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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 28-26 Win Against Pittsburgh 

Postgame quotes and locker room reaction from the Seahawks' 28-26 road win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

That's a terrific win for the franchise today. To go on the road like this and play in such a tough place with a club that we're always concerned about when they've got Ben [Roethlisberger] on that side and the defense the way they play. It just challenges you, and the fans were there and all of that. Our guys hung in there, and it was really important that we make this trip in particular because we've got some more coming up. Show our guys that we can do it, and we can go cross country and play in the morning and play good football. They did a fantastic job, and the coaches did a fantastic job to contribute to what it takes energetically to be ready for game time. That was a huge accomplishment for us. It was a tough ball game. The penalties in the first half really kind of offset the rhythm that we could have had. Russel [Wilson] was phenomenal all day long. He did a great job moving it around when he could. Everybody caught passes. Tyler [Locket] had 10. He had a big day. But everybody caught balls. D.K. [Metcalf] looked good. Malik [Turner] did well. All those guys did a good job. Some tough plays on third downs and all of that. So to run the ball for 150, it wasn't as much as we'd like to maybe in some regards, but that's a lot of numbers, so we'll take it. [Rashad] Penny had a great short yardage run as did Chris [Carson] right there at the end on the fourth down play. Beautiful execution by the guys up front to knock them off the rock and get us a first down. I think the defense played really good all day long. They had some difficult situations and a couple plays that got in the way of having a really good day. But we had good pressure on Ben. Even though we didn't sack him, we were around him and made it tough on him I thought we kept his numbers down in the first half. I don't think he threw for 70 yards in the first half so that's a big day just to get that done anytime. Really fired up just about this start. We have so much improvement. We have so many areas and ways we can get better. We're just getting warmed up. We'll get some guys back. We made it out pretty clean. [D.J.] Fluker sprained his ankle a little bit but came back and finished the game which is great, so that's a huge plus going into next week coming home. So really excited to make this start happen and get these guys understanding that we can win at home and we can win on the road, and here we go to the next challenge.  

On quick passes in the second half

I think they did a great job in one of those classic, take what they're giving you (games). We had put Russ really in command of the rhythm of the game, and all the quick stuff he did a really great job on. Did a great job throwing the seam routes to Dizz (Will Dissly) for the two touchdown passes. Other than that, I thought Russ's rhythm really picked up and the sacks went away in the second half and really cleaned things up.

Do games like this keep you youthful?

I don't need games like this to keep my youthful exuberance. But I'll tell you, I love games like this. It was fun getting in the locker room with the guys knowing they have a good time with it. They had more fun than I did.  

Quality of the touchdown to Metcalf

Well it was a phenomenal throw. D.K. made it look hard, bobbling it around a little bit, but he's really doing a nice job. What a great start he's off to and we're thrilled about it. I think Russ went to him seven times today and we didn't get them all, but there's going to be a lot of hook ups here coming up.

Two touchdowns by Will Dissly

Will looked good on a couple of other plays too. It wasn't just the touchdown plays. Will's come a long way to get back. He had a terrible injury. He's been phenomenal. He continues to rehab. Every day he works on making sure he's making progress and being able to sustain. He's a wonderful football player on our team. Great kid. He's so on point with his assignments, his mentality, and all of that. And he comes through. He's a terrific Seahawk.

Going back to Chris Carson on fourth down after the fumble

The second fumble was we cut a guy loose and he got hit on the exchange, that's not his fumble. But he did get one knocked away and we need to get to business there and get that out of our football. But no, there was nobody I was going to but Chris right there on that one. It was an interesting situation, we wanted to go for it there though. We had decided that, it was just a matter of how we were going to do it, and it was good call. A fantastic job of the guys up front just knocking them off the ball to get that first down to win the game.

Do you want that to be your identity to be able to run the football in that situation?

Yeah, I thought you guys would be saying we weren't running the football enough and were throwing the ball all over the place with Russ dinking it around with the quick game stuff. But we put up 150 something today, so that's in the right area anyway. Russ did a nice job getting some yards for us. Almost got wrecked on the turf when he slipped the first time. I don't know what that was. Very fortunate right there. It's the right scenario to finish. We've got 4:20 on the clock. We've got to take the ball and run the clock off and win the game. We had a chance at six minutes, and we need to get it done there. But 4:20 is still pretty good. And we end with the ball, that's what we're shooting for.

How does the win feel today?

I like the way we played today, I liked the style. We will see, we are still putting it together. We are so new and just because the linebackers are so new to us. We are trying to see how we can fit it together and utilize those guys. We will be excited about next week and a couple more guys will be coming back. David Moore has a chance and Ziggy [Ansah] has a chance. It will be really exciting to get those guys in the mix. We are still growing, and we are not there yet.  

Was Ziggy Ansah close to playing?

It was kind of decided late in the week that next week will be his chance and we hope we can pull that off.

What did you think of Rashaad Penny touchdown run?

It was gorgeous, he has such a phenomenal burst. The play started and it looked like he was kind of bouncing like we might not make the short yards. Then boom as soon as he took off you knew he was gone. He is incredibly fast, and you can see it.


I would like to mention that one of our great family friends, Jason Cochran who had a terrible accident in the summer time was here with us. The family got to be around him, and I just want to do a shout out to Jason, you are a stud man and you're coming back.

QB Russell Wilson

On the win.

Yeah it was a huge win. We needed it. To be able to come on the road, come to Heinz Field, a tough environment, and just be able to find a way to win A couple people have said we haven't been able to play well here in the past. So, to be able to come in here and play a great game. I think offensively, we played really, really well. I thought defensively we played really, really well. We played really tough on defense. They really kept us in the game. They were physical early on. Then for us on offense, we didn't do great in the first quarter, but then from then on, we were pretty much lights out, and we did everything that we wanted to do. I thought it was a great game. We were battle tested today, and we found a way to win a great game. I though [Will] Dissly, you know first of all him being able to come back and score two touchdowns, his first two touchdowns back, is awesome to see. He played a great game today. I though Tyler Lockett was phenomenal today. He always finds a way to get open. He's catching the football really well with those 10 plus catches or whatever he had. DK [Metcalf] came up huge. Third-down, he makes a huge play down the field for a touchdown – beautiful catch. That was awesome to seal the game. I thought that was a great day, and then the thing about the fourth-and-one for use, Coach [Pete] Carroll wanted to go for it, we all wanted to go for it. Sure, enough we did, and Chris Carson just hitting the hole and getting the first. I thought the offensive line did great there. It was tremendous game and a tremendous effort. We needed everybody. We came in ready. We came in focused. We came in ready to play. I thought we played sharp and it's exciting to see. 

How special was it to celebrate with Pete?

It was awesome to see Coach Carroll in there. It's his 68th birthday. It looks like he's 38. He runs around like he's 28. Just to have him as our coach, as our leader in terms of how he brings it every day. His competitive nature. His consistency on a daily basis. I have a lot of respect for who he is as a person. Who he is as a coach, and what he's meant to this city, this football team throughout the years. To think about 100 wins with the Seattle Seahawks has been special. We were able to give him the football there. I was able to hand it to him in the locker room. Thinking about the 100th year and his 100th win for the Seattle Seahawks has been special. Bobby [Wagner] was like, 'Hey let's pour some water on him to get the guys hyped in the locker room.' That was pretty cool. It's exciting. This one meant a lot to him just because in the past he was saying we haven't played great here. To be able to come and get a great road win in a tough environment. I was telling somebody earlier, 'You know, Heinz Field is one of those places you always wanted to play when you're a young kid, and I have a lot of respect for this organization – Coach [Mike] Tomlin and Big Ben [Roethlisberger] as well. Hopefully he's okay. I talked to him for a little but afterwards. Just to be here and to get a huge win. Coming all the way to the east coast and flying back home we have a big game next week.

LB Bobby Wagner

How big is this win in this venue against this team?

It is a big win. Seeing how those guys played last week, we knew they were going to come out and play their best game. They came up with some trick plays that got us, but we felt like we came out and played humbly. We got a couple three and outs, got a good rhythm on the offense. We felt like we stopped them really well. There is stuff to clean up, but it is a road win, and those are hard to come by and we are very grateful for it.

When Roethlisberger went out of the game, how much did that improve your chances?

We felt like it was a good chance for us to win the game. We knew with the young guy [Mason Rudolph], they were going to try to establish the run a little bit more. They kind of went back to a traditional offense for them. Because Big Ben is able to make checks, I don't think the young guy would do. We had to have a different mindset, but we caught on pretty quick.  

What growth did you see from the opener to this win?

Just understanding what it is going to take to win a football game. We had our backs against the wall a couple times but did let that phase us. We came out there and really dominated the run game, which is something we pride ourselves on. We just have to clean up some of those trick plays and things like that. I am proud of how the guys played, I thought our young guys focused, the way we practiced. Now we just have to lock in and not let this win go to our heads.

What do you think on the sidelines when you see your offense go for it on fourth and one?

That they are going to get it. We have a lot of confidence in our offensive line. We have confidence in Chris Carson. We knew if they just got the ball, we would have a really good chance. We knew that either way if we had to go back on the field, we would get a stop. It is a win for us.  

Who led that charge and was it for the win or the birthday?

I think it was everything. The birthday, the 100 win, who he is as a coach, his energy. We just wanted to show that we were thinking about him and we understand how much work he puts in to help us kind of get to where we want to be. If you watch him and see that he is 68 years old, he doesn't look that one bit. He does not move around one bit. He doesn't act 68.  

How much confidence did you have in the offense and Russell Wilson when they had to go back out there with six minutes to go?

We had a lot of confidence. We pride ourselves on being positive no matter what is going on, no matter what is happening. We always feel like we can put our best foot forward at any point in the game. When they got out there, we knew they were going to run the ball and they were going to make the right plays that we need to, and Russell is going to do a great job. We always have the utmost confidence in our team.

TE Will Dissly

On playing two games after last year's knee injury

Yeah, it was a lot of hard work. I didn't do it by myself. My family was with me the whole time. Strength staff, David Stricklin, the head athletic trainer, oh shoot they worked their asses off. I can't be appreciative enough of them. The Seahawks organization taking a chance on me.

Does it make it more special a day like today, given what you've been through?

Yeah, I mean today was just a fun day for everyone. [Rashaad] Penny got in the endzone, DK [Metcalf] got in the endzone, the O-Line was doing their thing. We rushed for a lot of yards. Again, just grateful to be part of this team. I can't wait to continue on.

How did the offense change in the second half when you went to the quicker pass reading?

Yeah, I think we went a little bit up-tempo. It's something we can do, something we practice a lot. It's kind of just showed. Warmed down a little bit, and you saw the end of the game.

Happier with the offense this week?

Happy never satisfied for sure. We'll go back to work, and we have a good crew, the Saints, next week. We'll enjoy this one, fly back, and get back to work.

LT Duane Brown

On going to a quick passing game in the second half?

I think it just tired them out. They did a great job of getting the rush lanes and getting there early on in the first quarter. Got the ball out, the receivers did a great job of getting open quick and getting their heads around. Rushers did a great job of getting out on time and finding the right guys. We just took over. They got tired, they've got the big guys over there, it's hot out there. You could feel them kind of start to get tired and wear down, and that helped us out in the second half.

You've played here a few times, how hard is it to get a win here? 

It's tough, it's tough. I was telling the guys who've never played here, enjoy this moment. You know what I mean. No matter what part of the season, they have a good team, a really good defense, and it's always hard to win at Heinz Field, especially their first home game and go away with a win. It's a long flight back and to be able to win and really enjoy that flight back. It's a heck of a win for us.

On buckling down in the fourth quarter

I told the guys, give us everything you've got, let's get this first down right here and it's over. We dialed up, I was lined up on Cam Heyward, a big strong guy, I gave it all I had. Chris [Carson] did a great job, he's a big, strong back. We got his pads down and we got it and it was a good win?

RB Rashaad Penny

What'd you see on your runs?

You know, we've kind of seen that play on the first drive where i was in. The same exact play. I wanted that same result but didn't get it. So, I mean, alright this next drive I can do that. Fortunately, I got it, and then Russ [Wilson] with the block.

That was a pretty nice cut.

Yeah, I mean I have to thank my running back coach, we do a lot of ladders on Fridays.

Can you speak to what you guys did as an offense?

You know, still trying to stay penalty-free and just work on that. But other than that, I think we did a great job to just balance the tackle game. Russ [Wilson] did what he does, and the running backs get what we can. I like how we're trying to play a bigger role in the passing game because that opens up the running game for us. It's kind of [inaudible]. We're happy about what's happening.

Game action photos from the Seattle Seahawks' Week 2 matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers.