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What The Seahawks Said In Their 17-0 Loss To The Packers

Interviews, transcripts and press conferences from Seattle vs. Green Bay.


Postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Pete Carroll

Opening Statement: "This was a big opportunity tonight to get the chance to beat this team here and all that. With 10 minutes to go in the game and we're three-nothing and get enough of a chance to get it tied up and all that. We played really hard and really tough. The defense kept us in the game all night long. Russ [Wilson] tried to get a throw in the end zone there and we had a chance for a field goal that we could take. He tried to stick it behind the guy and it just didn't fit it in. He made a mistake and he knows it. And then he chucked the other one in desperation just to see if we could get back into the game. Made a couple bad plays. I know you're wondering, 'was he ready?' and all that kind of stuff. He was ready to play. There's no other information leading into this that could tell us any different. He was pumped. Got after it and all that. They [Green Bay] did a nice job tonight. They're a good defense. We couldn't get enough going on to make the points we needed. They couldn't either until the end. It's a big opportunity that we missed out on. It's just disappointing. This was a real shot and we could feel it and we knew it. And unfortunately, we couldn't get the right plays made at the right time to get it done. Unfortunate play in the third, coming up on third-and-2. There were a couple really unfortunate plays. The fumble was on the ground and Darrell [Taylor] got the ball. And it's unfortunate that it got turned around. That turnover would've been huge. And Carlos' [Dunlap] penalty – that was a terrible mistake. He knows it. He owned up to the team and apologized and knows that's never going to happen again, of course. But that was a big play right there obviously. And a chance to stop them right there at midfield. In a game this tight, stuff is amplified and a play here, a play there and that's what happened. I'm really proud of how hard we played and how tough we played and how strict we played throughout. Unfortunately, they got it done in the end."

On QB Russell Wilson missing throws that he typically does not miss and if it was because of his finger injury.

"I don't know that. There were a couple high throws that got out, you know. It was a pretty cold night. Maybe that had something to do with it as you're looking at it. I don't think so."

On why QB Russell Wilson didn't take snaps under center.

"That's why we did stay in the gun, yeah. He was taking snaps under center in pregame and during the week and we could've done more but we just didn't want to."

On if QB Russell Wilson was uncomfortable when taking snaps under center.

"No, not at all. No. We just didn't want to keep pounding away at it."

On if it put the offense at a disadvantage because Russell Wilson was unable to take snaps under center.

"We definitely ran pistol, which is the same thing as putting a guy behind him. The gun plays were exactly the same. There's a lot to think about all the time. It's been part of our offense for a long time. Sometimes we choose to do it. We thought this was the right time. You don't question it in that moment. That's the way we decided to do it."

On if he's ever seen QB Russell Wilson throw an interception that compared to the one he threw in the second half of this game.

"Yeah. Yes. Yeah. That's happened before. He thought his guy's back was turned, he thought he could stick it in there like he did to Tyler [Lockett] a while back and they guy turned around and the ball hit him right in the chest."

On what he was told about the fumble.

"They said the tie goes to the offense. He assumes the ball's on the ground and Darrell's [Taylor] on it and then there's guys reaching for it. They went quickly to New York and they made the call and these guys had nothing to say about it on the sidelines and I didn't get the chance to even look at it."

On how the Seattle defense played.

"They played great. They played great defense. They really did. In all phases – run, pass, the whole thing, third downs, everything. And then they got some at the end there. They got some third downs on us and a couple penalties. But I thought they played really well. We slipped on that deep ball on the first drive and he lost his footing and then they got down there and missed the field goal so we're in it."

On SS Jamal Adams' performance tonight.

"I think he's been playing really well. Everybody's been wondering why he doesn't have more sacks; he's a fricking DB. It's hard to get those guys sacks. Phenomenal effort that he made last year that we were able to get that done and he was able to take advantage of it, but he's been playing really well. For the last five or six weeks he's been great."

On the status of T Duane Brown.

"He's got a little groin thing going. He stepped on somebody's foot and slipped out. He strained his groin."

On if he planned on playing WR Dee Eskridge more.

"No, we just wanted to get him in there if we could. There wasn't enough plays in the first half and they were basically runs."

On not being able to score any points in the first half.

"Yeah, that was really disappointing. We were there. We were there to get it done."

On what happened to SS Ryan Neal.

"He got hit in the head and he was treated for a potential concussion."

On the first quarter when QB Russell Wilson scrambled and was ruled short of a first down, why he didn't challenge it.

"New York controls these situations really quickly in an attempt to keep the game going and so word came down that he didn't make it. The guy on my side said first down, the guy on the other side said something and they talked about it in New York and I think that happened on this drive as well. I thought about challenging it and they said no, don't do it, don't challenge it because they already reviewed it and he didn't make it. Remember that happened against Pittsburgh also and we did challenge it, so I got it in the back of my mind that maybe they take a better look at it. So I'm just weighing the options and listening to our guys as we went back-and-forth and realized we shouldn't try."

On P Michael Dickson's punts and how they played complementary football.

"We played the field position game in this condition and all of that on the road, I thought that was a really, really big part of the game and gave our defense a chance to play really well. They took advantage of it. Mike [Dickson] did a great job of keeping them backed up. We made them go a long ways and we played terrific on defense. I thought we played terrific."

On the CB Kevin King's interception and if he thought it was an interception.

"Yeah, I didn't think so. They declared he had caught the ball before he lost it. Caught the ball and then it came out when he hit the ground, I never saw a replay of it. I am just going on when the guys were all looking at the replay upstairs in the booth and the ball hits the ground. So they have to make a decision, which they made very quickly again. Quick decision that he caught the football. And because it was a turnover, they went immediately into the replay."

On QB Russell Wilson's uncharacteristic throws and if they relate back to his finger injury.

"Think about it. He chucked one of them. He's trying to take a shot, that's one, because we're hoping we can get PI or something could happen. Forget that one. The other one, he saw everything that happened and he threw it and he thought he had the guy's back turned so he wasn't going to make a play on it. That's the way he saw it. And the guy turned and flipped on him as the ball was being released. He knew we were in field goal range. He knew all of that. It shocked him too that the guy was able to make that play. That play and the other one. So, really, there's a couple."

On if QB Russell Wilson wasn't as sharp as he usually is on his deeper passes.

"I'm not going there. I'm not going there. Russ won't go there either. He won't. He didn't think that at all."

On if QB Russell Wilson will have to continue lining up in pistol formation or if he will be able to line up under center again soon.

"No, no. Let's just take a moment here. Just think, he's got broken bones in his fingers so instead of going [clap clap] with the ball being snapped to him, he didn't have to do that. So we didn't do that. We didn't do it very much during the week. We knew we could when we needed it. We practiced with it so we had it when we needed it, if we thought there was a time for that. But I just didn't want to put him through that under these circumstances because we could play without it. We didn't score a point, you know, but that's what we did. That's how we did it."

On the performance of the defense.

"Yeah, we're playing really good. I made a statement to those guys yesterday about that I'm excited about all of the areas we've been so well in. It's just the truth. I'll tell the truth on Monday, and I told the truth on Saturday of this week. They went out there and played like crazy all night. And I'm really, really proud of the way they got after it. A lot of guys played, a lot of rotation. Guys got in there and helped out. If you noticed Clint [Hurtt] was up in the booth tonight, wasn't on the field, and he did a nice job of adapting to that. But we missed him a little bit. Big fella's important to us. I thought the whole mechanism worked out all right."

On what's wrong with Clint Hurtt.

"He had surgery on the bye [week]."

On what needs to be improved on the offense side.

"I don't know what to tell you right now. The same thing. You're going to see that the third-down numbers don't look so bad, but they weren't good when we needed them to be in the first half. That was unfortunate."

Quarterback Russell Wilson

On how his finger felt tonight.

"My finger felt fine. The problem with tonight was I just had two bad plays. That's what it really was. I felt like we were moving the ball pretty well. We had that really good drive down there. It was third down and I think 8 or so, whatever it was, and I tried to make a throw to DK and the guy (defender) made a good play. His (defender) back was turned; I was trying to get it to him (Metcalf). Done that before. You know, touchdowns. He (defender) did a good job turning around and catching it. I think that, on the other one (interception), just trying to take a shot to Tyler (Lockett). But I felt confident. I didn't feel anything…I threw one high to Tyler there that maybe I was trying to throw it a little too hard. Just smooth throw it. But other than that, I felt confident in every throw. Just confident in the game. The reality was the game was 3-0 all the way to the fourth quarter or whatever. We should have won that game. Our defense played great. Guys battled throughout the whole game between two really good teams. I've got to play better and that was on me, those two plays. That was really the game. I don't second-guess anything. I have 100 percent confidence in our team and what we can do and what I can do and what we're going to do. That's really what my mindset is." 

On if he came back too early from surgery and what tells him he didn't.

"First of all, I think that I know myself really well. I know myself really well and I know what I can and can't do and everything else. Felt like I could do everything tonight. You know, had some runs. The first third down for example, if I was second-guessing my hand, I wouldn't go for that, you know, getting hit like that. I felt confident in my hand. I felt confident in all the hard work. It was just a bad game in those two plays really. That was really the defining moments of the game. When you're playing good football teams, that's usually what it is. They either go your way or they don't. I didn't play timid at all. So that's where I feel confident, that it just didn't go our way and that's on me. It's really that simple. I take the blame for it. And I'm looking forward to getting on the plane and watching the film, and also to getting up early in the morning and getting back to work." 

On being in shotgun or pistol all game and if that changed anything.

"No, it didn't change anything. I've done that before and this and that. You know, just wanted to be smart, didn't want to do anything silly. We had some plays that were under center, but if we need them and this and that. I took snaps under center this week, but we just wanted to be smart because it's a long game, you know, and taking all those snaps and nothing crazy happening. We could do all of our runs and all of our passes from that, so that was fine. So that wasn't a factor." 

On if he had some rustiness just from not having played in several weeks.

"Like I said, I don't want to overcomplicate it. I just think that it really came down to two plays. We were right there. We make those two plays…I think the other time we had…we were moving the ball right before half and unfortunately got the penalty. We were getting into field-goal range there, so that helps swing the game a little bit too. Some things happened along the way, some really good things and some things that weren't very good at all. And those two things were on me." 

On trying out gloves for his throwing hand and how he settled on just wrapping his finger with tape.

"I tried different things all last week and different things. I felt confident with, obviously playing with my hand and all that, but just in case it got really bad weather, it was snowing or something…if it was really, really cold and dropped to negative-five or something like that. That's why I was just prepared. You never know. I threw with my hand all week and threw with the glove a little bit too. That wasn't a factor. We can say whatever we want to say and whatever or this or that. It really…I felt 100 percent confident in our team. I felt 100 percent confident in our game plan. I thought Shane (Waldron) put a really good game plan together. Unfortunately, it comes on my shoulders because I didn't fulfill those two big plays in those two moments. I don't want to shy away from it. When you play this position at the highest, highest level there's going to be some stuff you have to weigh on your shoulders. There's going to also be some things, also great things that you get to weigh on your shoulders too; more great than bad. That's what I know. Like I said, I thought our defense played great. I thought guys played really hard. I thought we came in prepared and I thought we played a really good football team. I thought we were a really good football team. And when we have two costly mistakes, especially the one in the red zone, that's unfortunate." 

On what he saw on the red-zone interception.

"It was DK, you know, just trying to get him a shot. I kind of scampered outside the pocket to the left and King's back was turned so I tried to zip it in there and he (King) just got his head around and made a play. It's hard; you never want to second-guess yourself on those plays because you make so many of them. You know, so a lot of touchdowns that way, hit a lot of touchdowns in a lot of different circumstances. But in that kind of game where it was back and forth, back and forth, that's where I can eliminate that mistake and allow us to kick the field goal and make it 3-3 and here we go. Now it's 3-3, 0-0 game basically and keep playing. Like I said, 100 percent accountability on myself that that happened. Nobody else's fault." 

On what he saw on the deep interception.

"We were trying to launch one deep to Tyle, try go give him a shot down the field. He almost made a great play. Amos, I think it was Amos, made a good play on it. We've hit those too. On that, if I could do it again, just check it down probably…I got enough oomph on the ball and everything else…it wasn't like I couldn't throw it down the field or this or that. It was just late in the game and we felt like we needed to make a play and was trying to make one and it didn't work." 

On what's next for this offense to get back on track.

"I think what's next is tomorrow. The sun comes up in the morning and you look forward to tomorrow. We're going to be resilient. I thought we were resilient all the way through the end of this game. Even when it was hard. I know that I'll do everything I can to fix today. But, like I said, it's not ground-breaking resolution, it's just me, it's just me doing my part of those little moments. Key moments, that I always call game-altering plays. And we had two of them and they didn't go our way. So I take 100 percent accountability for that. Like I said, thought with my hand I feel 100 percent confident where I'm at. I woudn't be out here if I didn't. It's too important. And I feel great about where we can go still. It was challenging. This could have been a big, big step for us here to get this win on the road and everything else. Unfortunately, because of my mishaps here and there it didn't happen that way. I do look forward to tomorrow. Look forward to getting back to work. I look forward to watching the tape and seeing where I can get better, where we can get better. Seeing also the good things too. I'm a guy who always believes in there's a lot of good. And there is. There has been all season. There's been some stuff we can get better at and that's why we play this game. That's why we wake up in the morning and go to work every day. So, if anyone's looking forward to the challenge, I am."

Wide Receiver DK Metcalf

Free Safety Jamal Adams

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