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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 39-32 Loss To The Saints

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from Week 5 in New Orleans.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Pete Carroll

(Opening Statement): "This game hurts all of us because we know we had a chance to win the football game. I would never take anything away from the Saints. They did a great job, a lot of cool things in this game to win it. We had our chances and had all kinds of opportunities to get it done. There were too many things that went wrong. We gave them another opportunity here and there. We made it too easy on them. These games are so hard. They're so difficult to win. If you screw it up or give them something, you're fighting against it the whole time. I know you want to know about the punt. That was a rollout punt. You might have to run something if the kick is not there. We were supposed to kick the ball there. All in all, really Taysom Hill had a great football game against us. We did not stop him, and our plan for the Wildcat did not work. He ran for over 100 yards on the day. That was truly the difference for them, I thought, in a lot of crucial situations he came through in a big way for them. It wasn't new. They had done it. The things we tried to do, we couldn't get it done."

(On Rashaad Penny's ankle injury): "He hurt his ankle, seriously. We'll see. I don't want to say anything because I don't really know exactly until we get the MRI back. He's got a bad ankle (injury). He's in trouble. I'll let you know more when we know all the facts."

(On the Michael Dickson punt early in the game): "We were just changing the launch point. We have been working on that and practicing it for a long time. We went with it there. It got really cloudy up field like we don't expect it to. He felt like he had a duck up, and he was hesitant to kick the ball where all the people were, so he saw it and took off."

(On if the Seahawks were planning to fake a punt on the prior snap): "Yeah, that was the same thing."

(On defending Taysom Hill): "When they went to their heavy guys, they took all their shooters off the field. I think they had only done that one time. We had dealt with it and all that. They did it a number of times, and it worked out for them in short yardage. They were able to break out a couple of plays. We just have to make the tackles. When you get there, there's enough blockers to get guys on everybody, and we just didn't finish plays. At the end of it, he's a really good ballplayer and took advantage of the space and made some really good runs."

(On Taysom Hill's role today): "We know that he plays in their system. We count on it. We knew it was coming and all of that. It wasn't any surprise in that regard. The surprise was that we couldn't get him down. They made too much out of it."

(On third down struggles): "That was the only place we struggled that affected us. I thought our guys moved the ball like crazy. Geno (Smith) was phenomenal again. There's a couple of really big moments in the game, you get a chance to score a touchdown down there, we don't get it. Then, we lose the ball in the turnover. You guys saw that was closer than I saw it. We thought his elbow was on the ground, but I couldn't see. That's a huge, huge turnover play right there. The defense had that situation, then we had the punt situation. It really put us in bad spots. The game shouldn't have been like that. It really should have been without those things that we gave them."

(On the two deep balls to Tyler Lockett): "Exquisite football. We've seen him do this so many times over the years. He had a huge game against the Cardinals, a couple of years ago, maybe last year, just making those phenomenal back of the end zone catches in traffic and trouble and all that. He is just a tremendous football player. He just continues to show it. He had a phenomenal day."

(On the holding calls throughout the game): "I couldn't see it. There's a classic situation, and it's happening all the time. When the ball bounces outside or scrambles are getting outside guys are realty starting to flop like it happens in basketball. It makes it difficult on the officials. I don't know exactly what happened. They saw something there, you know. I can't tell you. I don't know, but it was a huge, huge call. There was a huge call over on the other side too. I didn't see that one either. I don't know what happened on that one. Defensive holding, we're done in the drive. That was huge."

(On the placement of the offensive lineman's hands during the holding call): "Isn't that what it looked like? That is what I thought I saw. I can't tell you. They (the NFL) gave us a big presentation about that. We didn't buy into it because we weren't sure how it was going to get called. If he was pulling away, we have to release. I really hope that we would all get on the same page with that. I'm not quite sure that we are. We were trying to release. We were trying to let him go."  

(On Tariq Woolen): "He's (Tariq's) playing. He's just making stuff happen. He picked up a fumble too. Did he not? He's just having a fantastic start. That was a big time pick now. That was coming underneath a comeback route. Those are really hard to get and a phenomenal catch to make to finish the play. He's doing great."

(On Al Woods start to the day and his injury that took him out): "His knee flared up. He was having a great game. He was doing everything. It is really unfortunate because he had his whole family here, and everyone is right down the road and all that. Everybody was around. He was dying to go back in but couldn't quite get it done."

(On if Michael Jackson was injured): "I think we were resting him. We just were rotating. I didn't hear about him having an injury."

(On Ryan Neal starting at safety): "Well, I have to look at film. I don't know. I don't know. We felt like he deserved a chance playing some other combinations over safeties. Josh (Jones) got to play a little as well, but I just thought he deserved to be out there."

(On if Neal takes over as a primary guy): "I think we should say he is ready. He got to play enough in this game. You got to see him. He got to make his plays. You can see how explosive he is. This is the guy we have been seeing. We are very, very fortunate to have him. He will have a lot more to learn. There's a lot more coming at him. He's certainly showed everyone the explosion he has. The potential is there. He's a fantastic young man coming up. This is just his time." 

(On defending the Wildcat): "Let me look at film. I want to make sure I see it. It's too obvious the situation was a Wildcat. That was glaring, and we will see how much the rest of it factored in.

(On Alvin Kamara's large run on the screen completion): "It was full blitz, and we didn't see him cross. We had a chance to pick him up, but we missed him. We went after him. Both the 'backers were going after him. I won't tell you much more about it, but we missed the chance to pick him up. That is as easy as it gets for them on that play."

(On Rashaad Penny's injury today): "This has been a journey for him and for us too. I fell in love with the fact that he emerged and showed us the great player he is and what he can mean to the game and to our team and all that. For it to come down to another setback, he will be back. It is a setback that it just breaks my heart. He has been having so much fun. He's been so rewarded and so fulfilled. He knows he belongs. He knows he can do it. He knows he can be an impact in this League. To lost that chance, it's similar to when Jamal (Adams) goes out. They put so much into it and care so much about it. To have it taken away because of a mishap's unfortunate. We're going to love him through it. I've talked to him. He's crushed."

QB Geno Smith

On success of deep passes to Tyler Lockett: "We made some plays. Tyler made a great catch. The line protected great. I was able to set my feet and was able to step into it. It was a good play right there (on the long touchdown)…At the end of the first half, we had about 12 seconds left, (and) really we were trying to get a play out of bounds. If they gave us the look we wanted, we were going to take a shot at the end zone. They gave us two man outside leverage, (and) it was the perfect call. We were able to make an adjustment for Tyler. He ran a great route and got into the end zone."

On the injury to Rashaad Penny: "Extremely tough. Penny is my brother. I love him to death. Gosh, I hate them for him. I know how hard he has worked. I know how much he has put into this. It sucks. We need him out there. He's a leader for our team, a leader for our offense. We've got to pick it up.

We've got to do it for him."

On the play of Kenneth Walker today: "I thought Kenneth, as always, did a great job. That 70-yard run was amazing. He showed that explosion. He hit that thing (and was) gone. As he continues to grow and continues to learn, he's only going to get better. It's my job to help him get better."

On how he (Geno Smith) felt today and how he handles the defense: "I felt pretty good. Obviously, (there are) plays that I wish I could have back (and) things that I wish I could do better. I'll be superhard on myself. (I will) hit the weight room tomorrow (and) hit the film room and get back to work."

On not converting on third down today: "We didn't convert. I need to watch the film and see exactly where the issues were. Mainly, we just didn't convert them (unlike last week)."

RB Kenneth Walker III

On what is on his mind after the loss: "I wish the outcome was different, but I know we can go back and watch film and correct what we did wrong."

On his 69-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter that gave the Seahawks a brief lead: "I just read my keys and the offensive line did a great job of opening up the hole. I saw (Tyler) Lockett stay on his block as Charles (Cross) did. (It was) a great job on his block. They made it easier for me. From there, I just ran."

On if he was surprised by the space he had on the touchdown run: "Yeah, a little bit. I was surprised.

Those guys do a great job of blocking, like I said. I thank them for that."

On how tough it is to see Rashaad Penny go down with injury: "It is tough. We did not talk much about it, but I talked to him on the sideline, and he just told me, like he always tells me to run hard (and) bring my keys. Somebody like that that's been a big brother in the room to me, I just talked to him after the game."

On how ready he feels to take over a starting role: "I'm ready. We practice it every day. I feel real comfortable with the offense. I've got older running backs in there to teach me everything that I need to know, so I feel real comfortable in the scheme."

On if he is more comfortable playing now as opposed to earlier this year: "Yeah, I guess getting a feel to the newness of it. I do not think it took me a minute. I pretty much felt comfortable after training camp. We knew we had miscommunications on two plays, I believe (earlier). After that, I was pretty much (fine)."

S Ryan Neal

The Seahawks face the Saints in New Orleans for Week 5 of the season at Caesars Superdome on October 9, 2022. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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