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Blue Pride

Join Our Blue Pride Notification List

Season Tickets are sold out and our Blue Pride Wait List is currently at capacity with 12,000 membership deposits. Join our Notification List to be contacted as soon as spots become available. It is free to join our Notification List, and when deposits are available they will be $100 per seat (4 seat maximum).

Blue Pride Benefits

Season Ticket Purchase Priority

Season Ticket Purchase Priority

Reserved spot in line to purchase Seahawks season tickets when they become available

Priority Training Camp Registration

Priority Training Camp Registration

Early access to reserve Training Camp passes at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

Win Season Tickets

Win Season Tickets

Automatically entered to win a pair of complimentary Season Tickets and other prizes.

Exclusive Pro Shop Discount

Exclusive Pro Shop Discount

10% Pro Shop Discount online and in-store.

Lumen Field Event Priority

Lumen Field Event Priority

Presale offers to select events and concerts at Lumen Field.

Priority on Single Game Tickets

Priority on Single Game Tickets

Access to special single-game ticket offers throughout the season.

Blue Pride Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join the Blue Pride Wait List?

A: First, please join the Blue Pride Notification List to be notified when deposits on our official Blue Pride Wait List become available. You will be assigned a priority number based on the date you sign up. All Blue Pride Wait List deposits are fulfilled directly from the Blue Pride Notification List in priority order.

Q: Is it free to sign up for the Blue Pride Notification List?

A: Yes, you can sign-up free today for the Blue Pride Notification List.

Q: How will I be notified when my spot on the Blue Pride Notification List is reached?

A: You will receive an email with Blue Pride Wait List deposit purchase information when we reach your spot on our Blue Pride Notification List. This occurs in July annually. If you need to update your contact information please contact

Q. What is the cost of a Blue Pride Wait List deposit?

A. Blue Pride Wait List deposits are $100 per seat. Deposit funds will be applied towards your future season ticket purchase. Your deposit is non-refundable.

Q. How many seat deposits can I purchase?

A. You can purchase up to four deposits at $100 per seat depending on how many future season tickets you would like (i.e. if you want 2 future season tickets, place 2 seat deposits). If you are unsure how many season tickets you will want, please place four seat deposits and you can always reduce your seat total down at the time of season ticket purchase.

Q. How is the priority structured?

A. Your spot is secured based on the date you sign-up. When you become a Blue Pride Wait List member, you will be assigned a priority number that is updated annually until you are contacted for season tickets.

Q: How can I check my Blue Pride priority number status?

A: Please email with your name and the email associated with your Blue Pride account. We will be glad to assist in looking up your Blue Pride status.

Q. How soon will season tickets be available?

A. The number of available season tickets each year varies based on renewal rates. We will conduct our new season ticket placement process for Blue Pride members in June annually. As season tickets become available, Blue Pride Wait List members will be notified first in priority order. The current estimated wait time is 1-4 years depending on availability and your priority number on the list.

Q: How much do season tickets cost?

A: Season tickets range from $860/seat to $4,900/seat for the full season, depending on the seating area. You can view a current seating chart and pricing mapĀ here.


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