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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 21-12 Win Over The Cowboys

Quotes and locker room sound from the Seahawks' Week 16 road win over the Dallas Cowboys.

Check out what the Seahawks said following their 21-12 win over the Dallas Cowboys.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(Open...)"I'm really proud of that win. Based on coming back from last week and not liking what happened, there weren't very many people who thought we had a chance to play like that, so it was a really good football game.  Dallas had everything to play for. They had all their guys. They were ready to go and jacked up and we felt the same way on our end and so it was a real battle. The way the defense played all day long, not letting them in the end zone at any time.  They were in the red zone a number of times.  It was fantastic football.  The guys up front did a great job. The pass rush was solid, good throughout the day.  The running game, they did a nice job.  They pounded a little bit and did a nice job but our guys held in there and made the adjustments at halftime, slowed things down in the second half and gave us a chance.  A huge day turning the football over.  When you get three turnovers you're supposed to win. We know that, we always do. The turnovers were great.  The knockout by Maxie was a beautiful play, just a picture perfect play. The pick in the end zone by Justin Coleman, a great response to an opportunity, and then K.J.'s catch on the interception, too, so all of those plays were huge. We scored off all those turnovers and that's fantastic. Playing together and working it out, and really good effort by the special teams today. Guys were balling out, hauling tail down the field, making plays. Really fired up for all that. To come in here, Christmas week, nice present for everybody at home."

(On the addition of Justin Coleman this year...) "He's had a terrific year for us. Again, I go back to John [Schneider] figuring out his guys, picking him out of the numbers of guys that are out there that could fit us and do well and he did a terrific job for us today. He's been good for us all year."

(On Bobby Wagner's pressure on Dak Prescott...) "For Bobby to be playing today is a heroic thing. He's still playing and having to adapt his play because of his hamstring. The last two weeks have just been heroic for him. It's emblematic of what these guys have done for years. I'm so proud of the way that they've responded, to play together, to go out and do something like this. For K.J. to come back. K.J. was sick all weekend. He was in bed all day yesterday and those guys played like crazy to hold these guys down. This is a really good team, Dallas. They've got players across the board that really have all the kind of firepower that you want."

(On the cornerback blitzes working well...) "I thought we got really good pressure on the edges. Shaq had a phenomenal, I need to see it again but I thought it was a phenomenal effort to get over the top of the blockers to make his sack. Justin had his opportunity. The guys came off the edge really nice."

(On the defense showing some pride after last week's loss to the Rams...) "I don't think there's any question. We're all in the same boat together on that one. There's no question. They responded beautifully, you know?  I thought it was really obvious."

(On the offense moving the ball down the field, taking advantage of the red zone opportunities and the turnovers...) "I really like the response. We did what we needed to do down there.  Jimmy came through. Doug came through. Russell made a couple of great throws down there to get our scores.  We just kind of worked together today with our opportunities."

(On Russell Wilson seeming like he was able to break free and make the key plays that he had to...) "That's kind of how he does it, you know?  He wasn't able to get much going early but Russ always finds a way.  He did again and came up with some great throws and some scrambles at the right time.  The big scramble on third down. The scramble on the third down conversion right at the end to Paul was a huge play to kill the clock. He always makes something happen at the end. You can count on that."

(On how important Justin Coleman has been this year...)"He's been effective all year long. He's been really good. He's just a really good nickel cover guy. Terrific skills and timing, competitiveness. He was battling against some really good guys today, and held up really well."

(On the forced fumble punchouts Byron Maxwell has had all throughout his career...) "He was impressed a while back a few years ago. He's never backed off. He's always stayed with it. He's been great at it. We use him as an example of what we're looking for in how to do that all the time. He's got so many of them."

Quarterback Russell Wilson

(On how the game went...)"It was an exciting game. I felt as if we weren't even out there that much. Because they kept running the ball and our clock kept running as well as our defense having huge turnovers, such as us taking it back to the house because of time of possession. Those were all great things. We want to be able to play that way. That was great football. It was physical. It was tough. We came up with some huge plays on third down. Doug Baldwin came up with a big play and Jimmy Graham scored in the end zone once again. We played good football across the board, so that was huge for us."

(On the red zone opportunities...) "Well it's huge to go two for two in the red zone, and not getting that many possessions like normal which is a good thing because our defense was playing so well. It slows you down but that was key for us to be able to execute and make some big plays."

(On urgency to capitalize on turnovers in the huddle and motivate his teammates...)"Yeah that's huge.  Whenever we get a turnover we want to be able to capitalize and use that momentum to really shift the momentum of the game. And that's what we were able to do today and think about us taking it to the house like I said, and also getting two other big plays. I think Maxwell poked it out on one. That's awesome. Classic him.  As well as K.J Wright on his interception. So that was huge for us. I think we scored in all three of those turnovers. It really helped us out."

(On his fumble recovery...)"Yeah that was huge. It was one of those zone reeds and it just got funky. As soon as I saw it on the ground I went for it and laid out for it. I didn't have time to sense anything. With the year on the line, I went for the ball. Again do whatever it takes, so leaped onto the ball."

(On the pass interference before the touchdown to Jimmy Graham...)"Yeah it felt like they were a little early. I couldn't tell if they caught it or not, but we just kept the play alive and tried to give Jimmy a chance and got a huge pass interference there and u know Jimmy scores for the huge touchdown once again."

(On similarities to Dak Prescott...) "Dak's great and just watching him play football is a treat. He's physical, he's fast, he can make all the throws and he's poised. He plays the game the right way, he loves the game. I love watching him play and he's going to be a great quarterback for a long time."


Linebacker Bobby Wagner

(On the game...) "We just have to be focused. We have to be on it. I felt like everybody was locked in, everybody was on the same page. I felt like everybody was doing a great job. We feel very good about this win."

(On Ezekiel Elliott...)"He's super athletic, man. We knew that it was going to be a big point for them to get him the rock, especially coming back. So, we were looking forward to it."

(On KJ Wright's interception...) "His return skills are suspect, but he got one. I'm just playing. But he's been talking about getting another one for a long time. So, it was good he got one. I'm happy for him."

(On Wright's return...) "It was huge, especially on the communication side. To have another guy who's been out there for 6 or 7 years, who's battle tested, it was good to have him back."

(On today's defensive effort...) "It felt good. I don't think they scored (a touchdown) today. I think it was all field goals. But you know, just to hold a team like that -- they have playmakers across the board with Dak, Zeke and Dez. To hold those guys to no touchdowns, that's big time for us."

Defensive Tackle Sheldon Richardson

(On learning the Seahawks way...)"Relentless and ruthless, every game. It's just that simple. That's the standard. That's what they live by. That's what we live by. I fit right in. We just came out and humbled ourselves. We played the game as a team and guys got after it."

(On pass rush finding success...)"Inside rush so he can't step up. Frank running around the edge. Easy sacks are our thing. It's hard bringing him down. But we were just getting after it."

(On facing Ezekiel Elliott...) "They managed his reps a lot to me. But other than that, he was still toting it. He wore down a little bit after the game. We were putting pads on him. That takes a lot to get used to after being out for six games. But other than that, same old Zeke."


Linebacker K.J. Wright

(On today's win...)"We responded. I really challenged the guys on Wednesday to let's win Wednesday. Let's win practice, come out here and respond to the performance we put out last Sunday against the Rams because we are better than that. So, we practiced and had a hell of a week this week. We really challenged ourselves to get back to playing Seahawks football and Seahawks defense. We came out and did a tremendous job."

(On the Seahawks resilience...) "We've been doing this since I've been here the past seven years. Whenever our backs are against the wall, we just find a way to bounce back. This team is not going to lie down easily. We could have easily taken the loss against the Rams, come back, pouted and moaned all throughout the week. But we are a group of guys that love to play ball and we know that we are a talented football team. So we came out and handled business today."

Cornerback Justin Coleman

(On his pick six...) "I feel like we were in a pretty good coverage against the quarterback. I forgot who he was throwing it to, but he overthrew it.  The only thing I could think of was that this was my pick six."

(On his celebration...) "I already pre-planned it. I was telling the guys that if I catch a pick six in that end zone, I'm going to jump in the kettle and throw the ball out. I was just telling them, that's what's going to happen. Everybody was telling me that I was going to catch a pick and it came to me. I give God the glory."

Running Back Mike Davis

(On playing against Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee...) "I want to see guys like Sean Lee all the time because he's a great player. I'm happy that I got to play against Sean Lee. He's a legend. He's a really good football player. Anytime you get the chance to go up against a guy like Sean Lee, it's a privilege really."

Fan photos from the Seahawks' Christmas Eve road game in Week 16 against the Dallas Cowboys.

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