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Seattle Seahawks Season Ticket Holder Playoff Tickets FAQ

Season Ticket Holder Playoff Tickets FAQ

Playoffs Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do I Reserve My Season Ticket Location For The Playoffs?

A: Playoff tickets are automatically included in your season ticket package at the time of renewal. All playoff tickets are on the Pay-as-we-Play payment plan. If you chose to opt-out at renewal and would like to opt back in for your playoff tickets, please contact us by Friday, December 16th.

Q: How Will My Pay-As-We-Play Payment Plan Be Processed?

A: The Pay-as-we-Play payment plan commits you to purchasing your seats for up to three potential home Playoff games. You will not be charged until a game is confirmed.  Once a home game is confirmed, you can expect your payment to be automatically processed within 24 hours. Please do not process the payment yourself to avoid any potential of a double charge. If we do not host a home game, your card will not be charged.

Q: How Do I Change My Credit Card On The Pay-As-We-Play Plan?

A: Log into Seahawks Account Manager, select your Playoff invoice, and proceed through the steps to add/edit a payment method. Please ensure the card is attached to your Pay-as-we-Play plan. You can also contact your Account Representative or call 888-NFL-HAWK for assistance.

Q: How Do Playoff Ticket Presales Work?

A: Select priority groups will receive presale offers to reserve seats for the playoffs on the Pay-as-we-Play plan. During the presale, you will purchase a seat location for all three potential home playoff games. Your seat location will be secured, but you won't be charged until a home playoff game is confirmed.

Q: How Do I Access My Playoff Tickets?

A: Playoff tickets and any parking passes will be mobile-delivery through the Seahawks Mobile App, just like your regular season tickets. Playoff tickets will be loaded into your account shortly following the confirmation of a home playoff game. For step-by-step instructions please visit our Mobile Ticket Guide. We encourage you to view, manage or add your tickets to your wallet ahead of the game to ensure you are all set in advance!

Q: What Does The Current NFL Playoff Picture Look Like?

A: You can view the latest standings for the NFL Playoffs here. Seeding and games will be confirmed following the conclusion of the regular season.