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What The Seahawks Said Following Their Win Against The Panthers

Take a look at what the Seahawks said following their meeting in Week 12 against the Panthers.


(About the game summary...) This was a heck of a football game today. I don't know that we could be any more evenly matched than we were. Kind of went in thinking it would be a dog fight. Didn't know what the score would be like, but it was just a fantastic finish for our guys. We needed all of it. On a day when we couldn't run the ball like we have been and needed a throwing game, Russ (Russell Wilson) came through and had a great day throwing the football. Just found so many key plays in crucial situations and just did a wonderful job making plays down the stretch when we had to have them. Guys made the catches and the pass protection was there for us, so we found that like we've been talking about, we'd love to run the football, but balance is what's really the essence of this thing and I'm thrilled that we were able to do that. The defense had a hard time today. (Christian) McCaffrey was awesome and Cam (Newton) was awesome, but when we got them in the red zone we stopped them. We had four big stops and they were all crucial and the turnover was huge down there so we got them where we needed to get them enough to win the football game, but we've got a lot of work to do. We don't want to see those kinds of yards and that kind of output from the other side. Sebastian (Janikowski) did a great job to make his kicks today. Obviously, the key game winner was great, but he had a great day all in all. It's just a really rewarding win. On the road again. All the way out here in the east and all that kind of stuff. We've been able to do this for a long time well and I'm thrilled we did it again. I hope that'll come back to help us if we get the chance to come back out. Really fired up for the whole group and to see us finish like that again; last week; last time out we finished really well. We finished really well again today and did a beautiful job with the clock and the timing and all of the things exactly how we wanted to do it, so I'm really proud of that.

(On the stop on opening drive that contributed to today's win...) It was a huge stop. All of red zone stops were dramatically important as you look back and this one for sure, getting the on fourth down. Didn't we stop them a couple of times on fourth down? Another time too. A fantastic finish on the drive by the guys. The other stuff didn't look very good, but when we got down to the hard knocks and stuff our guys really came through and did a fine job.

(On the playoff chase...) We've got a long way to go. We're alive. We've got a long way to go. Really happy to be going home – get to play at home next week. It seems like we've been away for so long. It's just one game. We're already in the playoffs as far as we're concerned. We've got to win every game and we've got to do it one game at a time.

(On the road wins...) We play four out of five at home? Really? That's a pretty good deal, gee. Yeah, we're excited. We've had such a long haul getting through it but our guys have been, like I said, this is another big trip to come down here, early game and all that kind of stuff made no difference to our guys. Our guys played fantastic again in that situation. I'm thrilled that we were able to pull that off again.

(On the touchdown pass from Russell Wilson to David Moore...) Russ went to him a couple of times and missed one, but that was an exquisite job of holding space and everything by David to make his play. It was a great throw. Execution was just gorgeous. There were a number of them. The great route that David ran early on the big play he had and then Tyler (Lockett) had a fantastic game, too, you know making his plays. Going down the stretch to find his way open, and Russ to find him, and protection to be there, and just beautiful football stuff so it's really fun.

(On the dominance over Carolina through the years...) I would never answer that question like that. (laughter). No, we've had great matchups through the years that have been close. The scores have been within three points and all. That's just the way it's been. Ron (Rivera) puts together a team very much like we do. We count on defense and special teams and running the football and so when we knock heads it's just one of these kinds of matchups. We didn't play them like we've played them in the past. Norv (Turner) did a great job with the offense today. He had us moving and ducking and dodging all day long. I give him a lot of credit.

(On the pass protection better later in today's game...) It sure was. Down the stretch we needed every one of those and Russell had to move a couple of times, but he had space to do that and he really kept his eyes downfield and made some big plays for us.

(On the play calling today...) It was a great job by Schotty (Brian Schottenheimer) and Russ to make sure that we went after the new guy, so it's always important. It's always about matchups and they were on it.

(On Tre Flowers...) That was a heck of a big play, just wide open space for us.

(On Tre Flowers creating turnover opportunities...) Gosh, that was frustrating. The ball was on the ground all day just like we wanted to be. We wound up plus-one for the day, which was huge, with offense not giving it up which is so important, but there were so many chances. I don't know why we couldn't come up with the ball. You've got to give them credit. They found a way to get the football. That's the way we wanted it to look. We just wanted to get two or three of them.

(On Doug Baldwin playing today...) We took it right up to the nub. It was just a stellar performance by him just to be out there. He's just such a warrior and he was not going to miss the game. I'm so proud of him. He's just the epitome of what you're looking for in a player.

(On Tre Flowers impact today...) He was a really good all-around football player and he had good sense in open field and made all kinds of hits hitting on receivers and showing his toughness and all of that. That was all part of the package we thought we were going to get.

(On learning to finish with young team...) The way the season is, I would go yeah. We have come a long way. We've had a lot of young guys playing and like we've said in the past, if we play them a lot early, by mid-point then these guys start to become veterans for you. We don't feel like we've got any young guys playing anymore and so we should make decisions, better choices, better reactions because we've been there. That does that up. The margin early, those first couple of games, the games we gave away, the margin, the experience, the right choice at the right time could have made a difference for sure, but we kind of had to struggle through that a little bit.

(On problems defending Christian McCaffrey...) Oh gosh, what a game. What a fantastic player. He's just a fantastic player. It doesn't matter how big he is or how fast he is or whatever he is. He's just a great football player. I go back to Norv (Turner) again. I give him credit for using him in great fashion. Shoot, he had us guessing the whole day. He really did. They did a great job.

(On Chris Carson's leap...) I don't know. That was out of this world. All of us said we've never seen that happen before. Maybe it has somewhere, but I've never seen a guy flip, land on his feet and make some more yards. That was extraordinary. I don't think that will happen again, but maybe it will. Who knows?

(On being held to 75 rushing yards...) They did a good job. That's a really good, stellar front. They've got three fantastic linebackers, they are monsters up inside. It was just really hard.

(On the running game...) We keep doing it so that we can use the play action stuff and get the ball over top of them. That's part of it and if they've got to commit that hard it does give us space to throw the football. That's how it fits together and Schotty has to balance that out and I think he did a great job today. This is not a surprise that they played us really tough on the running game. He had a variety of things that he went to today – all kinds of good stuff to get the ball down the field and the key to it was the protection held up as the game went on and gave us a chance.

(On the run/pass balance...) Exactly that. You don't know. Sometimes isn't going to work and you've got to be able to go the other way or you get behind and go to the throwing game. We don't think we're not going to throw it. We want to take advantage of it off the running game. It's no secret so I don't mind saying it.

(On the Bradley McDougald interception...) Oh my gosh, what a big play. To be plus-one on this day was huge. We needed it.


(At what point do you build a trust in David Moore...) I think you build trust through hard work, I think you build trust through communication and we were able to do that in the offseason. I remember David coming down to LA, we got a lot of work in and also just throughout training camp. He has worked extremely hard. He is an amazing athlete, as competitive as can be and made some great plays tonight. So many guys made great plays, not just David, Doug Baldwin made some great plays, Tyler Lockett, the running backs ran well when we needed to, and offensive line did a tremendous job. Going to your question specifically, I thought David Moore made an unbelievable play. We needed it, you got to go for it.

(Before that snap did you know you were throwing it to Moore?...) No, not necessarily, just read it out. I saw him going down the sideline and I gave him a chance to make a play. I told the guys in the huddle right before, "Got to have no fear, just can go for it, let's go for it." We were able to make that big play. Guys stayed calm. Guys did a tremendous job protecting; the offensive line was unbelievable, especially in the second half, they were just blocking them up. It was exciting and it was fun to play some football. We knew it was going to be a tight game.

(When you are playing like this, is there a sense that you are going to pull this game out?) I think to be a championship team you have to win in the fourth. You have to be able to win it in the fourth, you have to be able to come back, you have to be able to be rock solid when it's tough. Going on the road in Carolina, we know what's that like and it's not easy to play here. They have a lot of great stars on defense, they have a lot of great players and we stayed calm and we stayed poised. It comes down to one thing, it comes down to belief, it comes down to believing that we are going to make the things happen. We have had a lot of great games this year. All of the games, not all of the games, but some of the games have been tight. We weren't able to pull them through right at the very end at the beginning of the season but we knew we had great faith that were going to be able to do that. We trusted that, then guys stayed calm and we just kept working for it.

(How special is this series with Carolina?... )Every time we play Carolina, it's always a tough one, it's always a battle to the end. They have guys like Luke Kuechly, they have Thomas Davis, one of the best players in the game. They have guys up front, (Julius) Peppers, and different players like that and obviously they have Cam Newton on the other side, who makes a lot of tremendous plays. We always know that it is going to come down to the wire and we are ready for that, we are prepared for that, we don't fear it. I think that too, at the end of the game there, the second to last drive, when we scored the touchdown, it's third down, its fourth down, we go make it and score a touchdown. Then they get the ball, they are moving the ball, they miss the field goal, we get the ball back, before we went on the field again, you have to have no fear. You can't doubt, you have to have no fear. I think that you either look forward to the moment or you fear it. I think that is the difference in what we have able to do in the past several weeks. What I just firmly believe, you have to have no fear, you have to want it, you have to want to be in those moments, and we did that.

(On where does that come from? ...) I think it comes from just visualizing it. I think it comes from wanting it. You have to want to be in tough moments. One of my favorite players to ever watch, I'm sure a lot of people's favorite people, Michel Jordan. Watching him play basketball, he always wanted the ball at the end of the game. I think it's the same thing with our football team, and just the belief that you have to have, I think with great teams too and great players, you have to want to have the ball and you gotta want to believe that you can make it happen. I remember watching him when I was younger and I remember watching certain teams, the New York Yankees when I was younger. It seemed like they were always going to find a way to pull through. I think the Seattle Seahawks; we believe that too. I think that we are building, we still have a long journey, we haven't done it, what we want to do yet. We still have a long ways to go. We are just focused on the moment, we are going to celebrate this moment right now and just keep believing in it.

(On Tyler Lockett's catch...) Well I stepped up, it wasn't there necessarily right away and I kind of slid to the left. We talked during the week, there is going to be a big scramble, extended play, not necessarily a scramble run around, but there is going to be a time where the play is extended a little bit and we are going to need it. And sure enough Tyler (Lockett) pulled that one down.

(On Tyler Lockett going deep...) I didn't know he was going deep, he made a great instinctual play, he's been spectacular all year, it's been fun playing with him. Guys made so many great plays but he made a great play down the field and he went for it and it was fun to see it. The funny thing is, in walk through, I'm trying to be on the details. There was a play where he was out there on the right and he kind of did that same kind of thing, he kind stuttered and went, but it wasn't necessarily the play, he said, "Hey, I'm just kind of working on something in case we need it." Funny thing is we needed it and it worked.

(On coming off of wins against the Green Bay Packers and now Carolina, what is the confidence level of this team right now ...) We have great confidence; we have no fear. I think coming off of last week and beating the Packers in a big game, on a short week on a Thursday night game and then coming all the way out here to Carolina is not easy. I think that the coaches really got us prepared, I think we had a great week at practice. Guys were making plays all week during practice, the offensive line did a great job, the receivers were making plays all week during practice, it was fun. Seeing Malik Turner get in there and make his first catch, see him mix-matching, there were so many things, I just can't wait to watch this film and see what we did. There are still areas to get better, there are still areas to be super tight and be rock solid on. If we do those things we will just keep growing.

(On in the playoff chase what is going to set Seattle apart?...) This next game, that is what is going to set us apart, this next game. When I say that I mean, take one game at a time, don't get confused on where we are. We are right in the midst of the journey and we have a long way to go. We are going to keep our mind really focused and we are going to keep our mind focused on what we need to do and that's to win one game at a time and that's to be rock solid in our practice and be steadfast in our approach.

(On Carolina not having Donte Jackson, did that at all affect what you saw on the field? ...) No, not necessarily. He is a great young player but no not necessarily.

(After this season's success at running the ball, how hard was it to get it down in the air today? ...) It was definitely hard. Those linebackers and their D-line are pretty good but I think that to be able to throw the ball, we can do anything that we want to do. We have star receivers out there on the flank, we have tight ends that can catch, we've got running backs that can catch. We have guys that can protect really well. So there is nothing we really can't do. We want to play tough, physical football. We also want to be explosive in the passing game, spread the ball around. Like I said, guys made plays when we needed them to.

(What did you think when you saw Graham Gano miss the field goal? ...) We are going to win the game. That's what I thought.

(On the effect his poise on field has on teammates...) I think the guys feed off of it. I think they know it. I think they have seen it. I think they believed it. I think they experienced it, hopefully experience it more. You got to speak life. You have to speak what you want to see I think. You have to believe it. You have to visualize it during the week. You have to visualize it in the offseason. It doesn't leave your mind. When it's got to be an obsession, you have to love the process of it all. I'm grateful God is good. I thank God every day that I get to do what I get to do with these guys. I'm grateful.

(On what allows David Moore to make uncontested catches like today's...) I think he has great athletic ability. He attacks the football. There is nothing that David Moore can't do and there is nothing any of our receivers can't do. We have so many guys – Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, David, Malik (Turner), Jaron Brown. There are so many guys that can make things happen for us.

(On Chris Carson's play... ) First of all, I thought he was going to leap on me. He almost did, the guy barely got him and then he landed. It was pretty good. I would give him a 9 out of 10. He almost broke out again.

(On what did you see on the touchdown to David Moore?...) I saw a guy making a great play. I tried to give him a chance to get his hands on it and showed how to do it.


(On the type of win the team pulled out today...) It's one of those tough wins, you know you have to come on the road, and try to win one on the road. The run game wasn't as great as it usually is, but we have a great quarterback and great receivers. That's what makes our team so special.

(On what the Carolina defense did well today to take away the Seattle running attack...) They have a great front seven, very experienced. They called out a couple of our plays. It's just a great team overall, a great defense.

(On the play of Luke Kuechly and his role in stopping the Seattle run offense...) He's one of the best linebackers in the game, so you know he's going to make a couple plays like that. For the most part we did what we could do in the run game, and then we got the win.


(On learning how to win...) It just feels like we are coming together. Russ (Wilson) told us that early in the week, gotta understand, when you are having an up and down season, things may not seem like they are going in your favor all the time and one thing you always have to do is keep your head down and keep on chopping, You've gotta keep chopping wood. The game didn't seem like it was going in our favor the whole game. It seemed like we were playing from behind all game. Seemed like offense was making plays, defense wasn't stopping them enough; but once again, we held in there. Defense made the plays when they needed to, offense made the plays when they needed to. Great team football we got out of there with the win.

(On if Russell Wilson gives them confidence...) I knew we was going to win the game probably at like the eight-minute mark. I know we made a few mistakes but at the end of the day, you know, I trust my defense, trust my offense. I think when you have those type of guys, those caliber of guys. You have Russ, you got guys out there making those clutch plays, making the catches when they count. You knows? Options are unlimited over there. You got defenders that are experienced. Guys at linebacker like Bobby (Wagner). You have me out there on the edge, you have Jarran (Reed) on the inside, you got our corners and DBs playing some good ball. At the end of the day, we did our job. Got out of there with a win. Sometimes it's not as pretty as you want it to be but at the end of the day, the end result, all we want is that W and we are 1-0, six-game season. 1-0 and we gotta keep on chopping.


(On the catch on the final drive that led to the game-winning field goal...) Based off of the play call, we ran the routes and after that we kind of get a feel for what the defense is doing during scramble drills. Russell [Wilson] was able to keep his head downfield while he was scrambling and [I was] trying to maneuver around the defensive backs, and I just went deep. I saw nobody was deep so I went deep, he threw it and the defensive back kind of judged it wrong a little bit which allowed me to just be able to come down with it.

(On having a quarterback like Russell Wilson, that is able to scramble around and extend plays...) It helps out a lot. It's something that you win with and you lose with. You just take chances, and we trust that Russell [Wilson] is going to go out there and make the best plays possible as long as he keeps it alive. As long as he keeps it alive, we understand how hard it is for defenders to continue to try and guard somebody over five seconds. So if it's longer than four or five seconds, it puts us in a better position to be able to get open.

(On what was going through his mind on the catch during the final drive...) I just wanted to be able to secure the catch. When you understand the game situation, we had no timeouts, stuff like that. If I was able to stay up and score that's fine. Who knows, I could've still just caught it, ran to the one yard-line, took a knee and let us still kick a field goal to win. There's just a lot of scenarios that could've happened, but I'm just glad we got the win.


(On reading Cam Newton's third-quarter red zone pass, and turning it into an interception...) It's just my responsibility, safeties are responsible for seams and posts. The tight end came out and gave me a post, and I just did my job. I flipped my hips, and I saw the ball come. It was at an angle, and I didn't know if I could get both hands on it at once, so I went with one [hand]. I actually tipped it up to myself and I just made a play on it.

(On having multiple Seahawks defenders around the ball for the interception...) I didn't really care who got the interception, I just knew we needed it. In that situation, we definitely needed a stop or a turnover, something big, because they were going in to score and create a bigger lead. We ended up capitalizing off of that with a score, so it definitely helped us.

(On if it was frustration after not recovering any fumbles...) It's both. It's a positive we are getting to the ball, it's a positive that guys' mindset and effort are going towards the ball. Getting it on the ground, that's just football sometimes. The ball is going to bounce the other way. I don't understand the fumble that Bobby [Wagner] recovered, handed to the referee and Carolina still gets the ball. I'm still trying to get a clear decision on that, that doesn't make sense to me. We have the ball under the pile, we get up with the ball, we hand it to the referee and they give it to the other team. That doesn't make sense. Besides the things that we can control, we just need to keep hustling and get to the ball. Once the ball is out, find a way to get it.


(On the apparent fumble recovery by him that was ruled Carolina's ball...) I don't know. I had the ball. I heard them say white [Seattle] has the ball, and then when I get up they say I don't have the ball. He said because the guy was on it forward and I was on it backwards, so they gave it to him.

(On having other opportunities to come up with a fumble recovery throughout today's game...) We definitely had a couple of times. There was one on defense, there was another one on special teams, and then there was one on the goal line. I thought that we kind of had it, but I'm not so sure.

(On what he is most proud of from today...) I'm proud of just how we kept fighting, how we just kept bowing up. There was a lot of times where they were in the red zone, and they didn't walk away with points. They came away with field goals and I'm proud about that. Even the interception we got, to stop them from getting points is really good. Just our energy, the energy we played with. We came out, we knew it was going to be a big game for us and we came out that way.

Game action photos from the Seahawks' 30-27 win against the Carolina Panthers in Week 12 of the 2018 NFL season.