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What The Seahawks Said Following Their Week 1 Loss To The Green Bay Packers

Quotes and locker room sound from the Seahawks following their 17-9 loss at Green Bay in Week 1.

Quotes and locker room sound from the Seahawks following their 17-9 loss at Green Bay in Week 1. 

Defensive Tackle Nazair Jones

(On his interception…) "The interception was cool. He threw it right at me. He actually hit me in the eye with the ball. That was a play that I had to make because it was right there to make. I am just glad I didn't get caught by anybody."

(On the defense tonight…) "We can play with anybody, but we could play better. That's the thing about it, we only gave up one touchdown and it was off of a freak play, a penalty play. We can hold people to zero so we just got to challenge ourselves to do that.

(On why Green Bay matches up so well with them..)"I think it is Aaron (Rodgers). He makes that team go. He is a great player. We just need to do a better job as a defensive line with getting him on the ground, making him uncomfortable and making throws hard for him because he can make a lot of great throws. 

Defensive End Michael Bennett

(On the 4 sacks…) "Confident bunch of players, who've played in a bunch of big games. We've played in a lot of great situations so this is just another test, another test to continuously work on what we need to work on. I think we'll come back and we'll be poised for next week to win the game.

Running Back Chris Carson

(On Green Bay's game…) "It's just a great offensive line. Obviously there was a lot of blocking by them, made it easy to just see my reason and make it up the field. From there it's my job to make somebody miss so I tried to do that.

(On the offense...)"The Packers did a great job with their game plan. We made some mental mistakes. We had a few red zone opportunities where we should have punched it in. We will get better from here." 

(On making his debut at Lambeau Field...)"It was amazing. It was a blessing just to be out there playing. It was a lot louder than college, but after the first couple of drives, you don't listen to the crowd. It is just playing football. It was just a blessing to be out there. 

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(On the game as a whole...)"That as an opener was not as good-looking as we would like to show. We played a really good team today. We were in the game the whole time, feeling like it, under all of the circumstances that took place. I thought we did a lot of things to give us a chance to keep battling where we had a chance at the end of the game to do it, but we didn't get off the field to give the ball back to the offense in time." 

(On Shaquill's Game…) "I thought he played a great football game for his first game out. I thought everything he did was well done and really fired up about that. It'll help us, he got challenged they went after him and then he stood up to it play after play. That's a big accomplishment for us and for himself and that'll help us down the road."

(On the pressure Russell faced…) "You saw him, he got really active and he started moving all over the place and taking advantage of his legs and made some terrific throws. It gave us the chance to get back in the game and I thought it was, he came out at the fine. It was hard but I thought he battled throughout and there were some throws, there's always some throws he could of made. I thought he was able to find his way, find a receiver, find the space he needed and did a good job of getting that done. As the game went on we thought we were going to go right down the field again, we weren't concerned we just needed the ball again."

(On defense getting worn down…) "A lot of plays. I thought they battled great and unfortunately that last drive we didn't get the ball back but we gave them first and five a couple times and I think we stop them if we don't give that to them. Really I'm looking at it like we gave up too much to a really good team and they can take advantage of it and they were able to in a close game goes their way."

(On Tyler Lockett's game…)"Tyler was good in the game, in the returns. He gave us a little spark in there, he looked great. He was able to play quite a bit in the game, probably a little bit more than we thought he would, got enough plays but its great.

Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett

(On not being able to get in rhythm on offense...)"Green Bay had a great game plan and I think they did a great job in it. We need to go watch film to see what was really going on, but I just think they did a great job defensively. We started to get a little rhythm towards the end, but it was too late."

(On his return…) "I believe that you know I've overcome a lot and it was great to be able to go out there. You know you're getting yourself right to be able to come back for the season to be a part of a team and to be a part of this team because this is something that you miss whenever you're out and everybody is going and doing practice and all that stuff; OTA's and you gotta just sit there on the side and it drives you and allows you to go back out there and play. It felt good to get back out there.

(on how long it typically takes an offense to gel...)"I think about Week 3 or Week 4 because you pretty much understand everything that defenses will throw at you. You go into the first game kind of guessing what defenses will do. You look at the film to see what they did last year. Sometimes they switch it up. Green Bay switched it up a little bit this year, but it is just one of those things where you try to make adjustments at halftime."

(On the opening kickoff…) "I was settled in when I woke up this morning. It's just another football game. I've been doing it my whole entire life and every return is the same it's not something that's different because you know I broke my leg and came back and it's like oh my gosh what's gonna happen. It's like I'm picking up where I left off."

Cornerback Shaquill Griffin

(On his first regular season game…) "It was a lot faster, wasn't too different. You know I continue to stay poised about everything, stay calm and just play my game so that part wasn't different. You can tell that it was a really different game. Everybody was trying to win, everybody was trying to play hard, I think that's the only difference."

(On adjustments he had to make…) "There's some plays where I was with hassle underneath but I continue to play D and play a lot closer on him. I always think like the ball is coming towards my way so I have to make sure I lock in and take as if the ball is coming to my side every time so I had to just be a little more focused on staying on top of the route and understand who I'm going against and where the ball is being thrown to."

Running Back Eddie Lacy 

(on Green Bay having Seattle's number as of late...)"It never is easy with No. 12 on the other side. It was kind of weird watching him play. We know what we need to do. We just need to put this one behind us and move forward." 

Quarterback Russell Wilson

(On going up-tempo…) "I think we've always moved really well when we're going up tempo. That's been something we've been trying to focus on all off season and I think that's something that's advantageous to us. I think it tires down the defense, makes it tough for their calls, all that. You really the past five, six years we've really been able to execute in those two minute drives very, very well at half in a game so you know guys made some crucial plays there in those two minute situations. Think about Doug's catch across the field there right before half. You think about Chris Carson, I thought played really well and had a couple nice runs. P-Rich near the end of the game there at the fourth quarter he had a nice catch on the sideline. I think that's something we need to continue to do and continue to do really well."

(On the Green Bay defense...)"It was a great defensive performance, really, by both teams. I thought we had some chances there. They played really well. I thought we made our plays near the end there, but unfortunately, we weren't able to get into the endzone. It's a great football team. The Packers are a great football team. They're always historically great. I thought it was a great game. We had a chance to win it, potentially. They pulled through and we didn't."

(On protection packages….) "It helps because you've got big guys on the defensive line that get tired. It slows them down a little bit. Also we're playing instinctive, we're playing fast. It's kind of like I always say, it's like fast court basketball. It makes it a little bit more challenging. But I don't think that was our major problem. I think that unfortunately we weren't able to make the plays that we wanted to, and needed to. 

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