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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 23-13 Loss To The Cardinals

Interviews, transcripts and press conferences from Seattle vs. Arizona.


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Head Coach Pete Carroll

What's going on with this offense?

It's really surprising now that we're back with Russ and we're having such a hard time scoring and moving the football. The running game was pretty efficient, and it came down 1 for 5 (on third downs) in the first half. The hard part of it, this is kind of -- it's what it's been like, and it hasn't gotten better, and we have to improve. We have to finding our ways.

You are talking about the third down issues for pretty much the entire season, inability to have the possession of the football. How much of that at this point falls in the coaching staff for not being able to --

We have to coach better, and they have to find their ways. Russ has to find his way. We've got to catch the ball when we get our chances. It's everything. It starts with me.

What's Russell not doing that he was before the injury?

I don't have an answer for that. I don't think -- I don't know. We're not getting our chances at making the plays and the opportunities. You saw us. We were trying to run the football to give us some rhythm to play off of it, but you still got to convert. You still got to convert on third down. We didn't get it done.

What happened to Rashaad after the first carry in the first half?

Something in his hammy. He felt it. We spent the rest of the first half trying to keep him warm to see if he pulled his hamstring or felt something. He kind of felt okay and got close to getting back out there, but it wasn't quite right, so I can't tell you what -- I don't know about the injury. I just know what he said and and what he felt, and so we had to look after him.

What about --

Really would have loved to see him play. We were excited to see him play today.

What about Tre Brown? What happened to him?

He has a patellar tendon injury, and those are pretty tough.

Seeing Russell, it seems like he is not seeing the field at times. When you look at your red zone possessions, which particularly the second field goal, Everett is wide open at the goal line. He throws it to the back of the end zone. I'm just curious --

I don't know about the specific read of the play. You're curious, okay. We've been phenomenal in the red zone, you know? Our numbers are great. Unfortunately, the first couple of times down there we didn't get in, and usually it's really -- it's a strength. We think we're scoring every time we get down there.

Is the belief that Brown's injury is season-ending?

There's no reason to say that.

On Colt McCoy

We didn't know until we saw the inactives, and that's when we knew there was speculation and conversation and all that kind of stuff. He had a heck of a game. He had a heck of a game. He ran the ball a little bit, and threw a lot of balls and made a lot of completions. He had a good game.

Did you think Sidney had caught that, or what --

In my mind, no doubt. I don't know how in the world the way that happened the timing of that you could ever -- maybe you saw it better than I did. I didn't see the replays other than on the big board, but he catches the ball. He can't even believe that they took that catch away. "I caught the football."

I think the ball probably touched the ground. Again, you guys would know better than me, but that's a 60-plus yard swing in that moment right there. It was a great play, and I think you had to try really hard to want to turn that over because it was called on the field. You have to have whatever it's called -- indisputable or whatever.

Seemed like they put a lot of stress on your linebackers in particular today with the underneath stuff and getting wide and the screens, again, as usual. What did you see?

The screen game, we had a battle early and played a bunch of them much better, and the perimeter stuff didn't show up as much as they've been doing it. There was a lot of plays. I thought Colt did a really good job to stay alive and find guys, threw the ball pretty well, and caught a ton of them, and it was an inside game. Corners weren't that involved for the most part.

The last two games, Pete, have you seen Wilson's accuracy notably diminished and his timing off?

Two weeks ago in those conditions I thought it was tough. I thought it wasn't quite -- I didn't see that today as much. Again, I've got to go back. There's a couple of he threw away for one reason or another, and had a couple of balls they got in front of a couple on them, but I don't know that yet. I've got to look at the film.

There are so many things wrong with the offense. Can it even be fixed at this point?

Yeah, it has to be able to be fixed. We've got a long time. We've got a couple of months left. I don't know why it's all -- it became a mystery to us to score points. That's not even -- never been the issue, and we've always been able to move the ball and score and stuff. I don't know why this time frame -- it started when Russ got banged up, and then it hasn't -- we just haven't got productive like we need to be, and we've got to get back on track.

Maybe it's going to be a couple of weeks for taking a month off for Russ to be at his best to help us where we can, but we've got to do stuff around him as well. It isn't a one-guy show, as much as you might want to make it that. That goes back to us, the coaches, and Shane and I and Andy. We have to do a better job and get it done because it seems like there's opportunities for us, and so we need to take advantage of them.

Russ has been so good in clutch situations throughout his career. Right now he is 35% completion percentage on third down. It just seems like that's been such a hard hill for you to get over. Why do you feel like he has struggled your offense has struggled as much as they have this year?

It's just been the same quite throughout the season, and when we were chunking plays and going first down, second downs, and having fast drives and moving the ball quickly, you know, we weren't aware of the issue, but even then when we did have our third down opportunities, remember, we were erratic with our ability to move the football, and it's just been amplified now when we're not hitting the bigger plays, and so we're working on it. We're working really hard at our stuff and practicing well. We've cut things down to make sure that we have chances to get a lot of good repetitions that we need to count on stuff in the game, and we just got to do better. We got to coach better and play better.

When time of possession becomes an issue on your defense on the field as much as it was today, how much do you think that was a factor there at the end when you - --

I won't go there. We played a lot of plays. We couldn't play well at the end. I'm not saying that. We've got to get off the field again. We've got to win on those third downs. There's a couple in there that were big wins for them, and it's so different, you know? It's so different. That's why I challenge the spot on the sneak. Just because it's such a big play. I know that the chances of them overturning that one wasn't very good, but I took a shot at it because they're so significant, and they got 40 minutes. We got 20 minutes. It really comes down to them being able to convert and us not. I'm sorry. It's not a different story. Been the same story in and out of this whole season, and we've got to see if we can turn it. I'm really done. Thank you.

Second appearance at podium:

I know that you probably have more questions. I don't know if I have answers, but I'll try. I'm looking and seeing that, you know, we don't turn the ball over. We've got two penalties in the game. It keeps reminding me that there's things that we're doing that we're doing well enough to be a winning football team. The turnover thing just continues to be there, and it's just really frustrating that we can't get this thing turned, so, anyway, I'm sorry for not being aware that there was more time. I usually defer to Dave, and I didn't do that right there. What do you got?

How close was D.J. Reed to playing, and is that a concern especially for --

He came down in practice I think it was Thursday on his -- going for a ball, and he just jolted his knee a little bit, and he has a little bit of a strain that just couldn't clear up in a couple of day's time. He tried. He tried to get through it, and there's little findings in there, but it was just jammed enough that he couldn't get going, and he has to play on the edge, and you've got to be right. Jamal had a similar situation same day of practice on Thursday, and he was able to make it through. He was not 100%, but he did a great job of getting through and playing the game.

Can you talk about the time in your Seattle tenure where the way forward seems unclear like it is now?

I was thinking since I walked out of here, I had a couple extra minutes that I normally don't have. I go all the way back to the Jets, my one season at the Jets, the last time we were in a situation like this as a head coach.

We were never this far behind in New England, and we had -- I think we lost five games in a row with the Jets at the end of the season, and I can't remember anything about what happened in any of those press conferences or -- I'm just not any good at this. I'm not prepared for this. This is not -- I'm struggling to do a good job of coaching when you are getting your butt kicked week in and week out. It's just new territory, and I'm competing every way I can think of, but I'm just unfamiliar with it, and so if I leave early or if I make a mistake, I'm not on my best game right here, so -- I mean, it's been 20 years since I remember anything past that, and I'm not making any excuse, and I don't want to get good at this. That's the other thing. I don't want to get good at this. What else?

What particular ways do you feel like it's challenging you, the situation you're in? It sounds like it's new.

We've always had a lot of positive stuff to build on the go, and we haven't been this far behind the record right now. We could still turn the thing and win a bunch of games at the end and be fine. We all feel like that's what's going to happen. We're going out every single day and with go to work, and we get in the locker room, and we're coming out at halftime all the way down to we need two scores and we go right down the field and get our score, and we stop them. All the way we're thinking we're winning the football game. We don't think anything different than that. That's the way we operate, but there's seven losses on this schedule right now, and that's a lot of games.

Jamal was just talking about how confident he is that this will turn around and --

I'm disappointed. I don't have any new answers for you in similar situations. That's a real challenge for this staff. We have to find our ways to get our guys to execute better so that we're not in the same situation. It's like the same story, and that can drive you a little batty.

Pete, your frustration is understandable. Why did you feel the need to come back in?

Because we've had a relationship. I have a relationship with the media that I think I respect the heck out of everything you guys do, and I know you've got stories to write. If I short-changed you on the stories, you have a job too, and I felt that way my whole life in coaching, and I did it out of respect to you guys. I know you've got a job to do, and I don't want to make it hard on you. I'm available because it makes sense to me why I should be here right now.

Is this as frustrated as you've been here?

Yes. Not even close.

What gives you hope that this can still turn around right now?

There's so many -- I have so many reasons. It's the guys that we're coaching. It's the way we operate. It's the attitude they've had on a regular basis. It's the coaches that work to keep pushing and attacking the issues and, I mean, everything about it. Everything about it, because I don't feel any different. I feel like we're going to win next week, and we're going to go play a great game on the East Coast and come on back here and get ready for the next one, and I don't have any other thought in my mind. I'm just disappointed I have to keep coming back in here and talk about the same stuff and don't feel I have good answers for you because our answers so far have not turned it, and so that's why I said -- I thought I was really clear about it -- it starts with me. I've got to get this done. I've got to help my guys get it done.

Does any of this question where you think you can take this team from here?

No. It doesn't except for it's just to come back in here again. If it's the same story next week, I'll just be a little bit more frustrated and apt to do something out of character and miss a clarity moment and all that.

Everybody else make it out okay besides Rashaad and Tre?

Jordyn might have a hip thing that's bothering him. B. Shell's shoulder was sore during the game. I think that was it.

When you say part of the frustration is that you're saying the same thing over and over each week, and does that mean that you are trying the same things each week, or does it mean that you have changed up --

We're competing, man. You haven't been in with us all this time, but we've been talking about third downs for a long time, and third downs tell so much of the story of the game, and it happens to particularly pertain to us. The defense really turned around the third down thing for, I don't know, five, six weeks. Fifth or sixth in the NFL on third downs until the last two weeks, and so that totally improved.

Offensively we just haven't quite got it going yet. We haven't been successful. Remember, there's three and a half weeks in here when Russ was not playing for us. He has been playing for ten years for us, and then he came back in Green Bay, and that game happened, and this game happened, so we're not quite back to getting the turnaround done, accomplished. He is the best he has been right now. He made it through again. He feels okay. We should only count on all of us getting better. He is in the middle of it all. We've got to help him. He can't block a guy coming off the edge. We missed that -- we missed a pick-up. Bam, he gets hit right off the bat. He can't do that. He can't get the ball out. There's no chance. There's plenty of reason. We just got to make sure that we clean it all up and get as sharp as we can and all that.

How do you approach Russ after a tough performance like this? What do you envision --

Go right to the truth. We get to the truth. We don't know all that right now. It's too emotional, too impassioned and all that. We've got to get to it, and I haven't had a chance to give -- we have a little sitdown every week before we get out of here. We haven't done that yet, but we get right to the truth. You have to talk your way to the truth and figure out what happened and be really -- and hold each other accountable, hold us all accountable for what we can do better and all of that, try to make sense of it. This is nothing different. This is what you do in ball coaching. I've been doing this forever. I just want to see these results flip.

You huddle after a game win or lose every week, or you and Russ?


Was the plan to really take away the -- I know it always is to some degree, but little game to force them into underneath throws on offense --

Yeah. Basically, this has been such -- it's been an explosive offense with a big perimeter play and all kinds of stuff that they've done. That wasn't the -- yeah, that was part of it. We are prepping for Kyler to be play as well. We thought he would come back. We were aware of Colt and what he could do too and had chances really, like I said, a really good opportunity to see him in a game when they trounced the Niners and then they got in all kinds of trouble the next week against the Panthers. We weren't sure what they would be like with him when he came out, but we didn't know what he would do and all that. This offense, you need to make sure that they're not being explosive, and I don't know what explosives came out today, but it seemed like there was some.

I don't know if it's frustration, but is part of the mystery here that guys are practicing well and then in a game the execution is not what --

Yes, that's an issue. That is an issue because we're not coming out of the weeks thinking we're not going to do well. We're coming out of the weeks feeling like everything -- we worked our way through it, we got the repetitions that we needed, we've had the meetings and the walk-throughs and all of the stuff that it takes to get right. We've been doing this for a long time, and that's how you do it. That's how you get through it, and then you count on the coaching and the plan and the players' repetitions to allow you to believe that you're going to get it done, so we keep coming in here, and we're shocked again that we didn't get it done because we think we should be better than that, and we should be.

Have you had to ask Russell to do things in the game that he is not quite ready to do yet?

No. No. We really haven't. The only thing that we could be doing more is putting him under center more. That's all. That's the only other thing we could do more, and we didn't feel like it was an issue, and we're trying to keep that spank of the ball coming up not to be a factor in the game any more than we do, as he is still recovering. This is week six of broken bones, so that's all. None of us feel like that's a factor. We may have to revisit it again, and get us back to a more normal cadence of how we do that, and where we mix the gun stuff and under center stuff.

Quarterback Russell Wilson

We just heard Jamal and Tyler talk about their confidence that this team can still get things going. What gives you that belief?

We feel like every team we've lost to we've been able to play against and play with, and we were talking in the locker room. There's still belief in us without a doubt and what we can do. It's going to be a challenge. It's going to be hard. It's going to be tough. It's going to be possible, too. That's what we realize. It's still possible. For us I think you have to have the right mindset and the right belief. There is no other thought, no other choice.

How do you explain the third down, and I know it's been an issue all day, but today really stood out.

We had a few third and longs. They made a couple of good plays, a couple of situations. You've got to look at it. I think the biggest thing for us is that we just have got to find ways -- third downs is always about making plays and finding a way. I think that's really what it is. We've got to figure out what that is and figure out how to do it, and it takes a couple more third downs a game, conversions, that's really -- if we can convert one more, then the next drive, just that next one, and so that's what we have to stay focused on. We have to do better.

Russ, you expect yourself to play at a certain level, and we've all come to expect you to play at a certain level, and right now that's not happening. Why is that?

Well, I think that today it felt like we had some good chances, and some things didn't go our way, a couple of plays here and there. I thought that we could have played a little bit sharper. I think that for me the standard is always high. The standard is always to find a way to win. It's what it's really about. I think one of the things we did well was picking up the tempo and moving the ball really well. We went up and down the field before half, and near the end of the game there we responded really well with that, and I think that we have to figure out how to tap into that a little bit more maybe and then as we do that, I think also staying with confidence.

We had a tough game against the Packers. It was tight-down-to-the-wire kind of game pretty much for the most part. Didn't go our way, obviously, and this game we just didn't play clean. There was just some stuff that wasn't as clean as we needed it to be, and so for me I'm going to look internally to see what can I do better, and then also, too, what can we do better collectively? So the reality, though, is that I've been through tough times before. Been through tough times before. And I think about some of the tough moments I've gone through. There's always something better on the other end of it. That's what I really believe, and so the thought process of it, man, it can feel like it's your worst day just as a team, as a group, and it can feel heavy and all that, but I do think that you have to have perspective and know that there's still opportunity, and we have to decide and we have to execute on it, and we have to go do it.

The time that you missed and having never been hurt in the NFL or at least hurt to miss a game, do you feel like rust has been an issue for you?

No, I don't. I think we got to see the deep ball. You won't say rust when you watch it. The ball is coming out of my hand just fine. You can make as my thoughts and excuses. I'm not going to make excuses. I'm not an excuse kind of guy. I'm a guy we want to figure out how to fix it and get better, and and that's how we're going to stay neutral and think through it.

How different is your nature off the pass -- would you take what the defense gives you. They're taking away the deep stuff and double-teaming Lockett and Metcalf down the field, and at times you're throwing the ball deeply anyway. Is that against your nature sometimes to dump it off and not go for the play?

I think about the ball flat to Colby. We had some other things. Got the ball to Dissly a couple of times quickly. We have some quick throws in there today that we felt like we were trying to get the ball out. That was really when we were in tempo. Then we had some deep shots too. Tyler had a great game on the scrambles. He made some great plays deep down the field. DK almost had that one deep down the field. Those are shots you got to take, and those are opportunities that are massive opportunities, and it didn't go our way, but I think that for me you just stay focused on what we have to do, and I think what we have to do is to block out a lot of the noise right now. Just to be honest with you, block out a lot of the noise and understand that there's still opportunities. There's still time to get better. There's still -- not much time, but there's still time, meaning tomorrow, and that's what we to do.

It feels like you guys, the defense is sometimes giving you different looks than what you have seen and it takes time to adjust to that. Have you been feeling that?

Not really. Honestly, we had a few funky things in the first half that just are uncharacteristic of our football team I felt like. We were moving the ball, and something happens, and it's like, shoot, you know, now it's a minus play. We can't have those minus 5, 10, 15 yard plays. Just can't happen. When you go against a good defense, you can't do that. I think that we responded really well. I thought in terms of what we were trying to do and everything else, you know, we were able to run the ball efficiently on a few plays here and there. I checked a few runs, and we had that drive, like I said, right before half. We had the drive near the end of the, game too, to put us down by three, and just didn't go our way.

Russ, is it shocking to you that you are ten games into the season and you haven't found answers to the same problems that have been bothering the offense to date?

Yeah, I think that it's disappointing. It's disappointing, but I also know that every guy in that locker room has the right intentions and hope and dreams and beliefs that we can fix and we will fix it. I know the past game or two, whatever, it doesn't feel like it or even the past several weeks, to be honest with you, but I also know what we're capable of. I know that I see it every day in practice. I see what we do, and so we have to translate that, and I think that we have to figure out how to -- the biggest thing is how do we eliminate these big moments?

Going back to your question, I think we had some good drives, good feeling drives, and then, boom. Especially today in particular. I think we limit those little mistakes like that, then I think we can be better.

Are defenses playing you similarly to how they were in the second half of last season when your offense struggled?

I wouldn't say that, no. I think it's a little different. I think they didn't do anything surprising, to be honest with you. They played three, four, six, they play two. Every once in a while they play a good amount of match-man. Typical NFL football. They didn't do anything alarming or anything like that. I think we just didn't execute on making plays.

What were the issues in the red zone today?

We almost had a touchdown. DK almost got his foot down. It was a sweet catch in how he got that, and he almost got his foot down there. Unfortunately, it didn't -- it wasn't counted in. Then the one I missed to Freddie there kind of low. I was trying to throw it low to him, and it was a little too low. Other than that, I think that we had the drive. Just trying to remember them all. We had the drive right before half, and we ended up kicking the field goal, and then I think about how we had that one two-minute drive all the way down the field, and then I checked to the run. Had a pass play and checked to the run to DeeJay. He ended up scoring for a touchdown. That was sweet.

We've been one of the top red zone teams in football. Today it didn't go the way we wanted it to, but that's just been what we've been, so I think that's -- unfortunately, didn't happen today.

Russ, you've been so clutch in big situations throughout your career, and on third downs at different times in your career. Right now you're making just 35% of your passes on third down for the season. Why do you think the passing game is such a struggle on third down?

Yeah, I think we've got to stay out third and longs, and then, too, we had some several third and long today, and I think also, too, is we just have got to find a way to make two more conversions. I'm not going to overcomplicate it, but how do we find two more? How do we find three more? You can take one possession at a time, and we're going to have another opportunity next week, and we can't go back. There's no going back.

I think that to go through all of this, it's been a challenge I think so far this year and I think there's been a lot of -- we're up against it a little bit, and if anybody likes being up against it, I'm okay with it. What this team is going to get from me is everything I got every day, every moment, every second like I always have. Laying it on the line every play no matter what the score is, and no matter what the circumstances are. I think that I've had harder days too. This is a pretty hard day. It's a hard couple of weeks, whatever, because we're feeling it right now, and we know that we're up against it, but what I also do know is that, man, I think about my dad when he was on his death bed. That's what I was thinking about when I came back in the locker room. What we're up against is not harder than that. He lived another three and a half years, and they told him he had only 12 to 18 hours left to live.

For me seven games sounds good to me. I look forward to the next seven, and when we do figure it out, which will hopefully be this week when we do figure it out, everybody better watch out, and that's got to be our mentality. There's no other mentality or thought, no other options, no other hoping and wishing. There's no going back and saying wish we did this differently. It's about right now starting tomorrow morning when we wake up and if he with get the opportunity to wake up in the morning, it will be a gift, and when we do, we're going to do everything we can to be better than we were yesterday -- today, I should say -- and so I think what's really important is that there's going to be a lot of noise, a lot of this and that. At the end of the day we have to answer, and I like answering. I like the tough times too. I like the good times. I also like the tough times. I don't shy away from it. I don't think anyone in this locker room does either. We've got to be better. That's the truth.

The truth is, too, we are better than what we've been playing, and the truth is that we also believe that we can be better as a collective group, and the other truth is we've got seven games to go, and we'll see what happens.

Given how frustrated you were in the offseason and how you went about expressing that, how does starting 3-7 impact your future, do you think?

It doesn't impact any of my thoughts at all. All I think about is right now what we're going to do and how we're going to do it. I love this team. I love this organization. I love being here. Like I said, I like the challenge. I'm looking forward that it, where it's going to be a great story.

Go Hawks.

Strong Safety Jamal Adams

On what happens now after starting out 3-7.

We have to fight, we have to keep going. At the end of the day we're pros. We have a job to do, and we have to keep fighting.

On what was happening on third down today.

We're not getting off the field.

On why they're not getting off the field on third down.

When ten guys do their job, and one doesn't, bad plays can happen. I have to give a lot of credit to those guys over there, that's a great group of guys, well coached. They have a lot of talent on their side. They make things happen. We just couldn't get off the field.

On whether they expected to see a lot of underneath passes from a backup quarterback.

Yeah, absolutely. He was getting the ball out of his hands quick. Made precise throws. Their guys were catching the ball and making plays.

On why it was difficult to stop the underneath throws, when they expected it.

Those are pros over there that make plays, they get paid as well. We just couldn't get off the field. We couldn't make our plays when we needed to.

On the messaging in the locker room after the game.

Still fighting. Staying as positive as we can. At the end of the day, we're pros. We have a job to do. We have to stick together as a group, as a team. We can't have individuals going one way or another. Everybody has to be pulling on the same rope. We have to climb out of this. We're in a storm right now.

On whether it is a challenge to stay positive right now.

No, absolutely not. In life, you go through a lot of ups and downs. You go through a lot of b.s. You lose people. You have incidents. Whatever it is. You go through a lot of ups and downs, a lot of trial and error in life. You have to keep going. The day you stop, the day you quit, that's the day you've failed, that's the day you die. I just try to stay positive with my mindset. I try to appreciate that in the locker room as well. Nothing in life is perfect. You just have to keep on fighting, keep on going.  Sooner or later, that storm will end.

On processing the disappointment of the season so far.

It's shocking, but all of the games we've lost, we should have won, or we were in it. We just didn't come out on top, whether that was executing, whether that was playing smart, or whether that was getting off the field; I'm speaking for the defense. Making plays.  It's a tough situation, but at the end of the day we have to stay as positive as possible. We have to keep our working hats on, and we have to stay focused on the ultimate goal.

On the pass interference call in the end zone late in the game.

Hey, it's an offensive league. It was a bang bang situation. I kind of put my hand on him a little bit, hooked him a little bit, maybe they called that, but I let go. A bang bang situation, everybody has their opinion about it. Obviously, I can't have that penalty toward the end of the game, to hurt the team. I got to get better.

On the balance of looking behind vs. looking forward.

However many games we have left, those are our opportunities. Those are our opportunities in life. Those our opportunities with the game of football.  We're very fortunate and very blessed to play this game of football. At the end of the day, we're pros.  I'm going to continue to say that. We have to stay focused, you have to stay positive. Obviously, this is not what Seattle was used to. But, at the end of the day, we have to go out there, and switch it around. We're in a storm right now, and it's going to take all of us to get out of it.

On Pete Carroll's attitude in the locker room after the game.

Everybody is just like Pete.  We're frustrated, obviously.  We're frustrated. We want to win, but it's not happening for us right now. What are we going to do to get out of it. That has to be a collective agreement, as a whole, in that locker room. We will. We will get out of this storm, sooner than later. 

On Arizona's first drive, over 9 minutes for a touchdown.

We can only do so much, if they control the clock. Obviously, we want to get off the field, but we can't control the clock ticking down. Our ultimate goal on the defense is to take the field and get the ball back to the offense.  That's our goal.  We're not focused on anything else but executing and getting the ball back to our offense. Obviously, the time of possession, of them having the football, we can't control that, but we can control getting off that field. And that's what we needed to do, but obviously in that situation, for the first drive, we didn't get off the field and they scored. 

On why the defense had trouble getting off the field.

We weren't executing. There are no ifs, ands or buts, it's just execution. We have to get off the field. At the end of the day, they have players as well. They get paid as well, and they made their plays and we didn't.

On how to counteract when teams throw underneath.

You get a little more aggressive. You attack.  That's the nature of the beast, that's what teams are hitting us on, and we have to adjust.

On what he means by attack.

A little bit of everything. I would say blitzing, I would say more man, and that's what we did, toward the end. We started to get a little bit more aggressive with it, and attack them at the line of scrimmage. I look back on my play. There was a bonehead play. It was a first down, I should have been down, in the C-gap a little bit closer, we were in man. They ran the ball. Just situational football. First and second down, just knowing the situation. I knew that, that was a bonehead mistake. We gave up like five on that run. I could have been in my gap to slow that down and prevent that. Just little things like that, we have to get better, myself included. We're in this together. It's not an individual game. It's a team game. I like us, always.

On how much time was spent preparing for Colt McCoy this week.

We game plan for everybody, every week. Countless hours.

On whether it is difficult to do this [press conference]).

Absolutely not. There is no point in running from it. You have to attack it. Like I said, in life, if something goes wrong, you don't run from adversity, you attack it. For me, I've been through a lot over the course of my career.  I'm not shying away from anybody. At the end of the day, this is my job. This is what I asked to do at a young age. When I was just 3 years old, running around, I've always wanted to do this. To be successful in this game of football, sometimes you have to do hard things and things that make you uncomfortable.  I'm fine, man. I'm doing all right." 

On why people outside the locker room should believe that Seattle can turn this around.

That's a great question. I think that they should believe, because you can never lose belief in something, as far as a team or organization. This is a great group of guys that's fighting for one purpose, each and every week, every day, a lot of sacrifice. We're going to turn it around. Do I know when? No, I'm not that guy. But, we will turn it around.  It's just about taking those steps, each and every day. We can't control the outside noise, and who believes in us, but I like us. I believe in us. We believe in each other, and that's really what matters at the moment. It doesn't matter what other people think of us right now, because when you get feeding into that, that's when you lose focus on the real goal. So, the 53-man roster, the practice players, the coaching staff, the training staff, the equipment staff, we all believe in one goal. And that's winning. We're going to continue to do what we do. We're not going to listen to the outside noise, obviously it's going to come. It comes with it when you're not successful. It just happens. It's the NFL. It's the game of sports. We just have to keep our foot on the gas and continue to work.

Linebacker Jordyn Brooks

On what point he knew Colt McCoy was playing.

I kind of suspected it all week. We knew that they had a bye week after this game, so we thought maybe they'd want to hold Kyler (Murray) back. We kind of prepared for both quarterbacks.

On what Colt McCoy was able to do well today.

He extended plays. He did a good job. You've got to give him credit. We've got to execute better on our part. He got out of the pocket a couple times and extended plays and made plays.

On if this feels like a missed opportunity.

It's a missed opportunity for sure. Regardless of who's playing quarterback, we lost. Every game is an opportunity to win, and we didn't do that.

On what the answer is to all the dump offs.

We want to stay deep, make sure we don't give anything over the top, and then rally to the short passes.

Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett

On what is causing the offensive struggles.

I think Pete (Carroll) hit it on the nail, we are not controlling the game by not controlling the possessions and we aren't getting it on 3rd down. It's putting us on the sidelines and when we are going against teams that are really good at controlling the clock, it puts us in harder positions to get going on offense. The second time we got the ball in the game, it was going into the second quarter, almost. It's hard to be able to get into a groove and hard to be able to get into a rhythm when you are saying 'Oh this play worked and that play worked' but we are still trying to be able to get into our 10-15 plays that we already had out just through game plans. Once we finally get things going, now we have to get to 3rd down, we aren't getting the 3rd down and then we are back on the sideline. If we are 50% better at this point of being able to get first downs, then the games would look entirely different than what it would be. Our defense wouldn't be on the field as much as they are and we would be able to control the game and the clock. There is a lot of great stuff that we are doing, it's just that we are not able to finish off of those drives. The thing that is hurting is that we are starting on their 20 or 25 and getting it all the way to the 40 and 45. If we get that first down, then we are able to get to their side of the field. If you don't get anything, then we would be able to put them closer to their endzone, so we can play fields. That's something that we are not doing, we have to travel 75 or 80 yards every time instead of being able to put ourselves in position to control the field in this game of football.

On the 3rd down problems on offense.

Honestly, all of these teams are not playing what they play on film. They are literally not, so it's hard to be able to get ready. Every time you get ready to go against a team, they might play man-to-man their whole entire 7-8 games, and then they play us, and they don't play man once. When you look at what teams are doing consistently week in and week out, nobody is doing that against us, so we have to, like I said, I keep saying adjust because we have to understand what teams are doing. Once we finally figure out the game plan, that's when we are able to get moving. That's the thing that we are all trying to figure out and learn because teams are just throwing out different coverages. When you're getting ready for a week and you see what they are doing consistently, and they aren't playing any of the stuff they normally do, you have to be able to figure things out faster.

On if teams playing different coverages than they show on film is something he's seen before.

Yeah, they did that last year. That's the thing, teams play different ways. That's why I said the biggest thing for us that I have learned as a player is that you have to be able to watch your film and know what teams try to play chess and figure out what can stop you and what teams are doing to try to stop you. That way you can have an idea of what we can do to make things better because we can be able to have a great week of practice and know what defense they will play, but we also have to be able to understand that in the game, what we are seeing, if it is different than we know as players, we have to be able to adapt to what it is they are showing us. That is the biggest thing with us being able to convert 3rd downs and being able to move the ball forward. It's just being able to see what they are playing and what we need to do to be able to beat it. If we can learn that as players faster in the first or second quarter, then the whole entire game will be different.

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