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What The Saints Said Following Their 39-32 Win Over The Seahawks

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from Week 5 in New Orleans


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Dennis Allen

(Opening Statement) "Pleased with the win. We have a lot of things that we have to clean up, but we had a good win." 

(On the strategy of with Taysom Hill) "Well, we try to put him in a position to do things that he does really well. Our guys went out and executed the play and it was good to see." 

(On the same play – if there was something they saw in the Seahawks defense that made them think they would use a lot of those type of plays) "We talked earlier in the week and felt like some of the run game stuff that we could do with Taysom in the game would be really good against this group. Taysom was really affective." 

(On if the Saints used Taysom Hill more than they thought they would) "Look, I don't know if you ever know exactly how many snaps somebody is going to receive. It just depends on how the game is being played out, but I thought we were able to do some things in the running game and utilize him in those areas. Obviously, with what they were doing defensively and trying to stop the run game, we felt like there was an opportunity in the passing game and we were able to throw a touchdown there. Look, I've got to give the staff a lot of credit for the game plan they put together – they operated it very well and that was a big part of it." 

(On the progress of the offensive identity this week) "Yeah, I feel like we saw a little bit more progress this week. I felt like the second half last week showed a little progress, and certainly we would like to get everybody healthy and have all of our weapons out there, but I thought today was a lot more consistent in terms of what we were doing." 

(On the importance of being able to convert on third and short with Taysom [Hill]) "Look, you have weapons, and we feel like we can utilize an think we can do the things that those guys do well. I think any time you have a guy that can play the quarterback position and can affect the game with his legs, it creates a challenge for the defense because now you have to play 11-on-11 football and if you start creeping a safety too far into the box, he can still do some things in the passing game. It is a good piece to have." 

(On how encouraging it was to see Alvin Kamara come back strong after a fumble today in the second quarter) "It is really encouraging. I would say in there was a black eye offensively it would be that we turned the ball over twice, but yet, we still did enough things to overcome those things and Alvin Kamara brought a lot of energy and a lot of explosiveness to the offensive unit this week." 

(On how impressed he is with all the good things Taysom Hill is able to do) "That is a tough question because I have seen a lot of things out of him. What we saw him do today are things we expect we can get from out of that player. We are going to continue to find ways to utilize him." 

(On the thought of if the way they used Taysom today will continue through the season) "Certainly, our future opponents are going to look at this game and are going to have ways that they are going to try and defend it so people are going to make adjustments, but that has always been part of what we have been able to do here with Taysom and we will find ways to continue to utilize him. When it is effective and working we will keep doing it." 

(On if this is the script offensively they will have to use until Jameis Winston returns) "In certain aspects, yes, just being efficient. I think we were able to run the ball well, we got into a lot of third and manageable situations. We didn't have a lot of negative plays, which moved us behind the chains a lot, so we were getting into third and manageable a lot and were able to convert third downs and therefore, when you are running the ball well, converting on third down, you are winning the time of possession battle. That was an explosive offensive that we played against and they have been that explosive against most teams that they've played, so we knew that would be a challenge in our ability to maintain our time of possession on offense was a big part of us getting that win." 

(On explosivity of this game) "Well they got behind us. A couple of those were at the end of the half, which is inexcusable, that can't happen. Then the one there in the fourth quarter to lock it, we kind of got two doubles on that and he just got on top of us so we have got to work to clean that up. We will look at the tape and see what we can do better. I think the way we played defensively, but for about 4 or 5 plays, ended up being 28 points in the game so we have to clean that up." 

(On the 69-yard touchdown run by Kenneth Walker) "We misfit the run just a little bit. We have to put the pressure on. Hindsight is 20/20. I don't know if I love the call, so we will evaluate it and see what we can do better. I think you have to give our guys credit. Our guys came out and competed all day and in the end, we made enough plays to win the game. Even when guys were going down, we had guys step up and make plays for us." 

(On the challenge with the Chris Olave catch) "Well, there is a process that we go through in situations and so we went through the process. From our vantage point, there was three feet down before he went to the ground and lost possession of the ball. Three feet equals a football move so that is possession in the endzone and we felt like that should be ruled a touchdown. Our process worked extremely well in that situation.  

(On the importance of that play) "It was seven points big. It was a big play, a big momentum play so the process worked there." 

(On why Taysom Hill hasn't had a bigger presence as a pass catcher) "Each game there is a varying degree of elements that go into that. We have some plays up for him in the passing game and we have some plays up for him playing the quarterback position, so I think it is just a week-to-week deal to figure out how we use him and where he can be most effective." 

(On improving in pass defense) "Well I think [Geno Smith] has played very well this year. The pass early in the game to (Noah) Fant was right on the mark. I think he is playing extremely well and they are doing really good things with him. He has a lot of good weapons to throw the ball to. It is a really good offensive team. Usually, if you are really good on offense, a lot of time your quarterback is playing at a high level and I think he is." 

(On how important this win is): "It always feels good to win in our league, so it feels good. We wanted to go 1-0 this week – we accomplished that task, so ow we need to move on to the next one" 

(On Cam Jordan's performance this week): "I am going to let Cam talk about himself, he is pretty good at that." 

(Status update on Marshon Lattimore): "No I haven't spoken to the trainers. I know they were evaluating him on the sidelines and then at some point told me he was out. I haven't received any other word on that.) 

(On Olave's big hit to the head): "I haven't gotten to visit with him either. I saw him briefly as we walked into the locker room and he seemed like he was in pretty good spirits and was excited about the win, so he will go through the process and we will make sure we are following all the steps and we will see where he is at." 

(On differences of protocols today): "Nothing on the field that I noticed that was extremely different." 

(On Alvin Kamara's leadership of the offense): "Alvin Kamara is not a really vocal person by nature, but part of being a leader is just coming to work every day. He was ready to go this week, feeling healthy, and was excited about playing. You could see it in practice, so I thought he brought a lot of energy to our team." 

(On low receiving numbers): "There is a lot that goes into it. Obviously, losing Deonte (Harty) early in the game and Olave put some stress on the receiver position and stress on the coaching staff to figure out what we can do and how we can attack them. We were having some success in some of our base packages and so we went a little bit more in that direction."

QB Andy Dalton

(On Taysom Hill's performance): "I mean, he's such a weapon, and there's nobody else like him. If you're a defense, you have to prepare for so much when you never know where he's going to line up. So, I mean, his performance today, it's hard to match all the stuff that he can do and all the stuff that he was able to do today to help us win. Yeah, he's special."

(On having Alvin Kamara back): "For sure, yeah, we really wanted to get him going. There are a lot of explosive plays from him in the run game and zone screen too. You know, big game, got us down there. Led us to four touchdowns so it's great having Alvin back out there."

(On Seattle's flag at the end when the Saints were kneeling out): "I don't even know what happened. I just know that they cared when we were taking the knee. I guess they were still trying to go hard in that situation and I think one of them ended up hitting one of our guys in the head. I don't even know. We got a first down and I had to take an extra knee at the end. I don't know."

(On preparing the game plan since becoming a starter) "Yeah, I think there's been a lot of communication with everybody and just how we wanted to play, what we're what we're trying to do and things that we like. So I think it's, especially early in the week, when you get that going and just the open communication with everybody, it definitely helps."

(On the offensive rhythm and keeping it considering the injuries) "I think we did a great job. I mean, you see the running game, Dennis Allen said in the end we had like 48 carries. I mean that's, I don't know if I have ever been a part of that. And our guys upfront did such a good job of allowing us to make positive gains, big gains on first and second down. It felt like we were, I mean a couple of times they we compromised a chance, but for the most part, we were in second and short, third and short situations. And so we got into a great rhythm and you never want to lose your receivers. Guys went down and that's kind of how we had to play with only three receivers left in line up, but I thought our guys did a great job."

(On Hill's role and the communication on where he'll be for a play): "Yeah, I mean, it's different personnel groups and groupings and everything. So I know when I'm still in there, I know when I'm going out."

(On Chris Olave's effort on the TD pass): "It was an unbelievable catch. The defender had his hand in there and he still found a way to come down with it. So I'm glad that we challenged it, glad it got ruled a touchdown. A great catch by him" 

(On breaking the losing streak today): "Yeah, it feels great. We needed game to kind of get us back on track. And we've had some tough ones in the last couple of weeks. But this one was a good week for us to kind of get back in the win column. Get that feeling again and hopefully it gives us some momentum going forward. "

(On the false start call in the fourth quarter): "Yeah, I thought he was in the neutral zone. I think that's what he (official) said. He said that you never got into the neutral zone. I thought we had him."

(On the energy and dynamic of the offense when Kamara is there): "Yeah, I mean, Alvin is one of our best players. And so when you get to have that in the lineup and a guy with his energy and visibility and the things that he can do, I mean, it definitely gives the offense the energy it needs."

TE Taysom Hill

(On if he knew ahead of the week what plays he would be in) "Before the start of the week, we have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday installs. Once you get to Friday, then you know it may be a heavy week for me. Going into this game I had a feeling that I'd have certain number of opportunities."

(On if they adjusted during the game) "We made a few adjustments, but if feel that was an emphasis this week to get me more involved."

(On what he envisioned his role to be this year) "I feel like each week is a little bit different. Jameis (Winston) is a little banged up, so that limited me in terms of what the plan was supposed to be at the start of the season. I think every week I go in and prepare for what I am being asked to do. It is a fluid deal. I anticipate that at least for the rest of this season."

(On what it's like when you are having fun out there) "It's so much fun when you receive opportunities with your teammates. Those are the ones you remember and the moments that you cherish. The plays when your teammates come celebrate with you is what it is all about. Football is so much fun when you are making plays and winning games. 

(On where this game ranks) "I think statistically it's probably my best game I've ever had in the NFL."

(On the last touchdown run) "That was a big play. They knew we were going to tun the ball on third and short. They were clearly selling out to stop the run. If you get past the first level of defense, then there is no one left. Once I broke through I knew it was a foot race. I think if I was five yards farther back, then I don't know if I would have gotten in."

(On the touchdown pass to Adam Trautman) "I was going to throw it. We talked at halftime. I think that was the classic we want to run the ball to set up the pass. Pete (Carmichael) and I talked at halftime and he said that was one of the first plays we were going to get to me. He dialed it up perfectly."

(On his perfect passer rating) "When you throw one pass it works out well. That was a combination of (Adam) Trautman recognizing the right coverage and running the right route. I was expecting a different coverage than we got. I suspect that he was too. He's a smart football player and ran it perfectly. The rest is history."

(On at the beginning of the week if he thought he'd have a game like this) "You always hope. I think as you prepare that you just take advantage of the opportunity. I knew I was going to get more opportunities this week, so I just did my part to prepare for when I came up. There's a lot of conversation about me right now, but when you can rush the ball for over 200 yards (that's a credit to an offensive line). Those guys upfront played very well. Their defense was being very physical and their linebackers were moving really well. I feel like offensively that we have been riding this tipping point and this was an ending that we were ready for."

(On the transition between multiple positions in terms of weight): "Yeah, it's been a little bit of a yo-yo, but I think at the end of the day what I've realized is that I weigh like 230 to 235 right now and I feel good at that weight, and I'm just gonna stay there until somebody tells me otherwise."

(On TD pass to Trautman): "Yeah, I mean, look, I started football games at quarterback and you know, we've won football games with me playing quarterback. So I think historically, what I've been able to do is set up a lot of my QB runs and I think we've seen that in how defenses have played me. But certainly it's nice to get a play like that off the ground and have it go well because they can no longer just key on one thing. So I think looking forward, man that makes it challenging for defenses."

(On the offense's confidence with Lewis Kidd and Landon Young and being able to project on defenses in a jumbo package): "Yeah, a lot of confidence. You know, we have kind of been talking about it. We carry plays like that every week. And you know, we say man, we're going to stay the course until somebody shows us that we can stop it. And you know, again, those guys come in and they've done such a great job up front to spring me for a lot of runs, a lot of touchdowns, and it's obviously challenging to stop with some of this QB run stuff."

(On how important this win was) "I mean, it was important. I don't want to overstate or undersell the importance of this win but one and three doesn't feel great, obviously. I felt like we needed a game like this just to get some confidence back and you know, the expectation moving forward is that we just keep this thing rolling. We know that we're really talented football team and we just need to continue to stack these wins."

(On having more rushing yards today then Alvin Kamara and if he can add running back to his positional resume): "I just work here and do what they ask."

(On what it feels like to be an essential figure in the game): "Yeah, I felt like the vibes on the sideline was really positive. I felt like we had a lot of confidence offensively. So when we went down there, the expectation was that we were going to go score and take the lead back. And again, I felt like offensively in this team like we know that we have a talented roster and we've just made some silly mistakes that caused us to lose some football games. And it felt like this was a game where everybody was playing really well and we were doing the right things and so as we took the field we had a lot of confidence that we're going to go score and put us in a position to win this game."

(On the fumble recovery on special teams): "They were in an unbalanced formation. So we have a little check that but that we make when they do that. I don't know, I just ended up in the right place at the right time. I don't know who ended up hitting him and causing the fumble, but that was obviously a big play. And I feel like you know, we've talked a lot offensively, we've had some struggles and knowing that we have a good roster, but we just had not put it all together, I kind of feel that same way about our special teams. And I felt like coming out and making a game changing play like that was really big for the unit as a whole in our confidence and moving forward. And then the kickoff return stuff. I was I was not anticipating that. Look, (Darren) Rizzi said he needed some help, so I was happy to do it. It had been a little while but it was fun to be back out there with the guys."

DE Cameron Jordan

(On getting a couple of sacks and the win today): "I heard it was 1.5, but I like what you are thinking.

At the end of the day, we want to put it on us. We needed to make sure that the defensive line was in Geno's (Smith) face early and often. I think we accomplished that."

(On watching Taysom Hill from the sideline) "Sean Payton said he was the fastest quarterback in I don't know how many years. It's exciting. We need it. Whatever it takes. It wasn't pretty out there, but we got the win. We need to clean a lot of stuff up. We can build off that." 

(On the fear of going 1-4 after this week) "Every chance you have on this wonderful field of the game we play in the NFL is 17 opportunities. Each one becomes more increasingly important. We are trying to find a win whatever it takes. We didn't want to be 1-2. We didn't want to be 1-3. We can't be 1-4. We have to find a way to win. We found a way to win."

(On the last Seattle drive and if it makes up for some of the other plays given up) "I don't think it makes up for anything. The fact that we let one of those big gash runs happen. The (is) fact that we let it happen in the fourth quarter too many times. We can't make an excuse for that. We have to tighten up on some things. We can't let them score at the end of the half. We can't let them run (for) 60-yard touchdowns. They are a good team, but a lot of this stuff is self-inflicted. We have to fix that.

CB Paulson Adebo

(On playing well, but giving up the big plays) "Yes, in this game, it only takes one or two plays. We gave up some explosive pls in the run game that we'd like to have back. You have to be at your best on every single play."

(On the touchdown to Tyler Lockett) "I thought it was a good ball. I have to get better. I have to stay on top of it. I have to have better technique and make a better play on it." 

(On Taysom Hill's play) "I play defense, so I can appreciate it. I feel sorry for the guys on the other side that have to try to take him down. I definitely appreciate him and all he does for the team."

(On growing from this game today) "Personally, I feel like there's a lot to get better at especially in this game (today). I have to hone in on that.

The Seahawks face the Saints in New Orleans for Week 5 of the season at Caesars Superdome on October 9, 2022. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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