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Seattle Seahawks Blue Pride Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Pride Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Pride Frequently Asked Questions

How much do season tickets cost?

Season tickets range from $1,030/seat to $5,240/seat for the full season, depending on the seating area. You can view a current seating chart and pricing map here.

The following payment plans are available:

  • Pay In Full: Pay the total amount at time of seat selection
  • 2 Part Plan: 25% now + 75% automatically processed on July 26th
  • 50/50 Plan: 50% now + 50% automatically processed on July 26th
When will 2024 season tickets be available for Blue Pride members?

If we reach your spot in line on the Blue Pride Wait List to purchase season tickets, we will contact you via email between June 3-14 to select and purchase your seats. Once 2024 season tickets are sold out, we will contact any Blue Pride Wait List members whose spot we did not reach.

How do I access the online interactive seating map during my seat selection window?

During your seat selection window, log in to Seahawks Account Manager and you will see a Seat Selection pop-up screen. Click "Select Seats Now" proceed to the online interactive seating map where you can view available seating options. Please review our Step-by-Step Instruction guide for additional details on how to select your seats. 

Please review your Seahawks Account Manager login information prior to your window for quickest access to the map. If you log in early, you may need to refresh for the "Select Seats Now" button to appear.

Seat Selection Step-by-Step Instructions
  1. During your dedicated appointment window, log in to Seahawks Account Manager using the email address associated with your account 
  2. Click "Select Seats Now" in the pop-up box to proceed to the map  
  3. You can rotate the map view with the controls on the top left of the screen. Select any section with a green dot to view and select available seats highlighted in green. 
  4. Once you've selected your new seats, add to cart and proceed to checkout 
  5. Complete the checkout steps and select your payment plan 
  6. Agree to terms and submit payment to complete your season ticket purchase. You will receive a confirmation email with a summary of your new season ticket purchase. Congrats!
How many season tickets can I purchase?

Blue Pride Wait List members whose spot we reach will have the opportunity to purchase up to four (4) season tickets. If this number has changed since placing your original deposit, that's okay! During your seat selection window you can select the number of seats you'd like to purchase, not exceeding four (4) season tickets.

What seating locations should I expect to be available?

Most available seating will be located in the Summit Level (300 Level) to start out. To view wheelchair accessible seating options, please toggle on the accessible icon. You will have the opportunity to renew and relocate your seats annually as a season ticket holder.

The Seahawks offer a variety of premium seating options with first-class amenities and excellent views. Any open Delta Sky360° Club Seats, Toyota Reserve Club or Field Seats will be available to select on the interactive seating map during your seat selection window. If you are interested in Suites, please email our Director of Suite Sales, Mike Naehr for pricing and availability. View All Premium Seating Information >>

Can I purchase full season parking?

Yes, full season parking passes are available nearby in the Mariners Garage for $500 and Union Station Garage for $510. To purchase, please contact us at 888-NFL-HAWK or . We are sold out of parking on-site at Lumen Field.

I am an existing Season Ticket Holder. Can I select seats next to my current ones?

With limited seating options, please note it may be difficult to find seats right beside your current location. You can review the interactive seating map to find the closest available location to your seats. In future years, you can look at options to move all of your season tickets closer together during the seat relocation process.

Can I relocate my seats in future years?

Yes! Each year in the spring you will have the choice to relocate your season tickets. Available seating options vary based on season ticket renewal rates.

What games are included in my season ticket package?

Your season ticket price represents 10 total games. Depending on the season, there will either be one (1) Preseason + nine (9) Regular Season games, or two (2) Preseason + eight (8) Regular Season games. This schedule will alternate each year. In 2024, there is one (1) Preseason + nine (9) Regular Season games.

Along with your season ticket package, your seats will be automatically reserved for any potential home playoff games. With our "Pay-as-we-Play" plan, you will only be charged for playoff tickets once a home playoff game at Lumen Field is confirmed.

What is Season Ticket Auto-Renewal and how do I sign up?

To make your renewal easy, you can sign up for the Season Ticket Auto-Renewal plan. We will automatically renew your tickets each year on our 4-Part Payment plan with four equal 25% installments between March-July. This will also lock you in to reserve any potential home playoff game tickets on our Pay-as-we-Play plan. View more Auto-Renewal Information.

When does Season Ticket Renewal occur and how does it work?

You have the first right to renew your season tickets annually each March. Look out for email communication at that time each year with dedicated renewal information. When you renew your season tickets, you'll have the option to select a flexible payment plan between March - July. You will renew your current location, then Seat Relocation to view new seating locations will take place in late April/early May following season ticket renewal.

What benefits do I receive as a Seahawks Season Ticket Holder?

As a valued member of our Season Ticket Holder community, you receive year-round benefits including: 

  • Priority for the best seat locations and significant savings over single game ticket prices 
  • First opportunity to renew your season tickets and participate in seat relocation annually each spring 
  • Reserved seat location for any potential home playoff games on the "Pay-as-we-Play" plan 
  • Access to exclusive season ticket holder gifts and events 
  • Exclusive communication and insider football content throughout the year 
  • 15% Discount at Seahawks Pro Shop 
  • Enrollment in the NFL Membership Club offering special benefits from NFL Partners
  • Presale opportunities to select events and concerts at Lumen Field 
  • Dedicated Account Representative to support your season ticket membership 
  • Additional benefits for Delta Sky360° Club Season Ticket Holders can be found here .
How do I access and manage my season tickets?

All season tickets are mobile and able to be managed as soon as your tickets are paid in full.
You can easily access tickets, transfer, post for resale or donate to charity through Seahawks Account Manager . For easiest access on gameday, download the Seahawks Mobile App  and add them to your mobile wallet ahead of time. Check out our Mobile Ticket Guide for more details and step-by-step tutorials.

Can I refund or roll over my Blue Pride deposit to next year?

Blue Pride deposits are non-refundable. Your deposits are applied to your season ticket purchase.

Due to the size and demand on the Blue Pride Wait List, deposits cannot be rolled over. If you choose not to purchase season tickets this year, you will forfeit your deposit and number in line. We'd love to speak with you if you have any questions or concerns regarding your season ticket purchase. Please reach out to us at 888-NFL-HAWK or