss wasn't all on him, even if reversing fields made the loss significantly bigger than it would have been had he just taken what he could get to the left side.

"It was the play calling," Sherman said. "We hadn't talked about running reverses to the short-side of the field. I looked over there, Eric Berry was already in the backfield… Everybody was on the left side, so I said, 'maybe nobody's on the right side,' so I went for it."

Sherman got a few more plays on offense in the fourth quarter, but the ball never came his way. He also had a busy day at his usual position of left cornerback, breaking up three passes, and as he would argue, he should have had a fourth leading to an interception, but he drew a pass interference call on that play.

"They wanted to keep the game close," he said. "If they let me play like I'm supposed to, it could have gotten ugly fast." 

Game photos from the 2016 Pro Bowl between Team Rice, featuring wideout Tyler Lockett and linebacker Bobby Wagner, and Team Irvin, with quarterback Russell Wilson, defensive end Michael Bennett, and cornerback Richard Sherman at Honolulu's Aloha Stadium.

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