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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 26-23 Win Over The 49ers

Interviews, transcripts and press conferences from Seattle's Week 17 game vs. San Francisco.


Opening comments:

"Really, really thankful for this football season for our team to get all the way to 12 and all that, to finish really with four straight wins which is something that doesn't happen very often, and we're real proud of just the way we finished. To get it done, it was hard. So this was a difficult day for us. We didn't play the way we wanted to on offense early on. Defense played great for a long time and then we let them get out on a couple big plays and they did some nice stuff. Their best player came through and made some great plays for them. But all in all when it came down to it, we had to win in the fourth quarter and our guys did and that's what it took to finish this 2020 in the regular season, it's what it took to finish this four-game stretch that we were pointing to. We wanted to win four games and know what that's like moving forward. And we wanted to always see our guys come through and outlast the other guys and find a way to win a football game, even if it goes down to the last second. We did a lot of cool things there. I think it was a really fantastic day for our receiving crew for Tyler Lockett to have his numbers, and he didn't even come close. He had to get seven for a record and he got 12 catches today. Had a fantastic day. Two great touchdown passes for us and just beautiful catches and just a beautiful season he had all throughout, and everybody should -- it's almost quietly, because he's just so consistently good, but he had a fantastic year and he's had a great year, and really proud for that. Also DK set a record today, too. That was the 100 catches that Tyler and then DK set a record for yards and whenever you're messing around with Steve Largent and a great one like that and you can eclipse some numbers, it's a fantastic accomplishment in his second year as a receiver. Really exciting. Two 1,000-yard guys in that room, too. Fantastic. Great seasons and they deserve all the credit for that. The reason we won today, we didn't turn the ball over, again, that's how you do it. We're 12-0 this year when we're plus or even and that's a fantastic statement about taking care of the football and to get through another game and not give it up makes all the difference in winning and losing. So we wound up plus one for the day, great sack, caused a fumble. That is such an important part of our football game and always has been and always will be and look at the games we didn't win, crazy. Really fired that up we continue to be a finishing club and that we're finding ways to do it. We can match-up our numbers at the end of the season with anybody. It's something that's in the blood around here and I'm really proud of that. Finishing strong is always something that we love and here we go, here comes playoff time. The start to this finish begins this next weekend."

On Jamal Adams' injury status:

"He hurt his shoulder and he was just so disappointed, more dejected about the fact he got banged up, I think it was on a pass rush and we'll see what happens. We'll see what that means for next week. I can't tell you. The early stuff from the trainers is that he'll play next week but we'll have to see how he does get through the week."

On Jarran Reed's injury status:

"He had an oblique strain that happened in early, middle of the game, and he went back in with it and played with it, pretty sore coming out, though. So have to see what that means. I don't have any forecast there."

And Rashaad Penny's status:

"He cramped up. So he's fine."

On if Jamal Adams injured the same shoulder that he injured earlier:

"No. It's the other one. Other shoulder."

On what he makes of Russell Wilson's day:

"Great finish. We didn't get going. We couldn't get going early on. Such a slow start for us. But as he did last week, again, he had a great fourth quarter. Led the touchdown drives, throwing and running. Great plays. Great resolve through the whole thing to get it done. It's what you count on from him because he's the real deal and he can do it and he did it again."

On what he was seeing on offense when they were scuffling and what flipped the last couple drives:

"We couldn't start converting and we ran the ball better in the second half. We didn't run the ball very well early on. I don't know what our numbers were but just getting the mix, it's a really good defense, again, I know they are banged up but still they have been playing everybody tough. They have been hard. The defenses in this division are legit, including ours. It's a challenge every week. This is how it is."

On how important it was late in the game trying to come back that they got some pivotal carries from Alex Collins:

"Yeah, thanks for bringing it up. What a great finish he had. That touchdown run was sweet. He knocked out some yards when we needed it in great fashion. Whenever Alex gets his chance he does stuff and he's a good football player and we're really lucky to have him. It was a great finish for him."

On Russell Wilson's deep ball accuracy in the first three quarters:

"He threw a couple balls away and a couple scramble situations where we kind of weren't going the same way on the same page, which happens sometimes. You know, they are all different plays. They weren't like just throwing go balls and we weren't hitting them. Everyone was a little bit different in its own way, and he had to hurry on a couple of them, and the one to Noehy (ph) down in the corner, we were really excited about that play. He just had to get that ball up and down because of the rush. So we just didn't hookup on it."

On what started clicking offensively and if it is as simple as converting third downs:

"I don't know, the games looked to me like there's a patience to it that nobody wants to see but we are feeling okay about it. We just have to make sure we come out of it and we get the points we need to win. I thought the defense played really good today throughout, and we got in that two-minute mode there and we played it too -- we gave too much to them and let them get down the field. It kind of distorts what happened in the game by those guys, and we just need to keep playing often. It's a little frustrating. You guys, you're wondering about it but I'm not worried about it. We are going to keep playing and try to play really good football, not give it to them and play championship ball and see how far that takes us."

On how the addition of Carlos Dunlap II has helped Benson Mayowa and how much he saw that tonight:

"Yeah, it really has. It's enhanced the whole group. And we've gone three sacks, three sacks, three sacks, what it seems like the last month or something like that. That's real consistency and I think since the (7th) game, we've been the highest sack team in the NFL and you can see it. We've got four-man rush. It's exciting to see it continue to show up in the games. I do think it all fits together and Carlos is a force on the other side. He's right in the mug of the right hand of quarterbacks they can feel it." 

On what Benson Mayowa, getting two sacks and the fumble, up to six sacks this year, has meant to the team:

"Wish we just would have had him all year. He missed some time with us. He's a really savvy football player. He has good stuff good, moves and things and you just need to give him his turns. He's just been a real good, positive addition and we've been really lucky to have him."

On if he was aiming to preserve RB Chris Carson a little bit and give Rashaad Penny a chance:

"Well, we wanted Penny to play more and we just wanted to get him going. Obviously, we did because he cramped up; he needs the work. But whether we had Carlos or whether, you know, we had Alex, we knew that we were okay there and so Chris had a couple things that happened during the game that just needed a break and all that. So we just looked after him through the game and we were happy to play Rashaad. We wanted to see him play. And then Alex wrapped it up."

On Chris Carson picking up the blitz on the go ahead touchdown and if that is an overlooked aspect of his game:

"Yeah, I didn't see that, so I really can't comment. But I know Chris is a stud blocker. He steps in whenever he has to and I know everybody is fired up about the protection. I just didn't see it myself so I can't tell you. Yeah, you can count on Chris. He gives it up where he needs to and he's been very, very consistent."

On if this is where he wants the defense to be going into the playoffs:

"I'm thrilled about the fact that we've just continued to crescendo. We have continued to play solid football and keep the points down. I'm ready to play anybody, doesn't matter who we play. And whatever it is, it is, and our guys are going to ball and do a nice job. They are really excited about where they are and where they came from and to be out of that mess. We feel like we're just getting rolling. I'm really fired up for Bobby and K.J. and the guys that have been around playing, to see the turn, because those guys really led the turn and it's great that it happened."

On how much not being worried about the offense is just due to the fact that over time in the second half of the season, offenses in general seem to cool down:

"Offenses, or the defense is improving. What we have witnessed newer own team, we have seen us get so much better on defense and look, we went right through our division near the end and Washington was really loaded up, too. It's been hard. It's just been really challenging. We have worked really hard to not get desperate and not take shots where we don't need to try to force the issue and make sure that we did the things that you need to do to win and that's continuing to find the balance that we need, and also take care of the football. These teams, they are explosive seems and they will take the ball off you in a heartbeat if you give them a chance. Russ did a fantastic job of not letting that happen."

On maybe giving Russell Wilson a shot to take more calculated risks because of how much offenses cool down and how much defenses pick it up:

"I don't want to comment too much about that at this point because everybody is going to try to figure out how to beat us now. We've just got to hit them when we get our chances and continue to keep working it. We're always looking. We're always hunting. This is an explosive mentality in this program and when it doesn't happen, we get frustrated, too, because we want it to happen that way. We're just trying to win the games. We tried to finish the season winning four games in a row and get that knocked out and see where that takes us. I'm really excited about going forward. I'm not worried about whatever you guys are worried about and all that. They got to play us and we got to do stuff and they got to stop us in the fourth quarter and he's been pretty dynamic then."

On what was it like to see DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett get records today and what it means to have both of them come through like they did:

"That was awesome. I think that they've both had great seasons. They've been unbelievable for us. Tyler getting a 100 catches was really special today and having the 100th one be the touchdown was really cool. He was great all day. DK has had an unbelievable year. He's just continued to build, continued to grow. The whole receiving crew has been special and it starts definitely with those two guys and how they've gone about the business every day."

On why they called the play for David Moore at the end of the game:

"We called that play because David had a $100,000 on the line if he got that catch. It's a blessing to be able to help his family, his daughter and all that stuff. It's a part of the game. We wanted to get him that catch and we were able to dial that up for him on that last play."

On struggling out of the gates two weeks in a row and if that is concerning:

"I think the first quarter we were moving the ball well, we just didn't get a chance to score in the end zone down there. They did some good stuff down there at the end. But really the second and third quarter is where we got stagnant a little bit. They did some good stuff and they stopped on third down. They had the ball for a while too and on a couple of those drives we were three and out. I think when you're playing a division team with a great system and scheme, you've got to be able to find ways to convert in the fourth quarter. We had to figure out a way to go win the game. They've been playing really good football the past several weeks as we've, as we've seen. For us we had to step up in the fourth quarter and find a way to win the game. That's the great thing about this game. I've said this several times, but I think to be able to win in all different fashions is really key and has always been the key. Obviously, we want to start great and we know how we can do that as well. But you also have be able to win the games close because that's what playoff football is like. When all the nerves and the feelings and the tension comes out we can use that to catapult us for the playoffs and use those moments to tap back into that play. The playoffs aren't always high scoring, sometimes they are sometimes they're not. You've just got to go out there and win the game. That's what really matters in the fourth quarter when the game was on the line, we had to go win the game and when we did."

On what in the offense he'd like to see be more sharp in the playoffs:

"I think we've got to get to those more explosive plays here and there. I think anytime you get those explosive plays, that definitely helps out. I think we've got to get to some of those calls and get to some of those moments if we can. I think all that matters in the playoffs is do you win the game or not? Whatever it is, that's really what we care about in this locker room, just winning the game. We were able to get those explosive plays and some of those explosive runs in the fourth quarter when the game was on the line and we were able to convert and make some big time catches. Tyler made some big time catches and scrambled a few times. Tyler came across the field in the other one and we've hit that first touchdown to Tyler in that tight window before, and did a good job of scrambling, got away from the guy and stayed alive. Those things are going to happen and I think that would be continually great to see throughout the playoffs."

On how much more complete this team feels with the defense playing the way it is and special teams where it's been all year:

"I think this season just of life has been a journey. It's been crazy in so many different ways and we cannot take for granted having 12 wins and finding ways to win. I go back to the first five, six games or whatever it was, and how we had to win those games at the end of the game. Those high scoring and with the back and forth, just doing all the things that we needed to do, throwing the ball deep, mixing it up, just being explosive in our passing and all the things we had to do. And when we had to win the games in the last second in the game, thinking about the Minnesota game, thinking about how our defense stopped them against the Patriots down the end and all those moments. Our defense has just continued to grow and continue to build and they've been one of the best defenses in the national football league. So that's the exciting part. Then the offense as well, we know what we're capable of and we know what we can do, especially when everybody's healthy and everything else. They played a really good game today. They did a really good job and they played hard. Unfortunately we weren't able to convert some of those third downs. We were a yard short here, or a half six inches short there, whatever it may be on a couple of those third down conversions early on. But it's a process. I think I've told you all this earlier in the year, but the reality is every game has its own history. And you have to find ways to win when the game is on the line. Can you make the shot? Can you make the throw? Can you make the catch? Can you make the play? Can you make the run? Can you make the tackle? And today we were able to do that again."

On the downfield accuracy being off a little bit in the first three quarters:

"I wouldn't say it was off. I had to throw a couple balls away because they were right there. Unfortunately we weren't able to make those. I don't think we have to worry about the deep ball accuracy. I think we know how to do that pretty well. I think the biggest thing is sometimes you've got to throw it away and just live for another day. I think that was most of them on those plays."

On the last touchdown to Tyler Lockett on fourth down:

"Everybody was kind of just crossing and try to make it really difficult. [RB] Chris Carson did a great job stepping up and blocking [49ers LB] Fred [Warner]. He's been a great blitzer all year. Chris Carson stoned him in the backfield and that was key. I just kept retreating and then Tyler scooted across the field and made another great catch. I just tried to put it in a spot where only he could get it and get his feet in and everything else, and he was able to do it. That was a great play call and a great play by Tyler."

On how to balance explosive plays with opponents who are seemingly wanting to try to take that away the last half of the season or so:

"I think the biggest balancing act is more so taking our shots, but also running it and mixing it in and doing all that stuff. We've got great players across the field. So we want to be to get the ball to Chris Carson and be able to let him run it too and be physical. And with our backs and what they can do. And then you also want to be able to get the ball to our receivers with all the things they can do. They, they had some good past rushes. They did some good stuff today. They mixed up some good things. I think our line kept battling. And in the fourth quarter they did a great job of slowing those guys down up front and we were able to capitalize when we needed to. I think the biggest thing is just staying focused on the process this week. We've got a great process coming up we've got a great challenge ahead of us. The great thing is we get to go back home and the team that we've got to play in the Rams is going to be a really good football team and they're going to be ready to play again and we know that, so we've got to get ready to roll."

On moving ahead of former Miami Dolphins QB Dan Marino for most touchdowns in a QB's first nine years:

"I think the most important stat is winning and all the wins we've been able to do. To get to 12 wins again, and hopefully go into this playoffs and see if we can win four games again, one at a time, I think that's the most insignificant thing. It's been a blessing obviously to have receivers that break records like Tyler and DK and those guys. But I think as a quarterback the most important stat is in the win column and can you score touchdowns? Can you find ways of getting the ball into the end zone? And I think over the past nine years, I've definitely be fortunate to be able to do that. To be mentioned in the same categories, obviously with Peyton. Peyton's a guy I've always looked up to and someone I've been close to in the past several years. And Dan Marino is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. I think it's definitely a blessing. I think those stats matter, touchdowns do matter. It's definitely one of those things that is significant and we've been able to get a lot of them. So you can't take those touchdowns for granted."

On when he became aware that David Moore had the incentive on the line and how that conversation went:

"I knew earlier in the week a little bit to be honest with you. I kept it low key. I just kind of knew in the back of my head. Then as the game was going on, Tyler was making all the catches and DK was making a few here and there. I tried to give one to him earlier, but they had covered it. Then it was the last drive and we got the ball back and we were in the huddle. I said 'hold on, let's get this call here.' We were able to do that. [Quarterback coach] Austin [Davis] and I were talking about on the sideline too. So we were able to get that in and he got that catch, so it's pretty cool. It's a blessing and he's worked so hard this year, he definitely earned it."

On if he changed the call in the huddle:

"Yeah, we talked about it. We were going to kneel it and then we ended up changing it. Austin and I we were talking and we had talked on the sideline earlier about trying to find a way to get it done. Austin actually said let's just get it done here. So then we ended up calling it and I said, 'Dave, you're going to get the ball right here' and I kind of winked at him. So that was pretty cool."

The best photos from Week 17's Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers game at State Farm Stadium in Arizona. Fueled by Nesquik.

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