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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 25-24 Loss To The Bears

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from Seattle vs. Chicago.


Including postgame quotes from the following:


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PETE CARROLL: That was about as disappointing a loss as we've had. We were in control in so many ways to win it and put it away, and we just never did and let them stay alive, and they found a way to make their plays, and we had to do some stuff to give them that opportunity, and they took advantage of it, and give them credit. They've been struggling all year too, and it's a big win for those guys. I feel like I have to do more. I feel at a time like this, I feel like I've got to find ways to help our guys more so we don't get in a situation where we can give them a chance. That's what I'm doing. I'm going to try to figure out how I can help and get us cleaner right down the stretch and win a football game and not give something up and the penalties that we did and all that kind of stuff. We have things we can do better. We have to do better. I'm asking them to do the same thing.

Q. Finishing as always been a point of pride for you and your team. There's been a lot of close games that haven't gone your way. Are you seeing any recurring theme? 

PETE CARROLL: Well, there are some occurrence of themes in that the time of possession happened again, third downs happened again. We did a lot of really good things. We ran the football really well today. We protected well today, and did some good things, but the fact that they get more first downs than us and it's 38-20 something, or whatever it was in the time of possession, that's been pretty constant, and that's not a good way to be playing. I liked our balance that we were able to run the ball and mix it. We had a couple of good touchdown passes, but we still came out 3 out of 10 on third down again, which that's just not good enough execution. We've got to be better there. When you look at the other side of it, we went back to the old ways. We were 7 out of 14. We've been so much better than that throughout most of the year, and then to come back to that really pissed me off because that's not the way we want to play.

Q. Eight minutes to go, third and four, down in the end zone there. Russell takes a 13-yard sack. You miss a field goal. Seems like everything went off the rails there for you. Your thoughts through that whole sequence?

PETE CARROLL: That's a situation right there that did give them a chance to shift it and the momentum of it. In that situation that third down in field goal range to go up by ten, we've got to get rid of the football. We can't take a sack there, and we need to look at what happened on that play. Again, that's what I'm talking about. I've got to get that done. I've got to get them to execute that way. I've got to get Russ to pull that off. I've got to get the coaches to make sure we reminded him well enough so that didn't happen. You sail out it out of the end zone right there, kick the field goal. 

Q. The play was from the 8.

PETE CARROLL: 8 yard line. So it was as short as you can get on the field goal. That's as makeable as can be, and then we've got to hit the field goal too. That's part of the thinking and mentality that we practice that stuff all the time, and we just didn't do that. There was a clear situation where we gave them an opportunity to get some momentum from us.

Q. Beside the third down, what did you feel like the defensive issues were in the second half?

PETE CARROLL: Well, they did a couple of things. They didn't run the ball at all in the first half, and then they got a couple of runs going on us on a couple of nice little plays that they ran. That was the difference that they did run the ball a little bit. I think they ran for 20 yards or 22 yards or something in the first half. We didn't want that to happen. When we went be into the third quarter trying to make sure we didn't give up any running game and let them them get any momentum to get back where they could balance out their stuff, and we didn't pull that together. That was the intent as we we went on the field in the third quarter, and we didn't execute well enough for get that done.

Q. Your passing game in the second half, DK got involved a lot early and not so much kind of as the game wore on. Were they doing some things, or what was -- on offense.

PETE CARROLL: Wasn't good enough. Wasn't good enough.

Q. You mentioned the running game. For Rashaad to not just put up these numbers, but it was four games in a row of having a pretty big workload. Just for him to be out there week after week, what does that show you?

PETE CARROLL: There's no doubt he is a factor. He looked like big-time running the football today, and he busted a number of different types of runs and hit some different style runs that were great to see him break tackles and get out, and that's a ton of yards for him to get in that game. I don't know if it was seven yards a carry or something like that, whatever it was. It's really great to have him back. He is legit.

Q. Talk to me about that 32-yard run by Penny. Gets you down to the 8. I don't know if you know this. He came off the field. Do you know what the reason for that was? Was he just tired? The drive stalled after he came out.

PETE CARROLL: I think he was gassed after the run. I was hollering at him too, but he needed to come out.

Q. You were hollering at him --

PETE CARROLL: Yes, I was trying to get him to go back in, but he had something. I didn't ask him what it was.

Q. How did you feel like John Reid handled stepping up to the cornerback spot?

PETE CARROLL: John was surviving tonight, and they gave him plenty of work. They did the right thing. At the end they were going on John, and we had zone on them. We kind of knew what was coming, but Jimmy made a nice play, and you've got to give him credit. Great throw, too.

Q. Are you surprised --

PETE CARROLL: Was the guy inbounds on the extra point?

Q. (Inaudible)

PETE CARROLL: I can never see it.

Q. Are you surprised they haven't responded either to you or to the situations or you say --

PETE CARROLL: I'm taking it the other way. Gregg, I'm taking it like I need to do better. I'm not calling players for not responding. I have to respond better. I've got to do more for them and help them more so. Maybe that's coach's ego or whatever, but I don't mind holding myself to that kind of accountability, and I've just got to find a way, and I'm expecting our other coaches and the players to do the same thing where everybody gives it everything they have to give us every shot to be as good as we can possibly be, and it starts with me.

Q. Is that in preparation or during game or --

PETE CARROLL: I'm going across the whole. I have to do better. I can't let that happen. I don't even recognize games like this. I don't even know what to tell you.

Q. I know they were on a short week as well. On the short week, how did you guys feel? Like you were physically --

PETE CARROLL: No factor. No factor. I think we made it out. I don't have a name for you, so we were very fortunate. That's where you can see coming back early, the guys make it and get banged up. We got out of here pretty clean, I think, for the most part.

Q. Thoughts on Carlos Dunlap? He has five sacks in five days right now.

PETE CARROLL: He has just turned it up. The play is similar. It's all power. He is rushing with great power, and he is finding his ways to break the pocket down regardless of what side he is on or who he is going against. It's a fantastic surge by him here late in the season.

Q. Rasheem Green has had a really strong finish here, too. Five quarterback hits and two sacks today.

PETE CARROLL: Yeah, it's great to see. He has had such a good year in so many ways, but consistently we move him all over the place. He plays everywhere. He has taken to all of the roles that we've given him. You can see, if you remember, when Carlos got going a year ago, other guys also picked up. Our pass rush really shifted, and I think they're feeding off of one another like good pass rush does. The last couple of weeks these guys were really going.

Q. Has Rashaad Penny put himself back in plans for next year the way he has played this past month?

PETE CARROLL: I don't think he was ever out of plans. We were just trying to get him back. I don't know what you mean by that, Gregg.

Q. I just mean his contract is ending after this year.

PETE CARROLL: I don't even know where we are in that. He looks really good. He looks really good playing ball, and we need him on our team.

Q. Jason Myers has missed a few kicks, I guess, the last --

PETE CARROLL: Yeah, I don't know, man. I don't know why that's happened a couple of times this season that Jay hasn't hit his stuff. He is a fantastic athlete and a great competitor and a great worker and all of that. It's too bad. We should have made -- that should have been from the 25 yard line, whatever that was, that field goal. He still should make those. He makes them in his freaking sleep. He is really, really good, so it's unfortunate.

Q. At the end of the half you guys got the stop and chose not to use a time-out there.

PETE CARROLL: I know you were going to ask about that one. There's a debates there on how you want to do it. Do you want to use your time-out and save as many seconds on the clock in that regard or have the time-outs in our back pocket so we can dictate how we manage the drive? We chose to do it that way. We often do that. That's to give us those time-outs that are so precious when you need them right down the stretch there, and we just decided to go that way. You could blow the time-outs and get 1:50, but then you can't stoop the clock either. That's the way we've chosen to do it. It's just a different way of looking at it. It's not like we didn't think of it, just so you know.

Q. You had a fourth down at their 43 at the end of the third quarter. Did you think about going for that one at all? You punted it in, and they --

Q. Fourth and four.

PETE CARROLL: Yeah, we did talk about that. We went through the whole thing and decided to kick them deep and play defense.

Q. You may have been asked this already, but preparing for Foles when you hadn't seen him start a game, was that any sort of factor not having seen any film on him?

PETE CARROLL: He kind of did what Nick does. He makes plays, and he came through for them. He was under duress. We were rushing well. We had coverage on guys, but when it came down to it, he has been a playmaker throughout his career, and he did it today. The throw to Jimmy and the throw on the two-point conversion was ridiculously perfect. He did it. We had guys around him when it happened, too. Got to give him credit. That's not a surprise that Nick makes plays like that. He has been doing it, and I was worried about the fact that he was coming in the game when we got that just knowing and having respect for the game that he has always been able to present. He has always come through in a lot of difficulty situations. Give him credit.

Q. Do you feel like you guys need to rebuild after this season?

PETE CARROLL: I don't know. I can't -- we're just going through this week. That's all we're doing. We're talking about this week.

Q. At this point when you see the games with the time of possession ending up where they are on a week in, week out basis. I think it's 38 to 22 this week. How puzzling does that end up being to you?

PETE CARROLL: It's really easy to see. It's just third downs. That's how it goes. You give them another drive when you don't get off the field, and I think we had at least one penalty on third down that gave them a first down, but that's what that is telling you. They get restarted. It's almost like a turnover in a sense. They get to go again. Particularly when you have chances to get off because we had some plays to be made when we made the tackle and get off the field. They kick the football, and they did a nice job of getting to the sticks, and there were three of those I think in the game, and that's the difference. Those three plays. And those three plays they go sit down and instead the clock rolls again, and they get four, five more minutes, and that's how you do it.

Q. You opened it saying there was as disappointing a loss as you have had. Why do you feel that way?

PETE CARROLL: Just because it was just our game to be had. It was our game to be had. We had the opportunity to win this football game and didn't do it.

Q. Do you feel like before this game you guys were all but eliminated from playoff contention -- do you feel like the engagement and the effort is there from the players at this point of the season?

PETE CARROLL: Yeah. Absolutely. Look how hard they played. They played hard the whole time, and we're clawing to get a win the whole time.

Q. Whey weren't Alex and Kerry active today? Alex Collins, Kerry? They're off the COVID list. Are they injured?

PETE CARROLL: Kerry wasn't ready. He wasn't ready to play. He wasn't physically ready to play even though he came back. He tried to work out yesterday, and he didn't feel right to play, so that was not really a choice. Then Alex, he just got back, and we just need to make sure that he is back all the way. It's a combination of things.

Q. How did the snow affect the game, if at all?

PETE CARROLL: I don't think it did. It was more of a factor in warmups. It was more snow there and more of a factor then. The guys kept field clean and did a really good job throughout, so it wasn't even a factor.

Q. Can you take us through what you saw, and did it come into your mind any opportunity to throw the ball while you were there?

RUSSELL WILSON: In that situation the ball is down in the red zone. The ball is on the 8 yard line or so. I'd been moving well for the most part for most of the day, so once it wasn't there, we've had so many scramble opportunities. I was looking for Tyler trying to see if he can move around and just try to get away. Knowing that, okay, no matter what we'll be near the focal range. We're inside of it now. I think the risk-reward trying to score a touchdown, we've done it so many times. I've hit Tyler and other guys, and unfortunately, we weren't able to make that play. Then, obviously, the situation happens where we don't end up making it, but I was trying to play ball like I know how to do and always do and try to move around and just try to see if we can find a touchdown there. Especially down in the red zone that close. It's one of those things that if I can run it in there, if I can slide to the left, slide to the right, boom, some guy is open, touchdown. That was that situation.

Q. Russ, for so long you and this team have been known for finishing games late, getting the stop, the drive, whatever you guys need. How strange has it been this year that finishing hasn't been there?

RUSSELL WILSON: I think that's the biggest and the toughest part about this season. I think about all the great seasons, all the great moments we've had. A lot of times it's -- this season in particular it feels like we have the lead or whatever it may be, and we can finish better. We have to be able to finish better in my opinion on offense. We can execute better. We can do little things better. We had two great opportunities. Like Gregg just brought up that one we were trying to find a touchdown, move around. Okay, that doesn't work. Then the next time we get the ball again, and we, unfortunately, have a holding penalty and the ball is on the 8. We get a three, four yard run, and we get pushed back. The ball is on the 38, and then we have another negative play. Now we're out of field goal range just like that. That's really the game. That's really the game. I think we played really solid football for the most part throughout the whole game. Third quarter we didn't have the ball much, but in the fourth quarter we had two tremendous opportunities to try to find points and touchdowns or at least field goals, and, unfortunately, it didn't work the way we wanted it to. And when you are up like that, we've got to be able to finish, and I think that's happened a a few times this year. And so obviously, you guys know me. I would do anything to win. Love the process of it all, and this year has been tough to be where we are right now knowing that everybody has put so much energy and so much time into it and to know that we haven't been able to be where we want to be. It's definitely disappointing, but I think that the only thing I know how to do and the rest of the guys in the locker room know how to do is to come back to work and give everything that we have. I think that it's easy to lead when everything is going great and everything is going smooth, and it's a lot more difficult to do it, but it should never change. Your attitude, your mindset, your dedication to the game, what you care about, your passion to the game, the passion to your craft every day. It's always going to be challenges, always going to be tough, and so this year has definitely been tough in that sense. Honestly, this game, we should have definitely had this one. The way we were playing, the way that I felt like we were moving the ball. Rashaad Penny had an unbelievable game. The line was blocking their butts off. DK scored that touchdown. That was huge. Other guys -- Gerald, getting in the end zone. That was awesome. We had some really great things to. DeeJay Dallas had a great game. Some amazing great pieces that we did a great job running the ball, made a couple of plays on offense and then, obviously, special teams efforts. As a collective effort, we could have finished better.

Q. Did the snow or anything change anything today? Were the conditions any challenge there?

RUSSELL WILSON: It was definitely windy throughout the game. It changed a little bit, but I thought that, no, we haven't played in a game like that here. I thought it was great. I thought I was seeing it well, throwing it well for the most part and everything else. I don't think the weather was really a factor for us. I think that the biggest thing that was -- it was cool just to know that it's our first time being here in that situation, and, okay, let's go step up to the plate, and let's take it. Great charge, great energy around it. Guys were fired up for the game and everything else. I thought we definitely showed that throughout the first half, and then it kind of slipped away from us late, but, like I said, I don't think that was a factor, no.

Q. This may vary by game, but at the end of the first half you guys decided not to burn a time-out after getting a stop. 30 seconds ran off the clock where you guys kept that second time-out. As the quarterback in that situation, would you rather have that extra time-out or the extra 30 seconds there?

RUSSELL WILSON: I think any time you're in two-minute, the more time you have, the better, obviously. I think that it was two-minute warning hit, and then I think they had a play, and then it was a situation where we could have called time-out. They decided to save the two time-outs, and that was the coach's decision and all that stuff. I think it's not a bad thing. I think that either way, you have two time-outs or you have one, but more time. That's a decision that Coach makes.

Q. You mentioned Rashaad Penny earlier. He had the big game in Houston. To see him come back and have a few games in a row, what does that mean? All the adversity he has had, what was it like to see him go through that?

RUSSELL WILSON: The thing about Rashaad Penny, I think he has had three or four great games. He has been battling. I know in the Rams game he got kind of pulled up a little bit there on one of the plays, but I think the Houston game was exceptional. I think this game was exceptional. Just how he was running the ball, how physical he was, that was really cool to see. He has put the work in, and I think any time you put the work in, a lot of times it comes to fruition at some point. It may not always be right away or maybe later, whatever it is, but he has been doing it his whole career trying to get back and trying to play at the high level that he knows how to, and I think that it's been cool to see. It's been one of the highlights watching Rashaad Penny run the ball.

Q. You guys have, obviously, been so successful. How surprised are you that you guys are where you are right now in the season?

RUSSELL WILSON: I mean, definitely surprised. I feel like we could have at least had a few more wins early on and then throughout the process, and it's been a challenge along the way, but I think that you have to take each game and each moment -- this is what I've always believed, win or loss. Each game has a history of its own, and I think this game in particular, it had a history that we played great throughout the early part of the game, and then the fourth quarter with seven, eight minutes to go, we really should have won it on our side of the ball, we felt like. At least that's how I always think. We had two great opportunities at it, and then we got the ball back. Seven minutes. Then we got the ball back with five or somewhere around there, and then, unfortunately, we got pushed backwards. So I think that everybody is trying to put the work in every day, and that's the thing that is disappointing, too. Every guy is putting everything they have into it, and I think that's where we want to be better. It's, like, man, where can we find these little moments? Any time you play in the National Football League, the difference of winning and losing are these little moments where we can be cleaner and be disciplined and make those things happen and find ways to make the plays. I always want to make the play. I always want to find a way, and I'm always trying to do everything I can. I can be cleaner and just try to be better as much as I can. We felt like we should have won that game for sure.

Q. Kind of made it clear you like to win, and you want to win championships specifically. Now that that's off the table for this season, what happens now?

RUSSELL WILSON: We get up tomorrow morning, and we give everything we have and get back to work, watch the film. I'm going to watch it tonight and see where we can get better and where I can get better and continue to learn as much as I can. Nothing ever changes in that sense. To me that's how you do win. That's the process of winning is every day no matter the highs and lows in life, what's going on around us, what's being said or this or that, I think that you have to be consistent in your approach every day. I'm not going to waver in that sense. I'm never going to waver in my approach and how I'm going to approach the game and approach the next meeting, the next lift, the next practice, the next moment and give everything I have in that sense. That's the only thing I know. I don't know anything else. I've had tough times in my life, and I've had some of the highest of the highs and some of the tough ones too and lows, and the only way I know through is the work, is the process, is the language, is staying the course. There will be better days ahead in that sense, and if you continue to do that in anything in life, not just in sports, but anything no matter what we're all facing, I think the best thing you can do is to focus on today. I really believe that. That's always going to be my focus.

Q. Your head coach came in here and said, "I have to be better for my guys." What does that say to you? What does that mean to you? What do you think that tells?

RUSSELL WILSON: I think Coach saying that, I think it's all -- we all have to be better. We all want to be better. I think I want to be better every day. I want to be the best at it. I want to continue to work at it. I think we all want to get better at it. I think every player in that locker room, every coach and everything else. The only way to get better is to be able to stay focused on what's right next ahead of us, and that's going to be tomorrow morning when we wake up -- God willing, we wake up and tomorrow morning we get to do it and focus on that, and I think it's the only way to get better. Like I said, this season has been disappointing for sure in that since. Despite the disappointments, in sports and in life and in anything, I'm grateful that God gave me the opportunity to play and to do it again and to play every moment. I cherish these moments. I think my dad up in heaven, man, no matter what, he is always smiling down. Whatever else is going around in anybody else's thinking or whatever, and so many people have so many things in their life they're going through, and the thing for for me is always stay focused on joy. I mentioned that to you guys several weeks ago, and that's been my focus. I think that, like I said, tonight I felt great. I think we felt great as an offense and team. We let it squander away from us, and that can't happen. We'll have to figure that out.

Q. Russ, both your touchdowns came on plays where it looked like designed roll-outs to the right, and to the untrained eye would look at that and say why isn't that a bigger part of your offense? Do you feel like it could be, should be?

RUSSELL WILSON: Well, the one to DK I didn't really roll out right, but he did a great job on that run. That was awesome, man. Just good to get back in the end zone. He has been working his butt off, and our relationship, we've been working every day at it, at making those plays and doing those great things. He is a tremendous worker. He is a guy who brings it every day. I love DK. For him to get in the end zone there on a sweet route, he did a great job stuttering the guy and got by him and put it out there and let him go get it, and he made a beautiful catch. We worked on that stuff, and we just continue to make those plays. That was great for DK to see him back in the end zone. Then the other one with -- the Everett one, for sure. That was a great play just getting out on the edge. I think Shane had a good call on that. We tried to play a little faster up-tempo in that moment. Had a couple of nice runs, a couple of nice plays there, and we felt like I could get on the edge, and sure enough, I did. I kind of looked it down and then threw it up high to Gerald there, which he can catch everything. It was cool to see him get in the end zone too. They had just scored, so we really needed that touchdown, so to be able to answer right back and make that play to separate the game again, that was key for us, and that's where we felt like we could have finished. Then I think we had a couple of other nakeds that got on the edge and got the ball out to Freddie on that one. I think a nine-yard play. Nine- or ten-yard play. That was cool to see Freddie out there and get that too as well.

Q. One of the recurring themes on offense is DK goes long stretches without touching the ball, and it happened again today. Why is that happening?

RUSSELL WILSON: I think today how we were running the ball and how we were doing things and everything else, we were trying to find ways to get it to him, and they were double-covering him. They're definitely doing that for sure. We have other great guys that can make plays too and everything else. I think that throughout the game, we were trying to find different ways. They kept trying to double him, and we kept trying to move him around a couple of times, this and that. Any time he touches the football, it's a good thing for the Seahawks. I think that is important for us. And I think guys like Tyler, obviously Rashaad Penny had a great day. We always want those guys to have hot hands.

Q. Another recurring issue has been third down at this point. What can you say about what's going on? It's happened today. It's happened all year. What's going on?

RUSSELL WILSON: I think we had some really good third down conversions. The ones we did. Kind of moved around. Obviously hit DK for the touchdown on third down. I think we had -- Gerald had two really good ones. Had to kind of scramble and move around and found him. He made some great plays on those. Then we had a few that were long distance, like kind of near the end of the game. That last seven, eight minutes we had a couple of third downs that were a little bit longer, and so I think it takes two more. Two more, it changes the game here and there. That's really the focus point there. Thank you, guys. Merry Christmas to everybody. Disappointing, but appreciate you guys. Go Hawks.

(On if he feels he's played his way back into the Seahawks' plans after this year) "I hope so. I come out to win games and help contribute. I think that's the number one thing for me. Again, staying injury free and just being positive and doing whatever it takes to help win. That's all it is."

(On if it's important that he's gone four straight games playing hard and having no injury) "The yards, touchdowns, I'm going to be honest, have never meant anything to me, since college. It's a blessing, I'm thankful. Again, I really don't much deserve that. Leaning on the O-line who can do it every week. Just coming out and being able to take as much as I did, I'm thankful for that. It was a big milestone for me because, again, my whole career has been derailed with small little injuries or small things. Finally, for four games straight, I was able to just keep going and keep continuing for the last few weeks."

(On why the team has gone so south this season) "We're a great football team and a great organization here. The biggest thing is finishing. During the season, we had close losses. It's just all about finishing. That's one thing coach preaches every day. He's a leader. He drives everything. I wouldn't want to have any other coach like Pete (Carroll). Just finishing, I think that's the thing. Finish and the season would be turned around. I think we'd have a few more wins, less losses, finishing. That comes with taking each day, taking each week, never overlooking. That's just something I think we'll get better at. The few games we've got coming up will make a big difference."

(On what the mood is like in the locker room) "Disappointed."

(On what happened on the final drive) "They made more plays than we did on the last drive. They ended up winning the game."

(On the challenge on third downs today) "Just wasn't executing. A couple times we could have made tackles behind the sticks. Just couldn't get our feet in the ground. They got first downs."

(On playing Nick Foles today without having seen any film on him this year) "It's just another week. Another quarterback."

(On what it has meant to play with Bobby Wagner) "It's awesome. I told a couple guys that in college we used to watch Bobby's cut-up tapes. Lead linebackers, him and Luke Kuechly. Just to be in position to be playing right next to him now, it's been awesome for me. It's been a blessing to gain his knowledge and his wisdom. Just pick his brain and try to learn as much as I can while we play together."

(On seeing a game slip through the fingers like this one) "It hurts. This is a game we're not supposed to lose. I think we were up by 10 or something, I don't know. But we came up short, so it hurts. We just have to keep moving forward."

(On what Coach Carroll told the team post game) "I'm not sure, I wasn't around."

(On whether the coverage was different on Chicago's final drive) "We were playing our normal stuff. Like I said, they just made more plays than we did at the end."

(On his increased level of production over the last few weeks) "I feel like I've just been trying to focus on keep on going and not letting the record let me not play up to the level that I'm capable of. I'm just making sure that I'm going out there and playing hard."

(On how Carlos Dunlap II's recent surge in sacks has impacted the rest of the defensive line) "I would say when the guy next to you is playing well, that makes me look better, and when I'm playing well, that makes the job easier for the guy next to me."

(On if the Bears did anything differently on offense on the final drive) "No, it was the same old, same old. It was the same plays or the same blocking up front that they were doing the whole game. As far as I can tell it was the same thing that they were doing earlier."

(On what went wrong for the defense on the final drive) "It's hard to say because I haven't watched the film yet, but I just feel like they made the play."

(On nearing 100 career sacks) "That's been my intention to start the season. I refocused those intentions during the bye-week. Chipping away at it."

(On what has clicked for him in these last four games) "The teams we've been playing, our situations. They have wanted more out of me, so I get a little bit more opportunities even though we're working through it with everybody."

(On the mood of the locker room) "We're still focused, committed. We're too invested to quit now, we're going to finish this season strong. As you see, these games are coming down to the wire and here we are, probably no chance at the playoffs after that, and we're still in dog fights every time. You have got to respect that, and it speaks to the character of the locker room right there."

(On what went wrong on the last defensive drive) "They made a play, and we didn't and that gave them the lead."

On if the Bears did anything differently offensively on the last drive) "Yeah, a couple of plays they made to get them momentum and to get down there. Defensively, we pride ourselves on getting off the field and that one is a very tough pill to swallow because we had an opportunity to close the game out on defense and we pride ourselves on that. I take that personally, and we didn't come through."

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Chicago Bears at Lumen field for Week 16 of the 2021 season. This album will be updated throughout the game. Game Action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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