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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 27-23 Loss To The Falcons

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from Week 3 vs. Atlanta


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Pete Carroll

PETE CARROLL: Really disappointed that we weren't able to finish that game. A good football game that went back and forth. There was a lot of good things that happened in this game. Unfortunately, we didn't finish our last drive. In the league it's right there. That's how it works, the last drive, all so often. We played hard and tough the whole time. They played hard and tough the whole time. It was a good football game. There's things that we have to do better. We can't give up the rushing yards we're giving up. It's too much. I have a lot of respect for their run game because I have a lot of respect for the way they do it and 84. He was, I think, the difference today for them. Offensive side, we had a lot of plays. We converted on third down. We took care of the ball all the way to the last play. QB was on it. Geno had a really solid football game. Did a great job for us. Receivers came through and did their thing. We ran the ball a little bit like we like to. We like to do it better. There was just a lot of positive things that came out. The last drive wins, and we didn't get it. I didn't see the holding penalty on the big play. We were down on the 9-yard line, whatever. Just everything is going just like it's supposed to, and they saw something on us. But, I think we saw some real bright spots. I thought you saw us get better today, but it wasn't good enough for winning. That's what really counts. The only guy that got banged up was Travis Homer. He has some bruised ribs. It looks like something like that. Not broken, but some complications when he got hit pretty good.

Q. What was your take on the defense today? Seemed like there were a lot of long distance moments where they gave it up. What was happening?

PETE CARROLL: The third-and-19 rolled that way and everything, and we just have got to get our guys to understand the D-and-D. We would have rolled that way, and they're not supposed to be able to throw the corner in behind us, and we played it like it was third and five instead of playing third and 20. We don't sink and take away that deeper ball. Made just an error. That was one for sure, but there was a couple over the middle too. We contested, but they won on the third downs that we should win. We have to get off the field. We have to go sit down. I think we had a penalty on another one again.

Q. What changed your mind on the fourth down at the goal line?

PETE CARROLL: I don't really want to talk all about it because I don't want to tell anybody what I'm thinking there, but we were going for it, and that was the mentality, and then we got a little screwed up, and we needed time to talk about it. I was hoping we would not be in fourth and whatever that was, two and a half or whatever. I thought we were going to be in a better situation going for it. I was thinking about going for it possibly. Guys on the field weren't ready, so we had to call time-out.

Q. Play call got screwed up?

PETE CARROLL: No. They were a little out of whack on the field because of what happened on the play before. I'll leave it at that.

Q. These first three games, teams have had a lot of success running off tackle, and we found that again today. What do you see that is going on consistently preventing your team from setting the edge?

PETE CARROLL: We have to fit things up more accurately, more consistently. We just have to clean up the way it's happening there. The edge is part of outside stuff and everything up off tackle as well, and we're not hitting it like we have planned to. We have to clean that stuff up. It's the guys up front. It's the linebackers and the DBs all fitting together. We can't give up the space that we're giving up. It looks like it's too easy for them. It's something that we've been focusing on, but we haven't changed it yet. We need to get that done.

Q. Some of their big passing plays, especially in the first half, what did you feel like were the issues there?

PETE CARROLL: Well, they made a couple of plays. Pitts made the play on the sideline, and Josh is all over him. He took the ball off the top, and that was a nice one. Mariota made a couple of good throws for them. The big one was the third down and 19 that we gave it to them. That was a gimme, and so there's a couple of things in there that we can clean up, and sometimes they're going to make a play on you.

Q. Did you feel like some of the issues you've had on defense so far, not just in this game, but so far, are a product of installing a new scheme?

PETE CARROLL: Some of it is. I said that to you last week. It's newness. We have to clean things up and progress faster. There's no time. We have to get better now. We just have to just make sure that we're more accurate and more precise about the fits and the running game and then continue to work into the pressure situations. We rushed the passer. We had our sacks today, and we did it with some different calls, and those worked really well for us. We need to continue to get a rush going as well. That's part of it. It's really all aspects. There were some throws that they caught. There was some pass rush stuff we could have used and for sure the running game needs to improve. We just need to get better. We can see it. We know the answers. We can give them answers to the test, but we have to execute better.

Q. You talked about all week --

PETE CARROLL: I'm not just putting that on the players. The coaches, we all have to do it. Me too. We all have to do a better job and contribute to clean this thing up.

Q. You talked about the trust you have in Geno. The first half, was that what you have been seeing in practice?

PETE CARROLL: I thought he played really, really well. That's exactly what he has been looking like. That's exactly what I'm telling you. You can see him. He can do things right. He understands what's going on. He is in command of it. He has the arm to throw all of the throws that we're asking him to do. He is really poised about it. That's a heck of a football game today he threw. He is doing his part. There's a couple of plays in there too, like there always is. There's a couple of plays. It was that close of a game today.

Q. Seemed like the offensive line gave you a really good effort in the pass protection game today up until the last couple of drives. What did you see from them and how they've handled --

PETE CARROLL: I thought they played really well. It was solid. We had the running game early on that got us started. The play passes were there. Everything was fitting up nice. We had a lot of plays today. We converted really well on third down. We were able to run the ball in the short yardage as well. So, we did a lot of really positive things that those guys are doing. Late we got sacked a couple of times. Geno was just trying to make something happen, and he had to hang on to it a little bit. All in all, those guys did a really good job against these guys.

Q. Back to the running game. Kenneth Walker looked like you were getting him outside. Can you talk about that? And, also, what DeeJay Dallas did to replace when Travis Homer was injured?

PETE CARROLL: Well, first off, we've got to break Kenny in. He is still trying to get comfortable. He was a little jittery today because he is so excited and he is so competitive. He just needs the time out there. He just hasn't played very much. We're just going to keep forcing him to get really relaxed and comfortable out there. He is going to make a lot of things happen. He showed plenty of good stuff today. We could all see that. But, he went the wrong way on a play, and he had some other things he could be cleaner on. It's just getting him over the hump. He is going to be a big factor. Rashaad ran really well today, really hard and tough. Did a really good job for us. Those two guys, you can see it. About DeeJay coming in, he and Homer share that job on third down, so it's not any switch for us to go to him. They're a little bit different in style, but yet, they both know how to execute, and DeeJay did a nice job for us again in coming in.

Q. Was this the deeper down the field passing game you needed to stretch defenses?

PETE CARROLL: I think we saw that there's all kinds of stuff happening. We did all kinds of things today in the passing game. I thought it was really, really well-orchestrated. We threw for over 300; big completion percentage and a really good conversion rate. That was a really good look at us on third down today and coming through. Geno had to run one as well and all that, but he did his stuff, and the receivers came through. That's something we can really continue to build on.

Q. You talked about how much you like the tight end group. Was it good to see all three of them get involved?

PETE CARROLL: Everybody did something today. Diss had a nice play late on in the game. We saw a lot of good stuff from Colby today and Noah. That's it. Let's keep rolling those guys through and doing the things that they do well and keep counting on them.

Q. DK had to make a really good tough catches today. The touchdown being one of them. Just your thoughts on --

PETE CARROLL: He is just doing DK. That was a great touchdown catch and good hard catches and tough stuff. The ball he didn't catch that got away from him got tipped, we think. So, that's always makes it really hard to overcome that, but he has been really solid.

Q. What happened to Tyler when he went out for a little while?

PETE CARROLL: Got a little shoulder stinger kind of thing, something like that. He felt that he needed to just take a break. He was fine. He played great, again. He was everywhere. He did a great job for us.

Q. Nwosu and Brooks, they're okay?

PETE CARROLL: As far as I know, they're not on the injury list.

Q. What was your message to them after the game?

PETE CARROLL: How tough the league is. How tough it is every week and every game. They're so hard, and everything comes down to the end, and you have to finish it up. We just have to keep battling. These games are there for us. We know we're good enough to win these games, so we just have to play to the moment.

QB Geno Smith

Q. What was the difference, Geno, today with the offense kind of getting rolling a lot more than it had the last couple of weeks?

GENO SMITH: I think we just came out with a certain intensity and focus. We used some tempo. We got things going early. I think that helped us out. Overall, I think we executed better. We just did a better job.

Q. How tough that was last drive? You think you have a first down, and there's a flag and all of a sudden then it's second and 20.

GENO SMITH: It's very hard in that situation. Especially in the NFL. Being backed up, it's why it's critical not to have those mistakes. I'm not sure exactly what happened. I would have to go back and watch it, but we have got momentum, we're driving, and then have a setback like that. We still have to try to find ways to overcome it. Especially in that situation with the game on the line, we've got to figure it out.

Q. Also the last play, what did you see when you threw the ball?

GENO SMITH: It was fourth and I can't remember, probably 20-something or maybe 13 or something like that. Scrambling, trying to make a play. Trying to find a guy open. I happened to see Lock cutting across there. Tried to get it to him. May have been a touch too high, and that was it.

Q. What do you make of the decision? You guys kept the offense out on the field for the fourth and two play and then called a time-out. What was that?

GENO SMITH: We were just mixed up a little bit there. It was probably best to take the points, and we didn't want to just try and force it there, so we just took the time-out and kicked the field goal and gave ourselves a lead.

Q. What did you get mixed up over there?

GENO SMITH: I didn't get anything mixed up.

Q. The team. What got the players mixed up?

GENO SMITH: We just weren't ready to run that play at that time.

Q. Did you go for it after the time-out?

GENO SMITH: We made a decision to kick the field goal.

Q. The play before that, you threw down the sideline to DK there. Did you think you had a pretty good look, had a pretty good shot at that, obviously?

GENO SMITH: Which play? Sorry.

Q. The play before the fourth down. I think it was third and 2, and you threw it to DK down the sidelines.

GENO SMITH: I trusted my decision-making. Any decision I make, I feel good about it. Any time you throw it to DK, it's the right decision. We didn't make it happen today, and unfortunately, we didn't finish the game the way we like to.

Q. Did you call that one up the line, that particular one?

GENO SMITH: Which one?

Q. The third down to DK in the corner.

GENO SMITH: Yeah, we called that on the sideline. Coach called that one up.

Q. Geno, each one of your tight ends got involved. Talk about the tight ends and their involvement in your offense now.

GENO SMITH: The tight ends are, like I said before, we have a really good group, and those guys are going to continue to be involved. I think they help our offense not only stay balanced, but also be dynamic. They can block in the run game as well as get out and be pass catchers. I think the more that we continue to use those guys, I think the better we'll be.

Q. Other than the couple of sacks late, it was a pretty clean game for you in the pocket. How do you feel like your line played?

GENO SMITH: I feel like the line played a tremendous game. I think they played outstanding all game long. At one point I kept telling myself, we have to hit you up in the pocket. I was just standing back there because I have so much time and great protection. I think they did a great job again, and they're going to continue to get better, but I really was impressed with what they did today where.

Q. Did Atlanta surprise you dropping off so much in coverage, or was that what you had seen?

GENO SMITH: We've seen that all year. That's what we've seen, and that's what we're going to get. That's what we're going to get. I think today we had answers for it, and moving forward we have to continue to create more answers for it because I don't think teams are going to want to play us one-on-one.

Q. What allowed you to get some of the deeper passing plays?

GENO SMITH: The first thing is we stayed on schedule. We were able to stay on schedule. After getting the first down, when you get a first down on the drive, the percentage of scoring goes way up, so now you can take your shots and be a little bit more aggressive. Just after getting first downs and getting into a rhythm, coach called a great game. Shane was dialed in, man. He was just calling play after play, and we felt really good about him. They opened up, and we took our shots.

Q. Seemed like you went no-huddle a lot more than you had. What worked well doing that?

GENO SMITH: Just getting to the line of scrimmage and putting pressure on the defense to get their calls in and subs and stuff in. Playing fast, I think that helped us out a bunch. Guys were really in tune with the play calls and all the checks and stuff we made at the line of scrimmage. All the guys were locked in. When you have guys that we have who are extremely talented, but are also equally as smart, it allows for you to do that.

Q. End result is, obviously, not what you want, but offensively do you feel like there's a lot going forward out of this one?

GENO SMITH: Yes, certainly. I think we have a lot of things to build off, but the main thing is wins and losses. So, there are positives, also some negatives that we have to clean up. We have to get back to work. Just the same as if we would have won this game, we have to get back to work.

Q. What do you attribute the improved O-line play to? Is it as simple as not having to play Nick Bosa this week?

GENO SMITH: Could be. Nick Bosa is a great player, but I just think our guys played great today.

Q. Why didn't DK get more touches in the second half, do you think?

GENO SMITH: I can't say exactly why. I have to look at the film to give you a better answer. We're always trying to get him the ball. Teams are very mindful of him. He is a big dude out there. They have corners on him and safeties over the top and linebackers looking. You don't want to force the ball to a guy, but as you can see, it opened up our other guys as well.

Q. There was a pass sort of over the middle to him in the fourth quarter. Did that get tipped? Did you see it?

GENO SMITH: Yeah, yeah. The backer 54 did a great job. He tipped that pass. It was a play that we had worked on all week. Kind of wanted to hit that same area, and he just got a finger on it.

Q. What was Atlanta doing the in the second half that made the offense kind of struggle a little more to score points?

GENO SMITH: Nothing different. We just didn't score.

Q. Was this about the same amount of two-deep folks that you guys have been getting so far?

GENO SMITH: Teams are playing us a lot of two-high. When you have guys outside like DK and Tyler, you can expect that. They're great players, and like I said, I don't think teams want to play us one-on-one, truly want to play us one-on-one all game.

Q. The reliability of Tyler on third down and things like that, just talk about that and your comfortability to find him when you need those yards?

GENO SMITH: Tyler is great, man. The thing about Tyler is when teams are playing zone like that, he is the guy in the slot who is typically matched up on linebackers and guys who aren't defensive backs. He has an advantage in those areas. He is very smart at finding those open windows and those zones. That's a thing that kept us on schedule is him being able to do that and then when we did get one-on-one, you know, we took our shots when we had our chances. With Tyler being out there in the slot, he does a great job of getting open and finding windows, and he is a great player. It's great to have him.

Q. You guys are capable of executing when you are off schedule, third and longs. Why aren't those coming together, those third and whatever?

GENO SMITH: It's the NFL, and you can look at the statistics. I don't think a lot of teams make those. It's hard. It's the NFL. It's not high school. Whenever you are backed up behind the chains, it's going to be hard. That's why the importance of staying on schedule, not having penalties, not shooting yourself in the foot is very important. Any time you get behind the chains, it's hard on every team. Not just us. Every team is going to struggle with that. There are great guys on both sides of the ball. That's what the defense wants to do. They want to get you backed up so they can pass-rush and get you in those tough situations.

Q. Do you think the penalties on offense were the difference today?

GENO SMITH: I know the one we had down there when we were driving to win the game, I know that hurt us. Like I said, I have to watch it and see what happened, but we can't have that. We can't have that in those situations.

LB Uchenna Nwosu

(On what he was thinking when he saw the ball on the fumble) "I was thinking that we were going to win the game. Shoot, that was exactly what we needed, a turnover. I trust our offense to go down there and win the game. That's what I was thinking."

(On why Atlanta was having success moving the ball) "We beat ourselves today, honestly. They came in there, and it felt like they just did whatever they wanted to do, which is unacceptable. They were throwing the ball, whatever, they were running the ball, whatever. I remember a key play that I had, I forgot what part of the field it was, but they ran like a Y stretch and they cut it back. Me, I was playing the boot thing and they were trying something, and they gashed the ball for I think it was like 45 or 50 yards. It's little things like that that we have to clean up. I take full responsibility for that because if that doesn't happen then they have to drive the length of the field and it's tougher to score, and I just made it easier. That is a play on me that I just have to take one and go in there and correct and it can't happen again."

(On what made Cordarrelle Patterson successful rushing the ball today) "Like I just said, we beat ourselves. We weren't attention to detail. I feel like for the most part, we did a good job. Honestly, to be honest with you, I feel like, for the most part, we did a good job. It was just those two long runs at the end of the game, really, that really put them over the edge. I feel like they only had 70 or 80 yards of rushing going into those two plays. Take away 80 yards, it's about 70 yards rushing, 80 yards rushing. We beat ourselves. We have to be more attention to detail going into next week."

TE Will Dissly

(On what was going well offensively in the first half) "We were in a really, good groove, running the football, spreading the ball out. You have to give credit to the O-Line for getting [stuff] done early. And then, Geno (Smith) was hitting his spots. He played a really good game and guys responded."

(On why the offense has had trouble in the second half of games) "I don't think it's anything we're doing particular. That second half went by really quick. We had two really long possessions, so not a lot of opportunities to get back to the red zone. We'll take a look, see what happens. I know there was a mishap in the fourth quarter that kind of pushed us back. We'll get better. We'll go look at the film and correct it and move forward."

(On his touchdown play) "It was a good play by Geno, a good ball. He threw it right on time, and I was happy to give an O-lineman the ball so he could spike it."

(On sharing the field with another Montana person, Troy Andersen) "That was special. He was a second-round draft pick, going and playing, living his dream. He's the best thing coming out of Montana, so I'm happy for him. I hope for a lot of success for that kid, and he's going to be a star."

(On the message for the team coming off a tough loss like this) "Stick together. I think everyone in Seattle knows what kind of talent we have in this locker room. The fans saw it today, we put up a lot of points, and the defense made some crucial plays. If we keep believing in ourselves, we're going to be just fine. As we keep going, keep learning, keep growing, sticking together, we're going to play really good football down the stretch."

(On the sequence late where the decision was made to kick a field goal on fourth down and whether there was a mix-up) "I'm not sure. We called time out, and sent the PAT unit on to secure points. Jason Myers made the kick, did his job, so not sure."

TE Colby Parkinson

(On what they saw in the first half when the ball was moving around) "I mean we definitely got it going early on. Just got Rashaad (Penny) going which is great and that really opens up the rest of our offense."

(On how he got open on his long pass reception) "We set it up all week and we were working on it. Some things that we did in the past few games really set it up and it's pretty fun. We all got going like that on that drive."

(On what he can take from today and apply to next week) "I just think the production. Our offense played really well today and I think once we put it all together offensively and defensively, we are going to be really special."

LB Jordyn Brooks

(On mental mistakes) "I have to watch the film to see exactly what happened. Whether it's someone not being in their gap, not getting off a block, or whatever it is. They had a couple of runs when they got out, which gave them a lot of their yardage today. Other than that, we stuffed them all game. It's about eliminating explosives in the run game, and we'll be fine."

(On youth of the defense) "No, I don't think it's youth. It's just everybody learning to play together in this new system. We're going to be great, but it takes time. You have to go through these things early, so when it gets to the end of the season, we've made all the mistakes we needed to make. I'm not worried about anything, I'm not panicking about anything, I'm actually in a good spirit right now because I know we're going to be alright, just need to keep working on the little stuff and keep going."

(On if he sees greatness in the defense) "Absolutely. We've got dogs from the top-down. It takes time to build chemistry with guys to get accustomed to this new system and how teams want to attack us. You don't really get that in OTA's and training camp because you're going against our offense. It takes time, the season is young, I think we're going to be alright."

WR Marquise Goodwin

(On the success of the passing game) "It was Geno (Smith) being efficient, making good decisions with the ball, and just getting good completions with everybody."

(On if they lost balance on offense in the second half) "No, it's not about what we felt. Obviously, people watching the game saw what happened. We just didn't execute down to when the clock went down to 0:00. Obviously, we have a lot of areas to get better in, and I look forward to next week."

(On having a chance to win the game at the end) "It was very encouraging. Obviously, we would love to win and not think we can win or look like we can win. We have to move forward, have a short memory, get back in the classroom, and get ready for next week."

SS Josh Jones

(On what the defense needs to fix) "Run fits, gap responsibilities, and pursuit. I feel like those are the big things."

(On how he feels about the defense three games in) "How do you think? We have to do better. That's what it is, extremely disappointing. It's not how we wanted to start the season off."

(On the 3rd down defense) "We just have to get off of the field. It isn't about the other team."

DE Quinton Jefferson

(On if he notices a difference in the team in his second stint with the franchise) "I just know that we are at a crossroads right now. We need to get it together, that's the biggest thing. Everybody needs to be accountable and go through the film and fix it. I think that's the biggest thing, being disciplined, do your job, and trust your brothers. You have to trust that your brother is going to do their job. Again, we have a lot of football left, so we have to get it together. We get paid to play defense, so we need to do that. It's really just minor things. If you look at that second half, before those explosive runs, they only had like seven yards rushing. They are a running team, two plays can change the course of a game. We have to eliminate those. Even like I said, when we start to get rolling, we will have penalties. We can't do that. We have to get off of the field on 3rd down, don't shoot ourselves in the foot, and get stuff rolling. It's minor things. You are playing against good teams week-in and week-out, and you can't play against a team and play against yourself. It's hard to win in this league, the margin of victory is like three points. You have to do right."

(On the drive after the Seahawks took a 23-20 lead) "We have to get a stop. Again, like I said, there were those two plays, you can't give up explosives. Explosives kills you. We had them on their side of the field, so we have to keep them down there and give our offense the ball back. We have to get off of the field, find a way."

(On if he agrees with Quandre Diggs that the defense needs to be more physical) "From his perspective, it's physicality, but also being mentally tough. Do your job longer, that's what it was. They were like, 'We are going to run this stretch because we know that at some point somebody is going to make a mistake,' and it happened. We have to be disciplined."

(On if having young players get playing time is playing a factor in the struggles on defense) "We have a lot of young guys playing, but that's no excuse. You are a professional and you are expected to perform. We have to go out there and perform, or guess what, we are going to lose."

CB Coby Bryant

(On break downs in coverage) "It was the lack of communication and focusing on our own job. We can't do other people's jobs, we have to do our one percent and do our jobs."

(On if he is feeling more comfortable as he is getting more experience) "Definitely. That's the goal each week, to progress, get better, and get comfortable. Now I'm starting to get comfortable and going out there and playing fast."

(On the struggles in stopping the run) "Like I said, we have to do our own job. I can't speak for anybody else, I can focus on what I need to get better on, be a great teammate, and get better overall."

WR Tyler Lockett

(On how freely the offense played today) "I think we did a great job. I think we took advantage of what they gave us, the run game was real dominant, and the pass game was pretty dominant. They played a lot of zone so it was great being able to run, find the open holes, and be able to keep the drives alive. I was looking at the screen and our time of possession was like 27 minutes. Everyone did a great job at being able to control the clock. The biggest thing is that it's always about scoring points and it's good being able to get field goals. But now as we continue to build and get better as an offense, if we can score touchdowns that would help us out a lot."

(On the offense not scoring a touchdown in the third and fourth quarter) "I think for us, we did a great job. We did a great job, we're calling great plays, we just have to be able to finish and execute. At the end of the day, we are scoring points which is good. In games like this, we have to make sure that as points are being scored we want to make sure those points are touchdowns and not field goals all the time. We ended up kicking a field goal, they ended up going down to score. If we were able to score on that side it would have been tied up and it would have been a whole different ball game."

(On the identity of the offense) "I think our identity could really be anything based off of each week. I think we did a great job of being able to run the ball. We'll see what we can do when we all are able to make our blocks and execute. We've got terrific backs who can make plays and make multiple people miss. We just need them to make one miss, but they can make two, three, or four people miss. We have to be able to execute and be able to get them open. I think we did a great job at clicking on all cylinders. The biggest thing was in this type of game, you want more touchdowns than field goals."

RT Abraham Lucas

(On what has caught him by surprise) "I don't know if anything has been a surprise. It's more like – it is a job now and going from college to now. I used to be in school, but now no classes. And the football operations building is essentially my office, that's how I view it. I go in, sit at my desk and I study what's on my screen and then go out to practice every single day. That's not a surprise, but the biggest adjustment."

(On taking care of his body in college vs. NFL) "I mean yeah there is an emphasis on it (in college), but in this league there is way more of an emphasis on it. As dehumanizing as it may sound, your body is your product, and you have to take care of your product to make sure that your product is worth something for years down the road. Just staying active with treatments and such."

(On offensive production) "I think we did some good things. I mean, every single game there's going to be stuff to improve on. I think we did a pretty decent job in the run game; I don't know how many yards rushing we had, but I know that we had really good moments of running to show that we can run the ball. I think the biggest thing for us, at least on the offensive side of the ball, is really that the offensive line is overlooked, I guess is the word, because it's not a glamorous position but we kind of lead the offense. The offense follows us, and we protect Geno (Smith) and whoever else is in the backfield. Just being able to keep that identity going."

The Seahawks take on the San Francisco 49ers in Week 2 for their first road matchup of the 2022 Season.

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