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What The Bears Said Following Their 25-24 Win Over The Seahawks 

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from Seattle vs. Chicago.


Including postgame quotes from the following:


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(On his overall impression…) "I'll get started here. As far as injuries go, did not finish was Teez Tabor, with an ankle on special teams play, and then Teven Jenkins with a shoulder. I want to start off by complementing Seattle and their coaches and players. They're a well-coached football team with great players, and I think, you know, it's similar records for us. These guys coming out here and competing; you saw their guys came out and fought, and the same with our guys. And that's why I'm proud of our players for never stop fighting. They don't quit. Down 10 points like we were, to keep fighting, and again, I think that just speaks to who they are. They deserve this win. The coaching staff, I thought that quarterback-wise, for Flip to be able to do what he did with Nick and those guys just working out all week long, and coach Lazor, I thought he did a good job staying patient with the run game. And then Mike Snyder helping out, too, with Ryan our backup. So, offensively some guys had some good parts of the game at the very end, obviously starting off with Nick the quarterback. For him to come in and do what he did just shows who he is, and he put us in some good positions and protected the football. Jimmy, to have the touchdown at the end, I was happy for Jimmy. And then Damiere, to have the two-point play and make a strong . . . both of those were contested catches, and Nick did a great job of giving them chances to come down with it. They fought. Defensively, we had a couple of sudden changes and, again, a couple weeks now we get some three-and-outs, a couple sacks. I think Robert is at 17 now, so pretty neat for him to have that. And then they played hard. And credit to the coaching staff, and then special teams with Dazz [Newsome], I thought you could really feel . . . that's not easy being out there in the elements and catching the football like he did, and you could feel that punt return, it was pretty neat. And for them to miss the field goal, that helped out. That was a big play. The biggest thing for me and for our team in there is that the guys never stopped fighting. As a coach, you love that about them, and that's just how you see who they are."

(On what it means for him personally to have this moment…) "You know, when you get into any sport, any profession, you look at it and you say, 'You know, we all have a little dignity and pride in what we do. And it's not easy when you lose. Trust me, I've been on a lot of football teams in my life, and there's not many that I've been on where you've had a losing record. So, even for me, learning how to be on a team that has a losing record isn't easy. But you've got to be able to persevere. You've got to fight, and you have to be able to give it everything you have and have no regrets. And so, I feel I can only do so much as a coach, that we can only do so much as coaches. But when the players go out and do and show to us as coaches that they're going to play hard, and essentially they're not just going to say, 'You know, I'm just going to show up and just my . . .' They're going to play hard. The last couple weeks, they've done that, and so it means a lot to me because sometimes when you go through these coaching experiences, when you win it's kind of easy, and things get deodorized. When you lose, it's really freaking hard. And how do you learn from those moments? I'm taking a lot from these moments that we have. Right now today, the only thing I'm proud and happy about is for those players in that locker room to go and enjoy this win for tonight. They deserve it. For the coaches, too. And for me, I'm just proud to be a part of it."

(On where the term he told his players, 'Empty your cup,' comes from…) "We talked last night…those Saturday night meetings that we have, sometimes I have something prepared, and sometimes I don't and I just kind of speak from my heart, and last night was one of those. As we got going, we got some guys talking. You know, after the game last week, my freshman son and I were driving home, and we just talked about the story that he's learned about no regrets and emptying your cup. And without dragging it out, it was a pretty cool story that he right now is doing as a young athlete. And I thought it really resonated with our team and our coaches, our players, that if you…whatever you do, win, lose or draw, you just empty your cup. You've got a full cup, you've got a half cup, and you empty it, and we all empty our cups, we'll have a damn good chance to win the football game. You just pour your cup, and you don't empty it, then you're not giving it all you've got. Throw the record out. I don't care about the record. Throw whatever out. I don't care. What I do care about is when we're out there, every coach out there, does it, has no regrets, empties their cup, every player does it, and to have that story come from my freshman son, it just meant a lot. So I kind of spoke from my heart, and it's cool to hear that it impacted David, and maybe it impacted more."

(On if he knew what he would get from Nick Foles after seeing him struggle last season…) "There's a lot of reasons, without getting back into last year, why we struggled, not Foles. And I think that's the one thing we all need to be very careful of with what we say about Folsey struggling. There's a lot of that that goes into last year. So I'm happy for Nick that he got an opportunity today—not happy for how it happened with Justin [Fields] and Andy—but Nick's always going to be prepared. For him to be able to come into this moment, he's been there, done that a lot of different ways. Last year was last year. These guys have persevered and fought through a lot in the quarterback room, and they've been great with each other. They support each other. And so I just think like, when you go into a game like this, it just speaks to who he is, how he does things, and he helped our team tremendously today to get the win. And so for that, I'm very appreciative."

(On if Justin Fields might be able to go next week against the Giants…) "Again, I don't know that because we're day-to-day right now with Justin. We're just going to see, literally, where he's at, and we're going to go off how he feels, and then putting the player first. How do you feel? And if you feel good, then Monday and Tuesday will tell us a lot about being able to go into it. And if not, he's still not feeling good, we see how it is Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and go from there. We're going to rely on where he's at, what our trainers say. Obviously, Nick is going to be prepared as well for that."

(On when he knew he would go for two points…) "Before that drive. We knew the play, we knew everything, so we felt really good with that. They did a good job switching it off. We had a man play, and they switched it off, and then sometimes down in the red zone it's about the players making plays, and that's what Nick and Damiere did."

(On if Nick Foles's calmness comes from experience or the type of QB he is…) "It's both. It's his DNA of who he is. I mean, you guys see it in big-time moments, how he acts and how he's been in his career. And they're his experience, too. They showed some things today, whether it's post-snap, that I don't think really affected him much. We got into the RPO game a little bit today, had some big plays, had a great read on the run there to Kahlil for the touchdown. That's just who Nick is, and he's always had that, and I appreciate that about him."

(On how it feels long-term to get a break from struggling today…) "I would say when you look back at these four years, in '18 didn't know what we didn't know. We had to learn how to win, and we did that. In '19, we've got to learn that now you're now the hunted; you're not hunting any more. So we went through that year and going 8-8 and did not make the playoffs. Learned a lot through that year. And then going into last year with the Covid, and for the guys to be able to go 8-8 again and make the playoffs two out of three years. The thing is, through some of those years we hit some losing streaks, and that's kind of what magnifies it. Offensively, we had to be better. Now that you're to this year, and it's not the record that we want. We didn't get the wins that we wanted to have. So when you fight through these moments, the biggest challenge is making sure that guys."

(On if he thought he would start this week) "No. I didn't know what was going to happen until Friday morning. That was when I got the confirmation so we were just trying to see what was going to happen throughout the week. On Friday morning, it was 'you're playing' so that's why you always prepare and you always stay ready. It's unfortunate that we're banged up at our position and guys can't play, but it's just my job to come in and be ready to help my teammates."

(On what his prevailing emotion is after a win like this) "I'm just grateful for my teammates. Our locker room has always been great and the last couple of years haven't been the easiest. But at the end of the day, when you can still find joy in little things each and every day like going into work and being in the locker room with the guys that care for one another, that's what I look at. And that's what I'm grateful for. Win, lose or whatever, you got those guys there. We won today and it was exciting to celebrate it with them. I've been able to be with them for two years and just develop those relationships. And being able to throw a touchdown to my locker mate Jimmy Graham who's been right next to me for these past two years and we've gone through a lot in Chicago, I thought that was really special and really fitting. He's been a great teammate. I'm really proud of my teammates and just happy we got this win."

(On if he feels more satisfaction or vindication after the win) "No. I did my job. I went in there and I knew my teammates needed me because of the situation. It's been really unique this year in Chicago, there's no vindication. I just did my job. I said it a couple years ago in a press conference, I played a playoff game against a team and I said it doesn't matter if you're the first string, second string or third string, you got to know who you are as a human being and what your identity is. It can't be in this game. It's got to be in something greater and I've always said mine's in Jesus Christ. I was a third string quarterback tonight. I was just a third string. That's my label, but at the end of the day, that's not who I am. I'm just Nick Foles. I just go out there and I play with my teammates. I go to work and it doesn't matter. There's going to be trials and adversity in life and you have to figure out how to find joy in them. And once again, I'm grateful for my teammates for being there for me."

(On if he was expecting to be in Chicago after the trade deadline) "No. I never requested a trade. If a team wanted to trade for me, I would look at it. But I just made clear like the team was great [and said] if there's a team you want to go to, then we can talk, if there's a team you don't want to go to, then we're not going to do it. Teams were wanting to trade, it's just a crazy business and we were banged up. Fortunately, I'm glad I got to spend this year with my teammates in Chicago. I don't know what the future holds. I can't say enough, I play this game now this is my tenth year and these two years in this locker room have been really special with those guys. I know everyone looks at the outcome, fantasy points and stuff. You don't get to see what goes on in the locker room, but it's a good group of guys that keeps working and that's why it's fun celebrating a win."

(On if the frustration of waiting to play goes out of his mind when he does get a chance to play) "It doesn't help me. I have to be who I am, just like I said. Why would I be frustrated? There might be like frustration, but then I'm like, this isn't helping me. So just let it go. And there's a process. Just doing the little things, being in my role. So if my role is getting a couple reps on scout team, then that's my role and I need to do it to the best of my ability. When I get my time alone or in the weight room and I can get better, I can do little things. Watching film and staying ready, I can help Andy [Dalton], I can help Justin [Fields], I can do those things. So I think what I've learned this year is I never thought I'd be a third string quarterback, so God presented an opportunity where I was a third string quarterback and I get to go to work and do those things and still stay ready and be able to impact my teammates by just going to work. It's crazy. I never thought it, but it's been humbling but great at the same time because I've learned so much throughout these last couple years. It's been really good for me as a human being to go through."

(On if steadfastness keeps him even-keeled and calm through his circumstances) "I think James 1:2 talks about finding joy through trials. And that sounds crazy. Like why, if something rough is going on, would you be joyful? And I've said it many, many times: when you're going through trials, you grow. If everything was good, how can you grow? You get complacent. So I understand with the different trials, you get an opportunity to keep working. When I was labeled a third string quarterback before anything started this year, I was like, alright, I'm still with the Chicago Bears and I have an opportunity to go to work. And I can probably impact people being a third string quarterback right now more than a first string quarterback because it doesn't make sense at times. But I wanted to do that to the best of my ability and glorify God throughout it. We're talking after a victory, a win where we thought, I mean, I'm just happy for my teammates."

(On why the offense hasn't worked for parts of this season) "It's not my place to say. I just know that I have great teammates that are going to continue to work and we're going to continue to build. Tonight we were able to get things going offensively just good enough to get a win by one point. And I know guys are going to keep working."

(On the touchdown pass to Jimmy Graham and the difficulty of the catch) "Not for Jimmy Graham. All I was looking for right there was who's covering Jimmy, are they going to double him, alright they're not doubling him, I'm just throwing it to Jimmy. I'm just going to throw it like a nice little two ball and let him close the cushion and let him do his thing. That's Jimmy Graham. Hall of famer."

(On the two point conversion) "It was called 'Q-8 Swivel.' They played it very well, very well. They actually played it perfectly and the reason it worked is [Damiere] Byrd played backyard football and knew that they covered it well. And if he wouldn't have done his thing and just stopped and came back, we don't win this game. I was really happy that he played some backyard football and we ad-libbed right there."

(On if he regrets the circumstances he had last year that made it difficult for him to have success) "No because I grew. There was a purpose. God has a purpose for everything. Just like last year, getting carted off a field and having to deal with all of that, it had a purpose. The purpose for tonight, it's easy when we win to say all these things, but it's the same thing. Being steadfast, continuing to not get complacent, continuing to not get a big head because at the end of the day tomorrow, I get to wake up and I get to be a husband and a father. And that's what I look forward to. This is just a game. Obviously it's a livelihood and everyone loves doing it, but at the end of the day, last year, I'm grateful for it because it made me a better person."

(On how good it feels to get a win) "It's a great feeling, that's what we practice for all week. We just won the game that was coming up, so it was a great feeling walking back to the locker room. Again, that's just what we want to do, win week in and week out. That's all we can do."

(On what it means to make huge play in a win) "Again, I'm just always trying to do my job. I wish I could give you a better, more elaborate answer, but I'm really just doing my job and I was trying to make a play in a crucial moment. I'm sure everyone else would say the same thing, just trying not to make football too complicated."

(On the conflict of trying to celebrate his individual accomplishments despite the team not winning a lot of games) "My individual year doesn't seem as great because we aren't winning and haven't had the success over a year as a team. For a split second I can be proud of myself, but the next second I'm highly upset because we lost or whatever it may have been. As I said, I just try to live in the present, it isn't doing too badly so far. Again, I'm just trying to prove myself and be the best player that I can be."

(On his reaction to Damiere Byrd's two-point conversion) "Byrd always says 'fear doesn't live here'. When he caught it, I wasn't surprised. One of the first things that came in into my head was 'fear doesn't live here' and he relied on God, and God does what he always does and he comes through. I am happy he was able to go out and get that special play."

(On having Nick Foles at quarterback) "Nick (Foles) is a more seasoned veteran. He's a Super Bowl MVP so when those situations happen, he's been in them plenty of times and he knows how to maneuver through them. He knows how to be sure that we all stay poised. That's what Nick (Foles) did. He's special, he's always going be special, and I'm grateful to have him on this team."

(On the conversations going into the second half) "Just keep fighting. Of course the season hasn't been going the way we wanted it to go or the way we planned. But, we always know that opportunities are always limited when you get to the NFL. We made a plan before the game which is 'emptying out the cup'. Giving everything that you have, and that's what we did."

(On his one-handed catch for the two-point conversion) "It was just a big play. It was built and designed for Darnell Mooney. They actually played it well. They passed it off, I saw the opening and kind of sat there hoping Nick (Foles) threw it. He gave me the chance."

(On having a moment to take a deep breath after the season so far) "Even these past couple of games we didn't come out notorious, but you can see the fight that everybody has had. Obviously we would love to win more games. To be able to come out here on a day with unideal weather conditions in a hostile environment and to fight the way we did and have that late drive, you can see the core nucleus of this team. When we are doing the right things and being able to keep the penalties out you can see what type of offense and defense we can play."

(On his thoughts on how Nick Foles stepped in) "I think it's hard to be a quarterback coming in on Friday and realizing that you're going to play not having days to prepare. But, Nick (Foles) is a pro and he's had a ton of success in this league, Super Bowl MVP. Obviously he's built for that. He came out today and he managed the offense the we needed to."

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Chicago Bears at Lumen field for Week 16 of the 2021 season. This album will be updated throughout the game. Game Action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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