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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 30-3 Preseason Loss To The Denver Broncos

Interviews, transcripts and press conferences from Seattle's preseason game Denver.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll looks on during a preseason game vs. the Denver Broncos at Lumen Field.
Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll looks on during a preseason game vs. the Denver Broncos at Lumen Field.

(Opening…) Two weeks in a row of playing football where the lessons are hard and they're obvious. We have to take away the things we can learn from and we can grow from on the plus side of it. It's obvious when you turn the ball over three times in the first half it's really, really hard to win a football game, and then we go nine penalties to none. They played a lot better than we did in that regard, too. But, there is a lot of stuff for us to take from here. We had a lot of guys that played and we have a lot of film to watch and a lot of evaluations to make, that's really what this time is about. We like to be having fun winning football games and all that, but that's not where the matchup's happening right now. The hard lessons, too, is that a couple of our guys got whacked, you know. Johnny U (John Ursua) and BBK (Ben Burr-Kirven), both those guys got hurt seriously tonight, and it breaks our heart. This is a rough game, and sometimes it takes its toll. Those two kids are hurt, so we'll see what happens with them. It's going to be a while. The other side of it, we'll find the positives; I'm going to find the positives. I thought DeeJay Dallas played a terrific game tonight. Rasheem Green, again, he got a sack and did some good things in his place. He's really taking advantage of this preseason to make a statement. Nick Bellore had five tackles tonight on defense. It was amazing, I don't know how he did that. He said he was knocking off the rust. We have to take all of the positive things, and keep growing and this week is a little different for us. We'll change the format of it and get out of camp, and make it a regular week for us in terms of the cadence of the week. And get our guys a chance to get tuned in to what that means so that when game week comes a couple of weeks from now, we'll be ready to crank it up again. So that's a really important part of what happens this week. We've been knowing this all along that this week is coming. So, we'll try to take full advantage of that.

(On the diagnosis for Ben Burr-Kirven…) He has a knee injury. That's what I can tell you right now. It's a serious knee injury.

(On whether that is the same situation for John Ursua…) Yes. Both of them.

(On whether Ryan Neal is OK…) He has an oblique strain. Sometimes those are kind of gnarly, and we'll see if he can get through it, I don't know. But, that can take a little while sometimes It just depends on how he responds. It's in the ribcage.

(On the kickoff returns by DeeJay Dallas…) He sure looks good. What you really want on your kickoff return is a guy that hits it and takes full advantage of the scheme, and he's doing that. We're really impressed with what he's been doing, the whole preseason he's been great.

(On the play of Cade Johnson…) I thought a couple of the guys; there's enough balls thrown and caught that we had a great chance to look at guys. Cade has looked really good in practice. He's a real instinctive football player. He shows that he's got sense and feel and all that kind of stuff. He was a really productive player in college. He just seems like he's carried it over, so he's working hard to take advantage of it.

(On the tempo of the offense…) It feels so comfortable to us. There were times in the game where we moved it around a little bit, tempo wise. We don't have any problem with it. We're very comfortable with it. The communications are really solid. I think you can see the background that Sean has with Shane, system wise. He's really in command with it. It happened last week, too. You can really hear the clarity and the conversation going on between those guys. We were able to take advantage of rhythm and adjusting things at the line of scrimmage and all that. He did a nice job tonight, I meant Sean.

(On the cornerback play…) I don't have a good evaluation on that right now. I don't have anything to help you with. I have to see the film.

(On having 3 preseason games vs. 4 preseason games…) This format for us was different than we've ever done before. We've done something different, and it hasn't been a lot of fun and games with the way we're playing. But, week 3 is a big deal for us. We'll go back to a lot of the other guys that haven't played in the first two games to prepare them for game one of the regular season, that's been the plan all along.

(On the play of Alex McGough…) He made a really tough decision on the one on the sidelines. It was just not a good throw at all. To not get the screen off, and wind up as a pick, that shouldn't happen. We have to throw the ball away there. Just a couple bad plays. He worked hard, he ran. He did the things we wanted him to do, moved around. But, a couple tough situations; I think it was third and 12 or something like that, when we throw the pick, the first one. Put him in a tough situation, gave him a chance to see if he could figure it out. That's a place where he has to throw the ball away, and just take the loss right there. I need to see it on film to really verify that, but that's what it felt like in watching it. Those are decisions that you have to make right. We can't give the ball away.

(On the play of Stone Forsythe…) I can't tell you. I won't know enough until I see the film.

(On how he likes the bye week after the preseason…) I really like the two weeks. Yes, we're trying to take full advantage of that. I think that's a great deal for the league, and I think everybody's going to really appreciate that. I think it's a really good idea. It's been enticing the whole time, to know that you have all that time to get guys back and all that. This is the game that they can play and get more airtime.

(On whether Rashaad Penny was on a snap count…) We were just trying to balance it out, and make sure that he got enough looks. I think he had 15 or 16 plays. We weren't really counting plays, we just wanted to give him a chance to get out on the field and play. It worked out between he and Alex, I think they split plays. I think they both had 15 or 16 plays, something like that. I can't remember if Alex got much in the second half, he might have got a couple. So, he might have picked up a little bit more.

(On what it's like to have a player like Nick Bellore…) He's an amazing football player, and a big factor on this team. He's a captain of the special teams, as well, and we're not using him on special teams, because we're saving him for potentially playing offense and defense in the game. He was getting ready to play both ways. He's an amazing kid and a player. There aren't very many guys that can do that. Rare.

(On what DeeJay Dallas is showing so far…) He's been really consistent. He's been more explosive. It seems like he came back to camp more fit, with the benefits of an offseason; power-wise he's more powerful than he was. He seems quicker than he was. He's a really good guy to play with, he's really clear in the games. He's a clear-thinking guy, you can make adjustments, you can talk to him. He's a good ball player, and he's really shown that. I know Russ (Russell Wilson) thinks the world of him. He knows he can throw him the football and he'll make plays and all of that. It's really positive that they've built that in a year and a half they've been together. He's done an excellent job.

(On Rasheem Green playing out of a 2 point stance…) I think he's done a really nice job. He's been really active. He's just been so consistent. He's making a clear statement that he fits and he's part of what we're doing. I'm really fired up for him. He was excited about the focus of the change in the position, and he's taken to it really well.

(On the pass rush group…) We were OK on third down, we just weren't OK on fourth down. They did a great job exercising the fourth down attempts, they made 3 for 3, and they were all part of them scoring on those drives. I need to look at, really, to give you a good evaluation, but I thought the guys brought it pretty hard, and it was active. It's going to look a little bit different a couple weeks from now, even from where it is now.

(On the play of Aaron Fuller…) He continues to make plays. He does a nice job. He's been really solid throughout the offseason in terms of everything he's done. All of the practice time, the workouts on our field, he continues to be really solid. He's a real natural football player. Really comfortable in different situations, and it's not too big for him. He made some really good clutch catches, and got whacked a couple times, too, and hung on to the football well. He's been real competitive.

(On first time blocking a punt) "Yeah. That was my first time blocking a punt, and it felt great."

(On adjustment to special teams) "Well, I did a lot and played a lot of special teams at Miami. Coach Hartley, Todd Hartley, he always said we put the best players on special teams so, I take pride in special teams."

(On if it's nice to see that pay off) "Yeah, I mean I had fun man. I'm just glad that coach Izzo put in the scheme and the scheme worked."

(On how comfortable he is catching passes as a running back) "I started off as a receiver in college and I feel good catching the ball, especially if I can help the team, if that's my niche or that's my role then I'm glad to be that guy."

(On if he's more comfortable this year compared to last year) "Shoot man, I'm having fun, bro. Last year I was kind of doubting myself a little bit. I didn't have the offseason that I wanted to have, so I felt myself being a step behind. This year, I had a dang good off season. I feel good. I'm in good spirits. I'm in a good space mentally. And man, like I said, I'm having fun."

(On where he worked out this offseason) "I was between here in Seattle, Arizona, and back home. I trained out in Exos, and I trained at League of Champions out in Arizona. Then I was here at FSP. Then I was back home at my old high school trying to go back to that old place of the good old days."

(On his versatility) "I played quarterback in high school. We went to state too. I was good at quarterback."

(On how satisfying it is to be a contributor on the team) "It's a dream come true. I'm on one of the best teams in the NFL, I'm wearing one of the greatest numbers in franchise history, and I'm contributing. It's a blessing man, I'm having fun."

(On entering the league last year given the unusual circumstances) "Last year was tough, it wasn't normal. We were on the computer 24/7. The meetings were all on Zoom and I wasn't used to that. I was used to being in person and being personable with people. I'm a social guy, I like to feel the energy of the room and of my teammates. At first, if we couldn't jell it was because I'm socially awkward in a way, but it was tough. Compared to now it's easy because we're in person, we're close to each other, and it's all good."

(On Nick Bellore playing linebacker) "Did you see that hit? He's a bat out of hell. That's my guy. His coach back in Central Michigan, Dan Enos, was my offensive coordinator back at Miami so I heard about him and Alex Collins before I got to the league."

(On playing defense) "It's awesome. It was nice to get back out there. I'm a little rusty, I forgot that we're actually playing in the NFL and that it's not college days or a couple years ago. I have to actually get back into the swing of things. It was good to get back out there. I got to play with a bunch of the young guys and just trying to get them lined up and try to remember what I'm doing myself half the time out there. It was good. Felt good to get out there."

(On the last time he played linebacker) "I want to say probably 2017 or 2018. The years kind of run together for me now. It's been a while. I did it casually a couple of times last year and the year before in practice, but nothing at this level. I have great teachers from Bobby (Wagner) to Coach (John Glenn), it's been an easy transition."

(On how he goes back and forth between offense and defense) "I was a little hairy this week because I was doing a little bit of offense stuff and then I would go to the defensive room and get called a traitor or whatever. I have to deal with that. I kind of knew I was going to have to do a little bit of fullback stuff, so I just brushed up. Luckily, I was able to do that in the past couple of weeks, so I knew that stuff. Did mostly linebacker stuff and those sorts of things."

(On if the younger guys have figure out that he used to play linebacker) "I hope not. I don't think a lot of them do know that I used to play linebacker, so I'll try to keep that a mystery as long as possible. Them being like wow that's really cool that you're able to just do that. Yeah, I had a little bit of experience doing it."

(On how it is getting used to playing defense again) "I think the first series I was kind of rusty just getting off blast and kind of seeing everything. You kind of are able to narrow it down as you go. I was just trying to get settled in. Just a little bit more of getting everyone lined up and getting the call in. It takes some time, but once you get settled in it's like I've always played."

(On if playing both sides gives him an advantage in practice) "I try not to. They give me too much credit. They just assume I know all the plays, but I pretty much just know what I'm supposed to be doing if I'm playing fullback. We can keep that a mystery. I hear things and I recognize them from meetings, I can kind of remember them talking about that. If I make a play, they assume I cheated on it, so it's just kind of like what are you going to do."

(On DeeJay Dallas) "It's been amazing. It'll be fun to see it tomorrow, it's hard when you're out there, but his kick return was amazing today. He's making plays, catching balls out of the backfield, and running. It's awesome. Obviously, we have a lot of great backs, and sometimes last year he gets lost in the shuffle with guys because we have dominate running backs. I think what he's done in the preseason has been awesome, he's really shown a lot of growth over the year."

(On if Deejay Dallas has embraced special teams) "I think he always did, but I think he's taking it to the next step. He even blocked a punt tonight too. That's something you need. You know how you try to tell young guys, especially running backs and those types of positions, if you're like a two, three, a four running back, you have to be able to contribute on that kind of stuff. We count on guys like that on special teams. For him to step up and make plays like that, that's huge for our team."

(On his first few reps) "I feel like he's progressing pretty well. They're starting to buy into me a little bit more and more as I continue to do what I do, and that's compete. Just making plays no matter if it's the first, second, or third team. Go out there and do what I do best and that's just to cover guys and continue to make those plays. That's for them to continue to trust me as far as being a player on that field and that gave me more opportunities to go out there do what I do. It was quiet, you know I didn't really get targeted but as far as everything else, I'm just trying to work on my technique."

(On what his takeaways from the two games are) "That it's different. The first game was different, the second game I got to see the starters. You really didn't get to see your starters because I came in the second half. I really had to be on my 'P's and Q's' and it was a lot faster than last week, that I can tell just by seeing those guys and seeing things. I had to be quick."

(On learning paces and routes) "Of course. Just watching those guys, watching them run routes and seeing how much longer the routes develop. A lot of things are like twenty yards, come back. You're seeing 20-yard curls, twenty yard comebacks where inn college you see twelve yard curls. Just staying true to me and getting a feel for those routes.

(On his confidence) "It grows. It grows every time I'm out there, going against those guys like DK (Metcalf) and just me continuing to build the confidence out there. If I can cover DK at practice, that just goes to show that I can go out there and compete with those guys and cover anybody. That's why they drafted me because they believed in me and I believe in myself as well when I go out there and cover the first team guys. Just going out there and covering those guys and knowing that I have the confidence and running with the ones. That helped me a lot."

(On if his adjustment is mostly mental or physical) "I'd say mental. A lot of those things are a lot faster than what you're normally seeing whether you're in college or not. It's a lot faster than college for sure. It's really just understanding what's going on and what's coming. So, you have to read those, read splits and read a lot of things and it's quick. I'd say mental, because physically I can run with anybody and I'm a physical player so I don't really worry about the physical side."

(On returning kicks) "Yeah of course. I want to be an all-around guy. I want to do as much as I can here and just be the best I can be whether it's kickoff, kick return, even if I'm on punt return I want to be that guy that makes the plays for this team."

(On how much special teams he's on) "I'm on all of them. I'm on all of them."

(On first two NFL games) "Yeah, I mean just being able to go in there and make an impact on offense. I mean, Shane's (Waldron) always throwing stuff at us every week, we don't have it all in in preseason but just to get the basic grip on offense and try to contribute on special teams as much as I can. I'm still asking (Larry) Izzo to get in there on reps and trying to make a mark to prove that I need to be on this team. It's just a good feeling to be able to get out there and get the NFL tempo down and just go ball again."

(On adjusting to speed of NFL) "Yeah, I mean everyone is just a little bit faster. From the college level to the NFL everyone is super smart. Everyone knows their roles and knows their keys, you really just got to hone in on your technique and just attention to detail and I've really been trying to focus on that during training camp and getting that right. I'm not perfect, I'm never going to be perfect, but I'm trying to perfect my craft as best I can."

(On playing special teams in college) "My first identity in college was kick returning, so I actually ended up breaking the school record my redshirt freshman year. Just being able to be on special teams, obviously when I got more load on offense and Dallas Goedert left to the Eagles, and then Jake Winicki in the CFL, the bulk of the offense went more to me, so I was on less special teams. I still have a basic grasp of playing fast and physical and just being on those units so I understand what it takes. I'm just trying to help any way I can."

(On Nick Bellore) "It's huge. I just remember I hadn't really talked to Nick at all, then one day in practice – he's a great guy, he's been in this league – he came up to me and was like 'Cade you've got to find one special teams unit. Talk to Izzo, let him know and try to make your mark, prove your point.' And that's what I've been trying to do, and getting to kick return tonight was super nice I hope I can get some more in the future. DeeJay's (Dallas) back there returning them, and Tre Brown in the last couple of weeks. I feel like I can compete in that spot too and give a good look there. Whether it's gunner, I can block, whatever I can do so hopefully I can keep expanding my role."

(On playing in front of the 12s) "It was really loud. I just love Seattle and the environment. My family came from Omaha, Nebraska and they were upset because I didn't tell them it was this cold. It was super muggy in Omaha when they left, my girlfriend was mad at me because she didn't pack any sweatshirts and all that. The environment and the fans, the fans are second to none. It's just an awesome experience. Coach Carroll, every week he tells us about the 12s, and he's not lying when he says it and he never sugar coats it. They are what they are and they're the best fans in the NFL."

(On executing in games) "Yeah I talk to coach Kerry Joseph a lot, he's been a huge help to me, and obviously Nate Carroll has been big with me too, but me and coach Joseph talked tonight. In practice I like to try to get all of my mistakes out in practice so when I go to the game I can be crisp and 100%. The quarterbacks know where I'm at and I know my assignments, alignments and techniques. Just within the week I try to get all my mistakes out."

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos in their second preseason game of the 2021 season at Lumen Field.This album will be updated throughout the game. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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