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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 20-9 Win Over The Rams

Interviews, transcripts and press conferences from Seattle's Week 16 game vs. Los Angeles.


Opening Statement:

"This was a great Seahawks day. I'm really proud of what we've accomplished, just by getting to this division championship right now. Just through all of the challenges that we've faced, and all of the things on the outside that we're all dealing with and all of that. For this group to continue to hold focus and really find their best, through the process. Really fired up about it, and proud of it. There were times during the season where everybody had enough statistics to go ahead and blow us out and like we weren't worth anything on defense, but this defense is good, and they've shown it, and they've declared it. This is the kind of defense that we've played in years past when we really had good teams down in the end, in the stretch. To show like that again, week after week after week, and to show it again in the most difficult challenge that we had, and not give up a touchdown all day long, that's big time. It was really consistent, the mentality was great. It didn't matter who was making plays, it was just guys playing football together in a really connected way, and it really showed up. It was a really good win for us. I think that Russ continued to put us in the right spots, no turnovers on offense today, that makes the difference, all the difference in the world in a championship setting. We were committed to trying to get the running game going, it wasn't as good as we liked, but it still was there, and we played off of it, and it gave us the balance that we wanted. 

So, what happened, as we got through halftime, the situations presented themselves, and there was never a more heroic opportunity than down there on the goal-line. It's on the two, first down, and the guys did not let it happen. You've seen the heart of our players in earlier times this season in moments come through, and they did it again. The goal line stand was a famous one, and one I'll never forget. Just because it was so hard; the ball was on the one-inch line, or whatever, and they did not let it happen. That, coupled with the offense, a couple drives later, answering, getting the touchdown that we needed, separated in the second half, gave us the points that we needed. The huge play to David Moore today kind of just turned things. Russ got out, hit him. Russ got out again, I think hit Carlos on a first down conversion, and then Russ runs one in for that touchdown. That was really, really big; the whole sequence was. A really cool game. I say it again, I hate to say it, and I keep coming back to it; I wish our fans would have been here. I hope you all had a great time at home. I hope you were hooting and hollering, going crazy. We love you, we wish we could have shared it with you today. But, I'm sure you had fun; you had to have fun anyways. That's the good part. We love all the 12s, and we wish we could have had you here with us today."

On whether that was the most comprehensive defensive performance Seattle has had for a while:

"It really is for us. But, this is how we've been playing. This has been a string, now. I know you look at who we're playing against, but you can tell the way and the style was all there today. Our coaches and Kenny (Norton) were able to fix things during the game, our players adjusted, and Bobby was able to make adjustments up front and all that. It's just a together group. So, this opportunity was presented to us, and our guys came through in great fashion."

On what was the mentality on the goal-line stand:

"Really, the mentality is 'give us a blade of grass, and we'll defend it.' That's been the motto for a long time, and it doesn't matter how close they are, we're going to keep battling. We were in a full on attack mode. We were looking for the plays that came up and we were going to go get them, and go attack them within the scope of the defense, which is something we've always taken a shot in those kinds of opportunities and they did just in great fashion. We have not been good historically against these guys down there. This was the best, obviously, that we've ever hit it. But, every play was an individual play there, in that we had to defend it for everything. Rolling through the line of scrimmage. That's the technique on the line of scrimmage, that's guys hitting it because they saw what the play was and recognized it and went for it. Playing really, just obviously, great team defense."

On how much value Jordyn Brooks brings:

"I don't know today, he had something like eight tackles today; there's nothing new. He is fast, and he plays fast, and he plays tough and hard and downhill and all of that. I don't know about this particular drive, or this particular sequence, if you're referring to that. But, he's really fast and he is just a really good ball player, and he has really settled in. What I really like about him; he's very poised. He is very clear thinking during the game. You can talk to him and adjust and fix things. He's playing much more like he's been around for a while."

On the similarities between this year's game and the regular season finale against the 49ers last year, with Hollister now getting the touchdown to ice it for Seattle:

"That's a little bit of poetry right there. I don't even think it was a yard last year. We were right in this exact same situation, where if we cross there we win, you know. What I like about the analogy, or bringing that up is that we've been here before, and we've been this close, and this time we really pushed over the top and finished and left no doubt. Jakey (Hollister) did come through, it was a great call, great concept that we had for that moment. Schotty (Schottenheimer) knew exactly what he wanted and Russ loved the thought, and they worked it out perfectly. At the right moment, we did right. It's really what you're seeing; you're seeing us play really good smart football right now, and we're playing complimentary football, we're playing together and all of that. It's what happened last week, it's what happened the week before. You look at the Jets thing now, and it looks a little different, doesn't it? That game was a very significant game to us.  I know people didn't see it that way, but it was because of the way we attacked that opportunity. You've seen what they've done the last couple weeks; I don't know if they won today, but they were certainly in it again. They did? I'm just going to keep rolling, as long as you guys are."

On the key to shutting down L.A.'s run game, specifically the bootlegs:

"They did it all today. Last time we played them, they only ran two or three of them. We thought that they would run a bunch of them this week, and they certainly did. I think they ran six or seven of them in the first half. I'm talking about the boots. We worked really hard to contain them, really hard to locate the crossers and all that. Our guys played it great. They weren't significant. There was one 11-yard pass I know that they completed on it, but in general we played that stuff really well. We played the perimeter really well. We had a couple runs that broke out, or they shouldn't have had anything, really, by our defense, but you have to give them some credit, too. But, that was a big part of the game, and it was a big part of the game plan, to not allow them to control the football with their perimeter passing game."

On plays like David Moore's reception that spark the whole offense:

"There is no doubt that was the play, because we hadn't had a bust out play that changed field position, and that was a special play by Russ, and the throw, and then the catch by David, staying in bounds, all of that, every part of that was great. It just changed the field position and shifted the mode. Russell went right back a couple plays later and hits Carlos, and then we finished with him on the move, too. It really just showed all of the expertise, and this marvelous game that Russell has, that he can beat you with his legs, and he did in that drive. That was really the key to that drive."

On the play of Jamal Adams today:

"I saw him hitting and running and doing some marvelous things, fitting on runs. I thought he was really obvious today. We sent him. He went a few times, and had some shots. Made a couple mistakes on him, he didn't, but we did and missed an opportunity. He is a fantastic part of our team. He just is. He just has so much juice, he loves the game so much. He brings everything that he's got, and it wears off on everyone; it affects other people in a really positive way. You love playing with him. I am going to make the point here. What a great acquisition that was, and I go back to John figured that thing out, somehow he got it done, to orchestrate that. That's a marvelous fix for our football season. He deserves all the credit on that."

On the final touchdown drive:

"It was executing. I thought the throw and catch from Russ to Tyler was just a classic. We've seen those guys do stuff like that in crucial situations for years and years. And when we needed it, man, it was a great concept for him to get open. The protection was there and Russ threw a great ball, as always. Lockett stayed in bounds and did all that. That was a huge play. That was just as impacting a play as David's was, it just was we needed David so much, it seemed like that dramatically was a little bit different. Enormous execution during that drive. Right down, right down the field. It was just really well done. That's coaches, that's players, that's practice, that's all that stuff to get that done."

On the importance of K.J. Wright:

"Since we adjusted his position earlier on in the year, he's just blossomed in the role that he plays. He gets to use all of his instincts and his feel for the game. I had said to K.J., 'we've done a lot of good stuff together, we've got one more shot today, let's go see what we can pull off'. I had K.J. talk to the team in the locker room, too, just to give a little historic sense about what this means, and all. He's had a great football season. He could easily be playing in that Pro Bowl or whatever they're going to do with that thing. He's had that kind of a season. I'm just so grateful that he's had such a great career with us. He's been awesome."

On winning the division this season, in a very tough division in a very unusual year:

"Yeah, that's a good point because we all saw it happening early on, and everybody was winning and going, and the 49ers coming off their big year last year. They had a lot of hard stuff they've been through, but we all knew that this division is as tough as it gets. Nobody wanted to play us. We did our damage to the NFC East, playing those guys. It does add to the accomplishment because this is as tough of a division as you could find. We appreciate that."

On how much more intense it was this season to win the division, with the off-field stuff:

"It has been a big part of it. There's no denying it. This is not something we just rolled through and all that. It has been constant. It has been constant for months before we ever started. It started at the end of February with us. Rule Number One, always protect the team mentality. We've needed it all the way, every step of the way. Our guys have been so committed to it. I mean, obviously. They had to have been. We just pulled off something getting through this football season, we have another week here ahead, but to avoid having the issue come our way. That's because everybody cared so much, and it was so important to them to be part of this. That's about conscience, because it's all the thousands of decisions that people have to make to keep going. No, I have to go this way so that I can protect my team. It's been a season, and it's been a whole lot of other stuff, too. The only thing that is out of whack is the fans. That the fans weren't here. That's a whole other factor to it. But, it's just been a remarkable season, for sure."

On having a full complement of running backs today:

"I thought we ran the ball fine. We ran the ball fine, in our attempts, we just didn't get as many attempts that we would like. That comes back to third downs and stuff. We would loved to have another 10 or 15 attempts at it, just to keep rambling, because our guys can go. So, thrilled. Thrilled to have our guys. All three guys are capable of doing damage. Sometimes in a game like this, there just isn't enough carries to get it around to everybody. Chris was marvelous again today. So tough and so physical. So secure with everything."

On any injuries besides Jayson Stanley:

"Stanley had a hamstring. Oh, Bobby got bruised. Nothing of any consequence. We're in great shape in that regard."

On whether Bobby Wagner is OK:

"Yeah, he had a bruised forearm, or something like that."

On throwing the challenge flag after the Goff fumble:

"We knew the ball was out, and to me it was worth it. What if they could something on camera that showed that we had the football, because our guys thought they had it. I don't think we wound up with it, or whatever, but I just thought it was worth it. Think of if it would have been our football. I just took a shot."

On whether there was any advantage to getting extra time before the fourth down play:

"I did think about that, that our guys got to get a little bit of a blow, there, just before the last couple shots. I was thinking that during the time, that we could try to hopefully take advantage of that. But that was it."

On whether Damon Harrison has asked to be released:

"We're going to talk tomorrow. I just know that he was disappointed that he wasn't active for this game. That's what we're talking about. I don't have anything for you, other than that."

On the improvement in offensive third down conversions from the first half to the second half:

"I think Russ got a feel for the rush, and how they were coming. He tried to sneak up underneath a couple of times, and had trouble with it. He started to find some angles to get out, and just took advantage of it. He was just being resourceful and looking to try to help. I do remember the catch that DK makes over the middle when he just gets fricken' smoked into the safety, and he needed every inch of it. He's so physical, again. Landed on his head and just popped right back up. That was a huge conversion right there. There were a couple of those really good ones in there. I thought DK played really tough today. I really liked the way he played."

On the return of Greg Olsen:

"This a remarkable recovery to get back out there. We'll see how he is after the game. I don't know how that's going to fare. He was just the epitome of mentality that I'm coming back, I'm going to be there, I can do it, I'll get it done, here's my timeline. He was weeks ahead of where he should have been, and it's just because of the great competitor and the stud that he is. Most guys would never have been playing in a game this soon. You got to give him a lot of credit for wanting to be part of this, and wanting to be part of this championship."

On what it means to be NFC West Champs and knowing they got the job done today:

"It's such a huge blessing. Obviously this year has been a challenging year. You know, obviously to get to be here in this place and to be NFC West Champs, all the hard work, all the things we've had to do, I think about the rookies even not having a normal year of, you know, spring ball, summertime, and having to do everything on Zoom, having to be great at that and having to be great at adjusting, and I think we've been great at adjusting throughout the whole year.

Honestly this year has been a challenging year. This year has been a challenging year in so many different ways. I'll never forget when I was at the Pro Bowl and we lost Kobe and Gigi. That was a heavy day. Heavy on our hearts. Such a hard day. Hard couple weeks, and more.

And you know, then I think about everything else that's happened with COVID and all the things going on racially in America. Think about George, Breonna, Ahmad, all the different scenarios of what we've had to face as a team, as men, what we've had to talk about.

You know, guys are also struggling with their families and not being able to see their families, some people knowing people that have gotten sick and this and that with COVID. You know, it's been a challenging year.

I think that the reason why I wore this jersey tonight, too, I think about Kobe. You know, big championship matchup, everything that's going on in 2020, to honor him, you know, have that Mamba Mentality and just the reality of what this 2020 year has been like, he's one of the first things that come to mind and just what he represented, how he inspired people.

Think about a person like Chadwick Boseman and how he inspired people. People didn't know that he was struggling with he was going through.

There is just so many circumstances that have been running through my mind all year, and I think to be able to get to here tonight and for us to play for the NFC West Championships at the end the December here, December 27th, it feels like it's been a long year.

I think to be able to go and to win this game, to have that Mamba Mentality in the fourth quarter, in the last drive, and convert our third downs to make a huge, huge play with Hollister there at the end, and that be the knock-out punch, the knock-out shot, game-winning shot.

Then you think about how our defense played and how they've continued to grow throughout the weeks and how we're all kind of coming together all at one time. It's been a special year, and a lot of special guys in that locker room. I'm just grateful for the men that we have. I'm thankful for the sacrifices that we have been able to give in terms of just everybody helping each other and working through all the issues that have gone on, like I said, with COVID, with all the racial tension, with everything that's gone on, not seeing people's families.

Just us bonding. Although we haven't had our fans here at all, we know that we can feel everybody. It's been a special time in the midst of everything. The reality for me is that I thank God for having us here, for giving me the opportunity. It's all for him and his glory.

The reality I think for us is we can't be satisfied with where we are. We want to go somewhere, and we don't want to just go there, we want to win it. Hopefully we can get that done."

On the biggest difference maker being able to sustain drives and how much David Moore's catch really ignited the offense:

"I think we had some key third down opportunities early on. We almost got them and this and that. Made a couple plays here and there. They're a great team. That's why they've been so good all year and they've had a great defense and this and that, but we knew it was going to be a battle throughout the game, and then we started converting.

I think David Moore's play was critical. To be able to get outside the pocket there, extend the play, give him a chance and make a big time catch, there is no fear in that throw. You just believe in it and you shoot it and you let it ride.

He made a great catch and tried to give him -- put where he could get it. He can catch, man. He's really special. So any time there is a contested football he's going to catch it, and he did a great job there.

So that really gave us the momentum. We kept going, and the next thing you know we scored. The defense kept playing great throughout the game. We kept playing and knew it was going to be a battle. We ran the ball well when we needed to. We threw it and converted on third downs in the second half. DK came up big on several, several drives.

Tyler Lockett came up huge on several plays, as well. He's so special, him and Tyler, DK and Tyler, and they just converted the third downs.

And then Greg had a good catch I think earlier in the first half or -- I believe it was the first half, end of the first half. He had that catch across where we needed that kind of big third down conversion.

So just every guy kind of -- Carlos coming up on the same play, the same drive, I believe, with David Moore's catch where he kind of scooted and I kind of scrambled and I flicked it back inside. He got the first down, and then next thing you know we score.

Everybody was making plays and our offensive line was doing a tremendous job of blocking those guys up. They're a tremendous defensive line obviously. To be able to block those guys and give me enough time to make the throws and do that and move around, and also be able to run it the way that we did, especially in the second half, and throw it, it was a really key game.

We knew it was going to be a battle down to the wire. That's what these NFC West Championship games are always like. Every since I got here in 2012 it's been a tough challenge, and we believe we're always going to win them and that's our mentality."

On what it was like on the sideline watching the third quarter defensive stand:

"Yeah, I think that was huge for us to be able to have a huge stop. I think we were up 13 to 6 at that time I believe it was. Jamal makes a tremendous play, and he's been playing lights out all year, running the guy down. Next thing you know, it was four consecutive plays in a row. To be able to top them like that and our defense to play that well -- to be honest with you, go back to earlier in the year. They had some of those key stops.

We weren't playing as great across the board in terms of that whole - now how great our defense has been playing it's so great to watch. It's one of those things when you get down there you know they're going to make a great play.

Sure enough, those guys made several great plays, and I think we got the ball out on that one -- I think somebody knocked it out and we challenged, but I think we got the ball.

So it was just tremendous. That was a huge momentum getter. We were all fired up and shouting on the sidelines and all ecstatic on offense and defense. So it was a big play and a big drive. We came up big there."

On where this season and winning a division ranks in accomplishments with everything going on besides football:

"You know, there is a little asterisk next to this one, Gregg, and I think it's a good question. Like I said earlier, this year has been super, super challenging not just for our players, but also for our families, our loved ones, our friends, people who want to come in and see us. They're struggling with whatever is going on financially, you know, circumstances, health-wise, so many different scenarios within our locker room.

These are grown men who have loved ones and families. We all have different circumstances. The reality is for us to be a family and for us to be able get to this point and play the way that we've played, for us to be able to overcome challenges, every obstacle we feel like we keep overcoming and keep challenging, and we look forward to the challenges despite everything that's going on and we stick together.

I think that -- I go back to the summertime when we kind of finally got here. It was training camp, and we really wanted to talk about how we were going to deal with everything going on in the community, everything going on racially, also with COVID and our families and loved ones.

We knew we were going to have to mold and really be together, and it really is credit to a lot of guys. I think about guys like Bobby and K.J. and Jamal and Duane, a guy like Penny Hart. He spoke up in such a powerful, powerful way. So many other guys, we all came together.

And so I think for us this has been a year with an asterisk next to it. As I mentioned, I'll never forget the day when we were about to do the -- you know, everybody call it up at the Pro Bowl, and we lost somebody that we all admired and watched for years and got to witness doing so many amazing things.

Just so for us, we feel like it's been challenging, but it's been worth it. It's taken a lot of sacrifice, but there is still more to do. That's where our focus is. What can we do next? How far can we take this thing?"

On what the celebration in the locker room was like postgame:

"Oh, man, the locker room was amazing. Everybody was so ecstatic. Everybody was having a blast. Just everybody is fired up, and I think that it's been, like I said, a special year for us to get here, play a great team like we did today and to get that win, and I think everybody is really fired up about it.

We still got another game coming and we got to get ready for it. We got to be great in this next game coming up, because the 49ers know how to play and they're a good football team. We got to bring our A game. We can worry about later letter.

But to celebrate tonight is an exciting thing. So many guys never won an NFC West Championship, never been to the playoffs maybe even. Some guys this is their first year even, so whatever it may be, so it's definitely a special time, and for us to really enjoy it is a blessing for sure.

Like I said, there is more to do."

On if he had a personal relationship with Kobe Bryant:

"Yeah, you know for me, I think one, I've always admired his game and his clutchness. He seemed like he always wanted to have the ball in his hands and he never feared the shot. He was always an overcomer.

So Kobe has a quote, I don't know it exactly, but he talks about overcoming the struggles, the challenges, and it's really just a set up for him to keep overcoming it, and I think that's always something that's been inspiring to me. He was a winner. He worked at it every day.

So for me, in my personal relationship, I was able to get to know him a little bit from different occasions and this and that, and he was one of the most respectful people and one of the most genuine people you could ever meet. He always looked you in the eye. He always had this patience to him it seemed like when I was around him.

I've obviously gotten to know his family and stuff like that even more, so that family means a lot to us. Definitely miss Kobe, you miss Gigi, but they're smiling down from heaven on all of us. That's what we know."

On the contrast between being a hard a yard shy of winning the division last year and connecting on a touchdown to Jacob Hollister this year:

"Yeah, you know, I think about last year's game, how crazy. That was an amazing matchup. We had a chance to win the division right there. One inch yard line, just missed getting in there on that play.

Hollister, he's been so efficient and so effective and keeps making plays. His ability to score, and I think, to be honest, Freddie Swain did a great job too on that play. He really did a great job of setting it up so Hollister could get open.

You know, it's all of that together to be able to get to this point. Once again, last year was last year. But to win this year with that asterisk next to everything that's gone on, it's been exciting. It's really exciting to win it. But like I said, we got to remain neutral and stay focused on when we got to do and where we want to go. There is a lot more ahead of us."

On the impact Jamal Adams has had:

"Jamal, I mean, I think we got the two best safeties in the game in Jamal and Diggs. Those two guys, they play lights out every week. They work their tails off. They're focused. They're smart as could be and detailed. They love the game. They love their teammates. They're passionate.

These guys can play. Jamal makes a play every week. Diggs does, too. Those two guys are spectacular back there. To see Jamal run down a guy -- I mean, the guy can fly -- to run at that guy down like Jamal did, Jamal can run like crazy.

That shows his heart, his love for the game, his teammates. That's why we love him. It's been a blessing to have him on our team. I've become really close to him, and we are thankful to God that God has given us to the opportunity to be able to do it together, but also as team and also just to be able to do what we love. It's definitely a blessing."

On if he noticed a difference in practice at all this week or if that is how it is every week:

"I think we always have great practices, always put on a show at practice. I do think that -- you know, I think for us is we're really maturing, really growing. We're growing into a championship team.

We've always practiced like that way. We've always kind of played way. And listen, it's the NFL. There is always challenges along the way. We know that. Every game has its own history and whatever like I told you guys before. The reality of who we are as a team -- I think the guys who, for example -- I'll take a guy like DK, a guy who was a rookie last year coming into his second year. His maturation, he was a pro in his first year. He's been playing all pro level and also all pro preparation.

I think about a guy like Diggs, comes here, he set the tone when he got here and just watching him play every day, how he works, his attention to detail.

Jamal. Coming from the Jets to here. He brought that passion, energy, something, a little added sense.

Watching Bobby and K.J., Those guys tag team together. It's fascinating. A guys like Brooks gets to watch those two guys who are unbelievable talents and what they've been able to do for the game.

I think about a guy like Duane Brown and how he's helped Ethan and how Ethan has helped D-Lew, and how Cedric had to step up when Shell when down, how good Shell was playing.

I mean, think about this team as a whole. Guys like Freddie Swain get to see guys like DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett and David Moore and their work ethic. Our running backs and who they are. A guy like (Rashaad) Penny coming back. They come back they know a guy like Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde are going to give everything they have.

I think about a person like Geno, how he's helped me, his work ethic, his passion, our friendship, our bond, it's been special.

To be honest with you, this year, to get as far as we've gotten and to win the NFC West Championship, we wouldn't be able to do it without our training staff and our equipment staff. Everybody has put in the hard work.

I think the PR staff over here, but to be able to get to this point, it's a real blessing. I think about the strength staff and how they've had to change so much and how we can only have a certain amount of guys in the room and we've all got to be spaced out and do this and that.

Man, you've got to love winning. Got to love the process of winning more than the end result. These guys in the locker room, they love the process more than the end result. When we get to celebrate at the end of the games, that's when you know it's worth it. So I'm grateful. I'm grateful for the guys we have.

Thank you, guys. Mamba, we out."

On how it sounds to be NFC West champions:

"God is good, God is good. You know, I don't want to be too happy because I don't want people to say he's dramatic or he hasn't been here before. You're damn right I haven't been here before so dammit, it feels good, it feels great! Golly we came out victorious and what a hard-fought battle. A lot of respect goes out to L.A. and what they do. A lot of respect to them. But man it feels damn good."

On what it was like as a defense to get the goal line stop:

"Growing up, I think one of the first things you learn is football is a game of inches. There was no way that I was going to let him walk into the end zone no matter what happened. It's whatever it takes. Without the guys around me, I wouldn't have made that play, but glory goes to God just chasing him down and making that stop, that was huge."

On what he saw on the goal line stop that he made:

"I think for me, I won't give you too many tips on how I kind of make that jump on the ball, but just making a football play and having the instincts that I'm fortunate enough to have because of the man upstairs. Just getting the snap count, understanding what they're going to do. They kind of ran that play about two or three times down there. Maybe once should I say, that was a little dramatic, but I knew that play was coming. Bobby [Wagner] and I kind of had an exchange on the next play and they kind of ran something similar. But then, my number was called and I had to go and make a play, I had to go chase it down. There was no way that I was going to let up. Just a hell of a play. Again, I give the glory to God."

On if it was special to beat the Rams and win the division after the Rams had their number earlier in the season:

"That's a great question because throughout the whole week, I'll tell you something, I had it on my mind and I know this defense had it on our mind. I knew going into it that we were going to win because we had a great week of practice. Just preparing from our coaches getting tips and alerts in film study and guys picking each other's brains. If he does this, if he motions here, if they're in 12 personnel, 11 personnel, here comes the motion, fly motion. Things like that is where you make that leap. For everybody out there, they need to start putting respect on this defense's name. Because this defense is playing lights out. And to me, we're the best defense in the league. You can quote that, you can do what you want to do with it. But at the end of the day, I believe in these guys, I believe in this coaching staff and what we bring to the table day in and day out. I know how hard we work so we're just going to continue to get better because we haven't even played our best football yet and that's the scary part."

On if they feel like they're a championship defense after everything they've done since the Buffalo game:

"No question in my mind. No question. Obviously the guys that we have, coaching staff, how we practice, it's unbelievable. Going into it at the start of the season, we had a lot of ups and downs, a lot of guys hurting, including myself. When guys got back, they didn't really understand the defense and whatnot, [didn't] understand where this person is going to be. Now everybody knows where everybody is going to be and what their job responsibility is on the field. That's what makes it special. Obviously my guy back there, Pro Bowler Quandre Diggs, he's always making checks and always making calls and helping guys out as well. I love balling with my guy and everything that he does on the football field is full throttle. He's a legit, legit quarterback of the defense. It's just guys helping each other out, playing fast and just trying to make plays."

On Coach Carroll asking him to speak to the team and what he said to them:

"I talked to the team right after the game and coach said, 'K.J. you've been around here the longest, what does this moment mean to you?' I said, just cherish this moment because it doesn't come around too often. Cherish this moment because it's been a while since we have been NFC West champs. This team is special. Our brotherhood, our togetherness brought us to this moment. I'm so proud of everyone that is on this squad, from the coaching staff, to the equipment guys, and the training staff on down. A complete team effort and this feels really good."

On if this win is more valuable because it was against a division opponent and because they shut down a great offense:

"100%. It felt like every year this team is always in our way. It seems like there was always a challenge to get over the hump with this team. They've scored a lot of points on us, they've won the division a few times, so to beat this team felt really good. Hats off to them, we may see them in the playoffs again but, to win this game felt really good."

On making two fourth down stops:

"The ball's on the one yard line. I wasn't blitzing, I just knew that it's time to take my shot. I just had to take my shot. You could just feel 'they're not about to get into the end zone.' Our mentality was, 'they're not about to get in the end zone.' The old saying, 'just give us a blade of grass to defend' and guys were just taking their shots, [Quandre] Diggs was coming off the edge, that felt really good. To get a goal line stand like that, in a moment like this, it felt really good and I'm just glad I could out there and be a part of it with the guys."

On if he knew what plays were coming:

"I didn't know a sneak was coming. I just knew I had the 'C'' gap on that play and I was going to shoot the 'C' gap, and whatever happens is going to happen so, that's what we did."

On what it means for the defense to turn around after a slow start to the season:

"It's everything. It starts with coach [Ken] Norton and him putting us in great positions to be successful, and the rest of the coaching staff. We figured it out, we figured it out. Guys are just starting to be accountable, we're communicating like no other, to hear the other guys' voices each and every play is truly special. Defense wins championships. We know that going down the stretch there are going to be some tough battles. Playoff time is around the corner and defense wins championships. We're just getting started, we've got to keep it going down this stretch and just finish strong."

On how they were able to shut down their 'boot action' game and Jordyn Brooks contribution:

"It was really big. We knew teams would try to attack us, especially to me and [Jordyn] Brooks' side and we figured it out. We knew when the guy was coming across, we communicated, we knew when the 'stretch' was coming our way. It was just great communication like I said. They got that one play on us and I told the offense, 'that's your last time getting that on us. Hats off to the whole team, the whole unit. The whole unit playing together and playing as one defense."

On if he felt like the team had a good week of practice:

"When we played them we did what we always did. We didn't make anything up. We said, 'guys let's get in our stuff and let's go play ball. Hook players have to be responsible for the hook and the 'boot', flat players have to be responsible for setting the edge and getting back to the flats. We just played really good Seahawks ball; we didn't make anything up. Coach Norton did a good job throwing curve balls at them. You saw on some of those 'boots', he had absolutely nowhere to go, when back in the past they would just 'boot' us to death. Great job by coach Norton throwing those curve balls at them and we just figured it out an played really good ball."

On how it feels to be able to move the ball on long drives and have the ability to run and pass when they need to and want to:

"We've shown what we can do. We have so many guys at each position. At receiver we've got DK [Metcalf], Lock [Tyler Lockett], D-Mo [David Moore], Freddie [Swain], all those guys. It's just big to have so many weapons where we can run the ball, pass the ball, it keeps the defense on their toes."

On how fresh he feels with a smaller workload this season than last season:

"I feel fresh regardless. If I get 18, 10, 25, or 30, I feel fresh."

On how good it feels to beat a team that has beat them five of the last six times, to clinch a Division title:

"It's big. Like you said, five of the last six times, to finally get that win against them is big. It's a credit to the whole team. The defense did a great job stopping them and the offense made plays when we needed to. It was a big team win."

On how Rashaad Penny complements the rushing attack along with him and Carlos Hyde:

"I was telling him on the sideline that he has a different type of attribute that a lot of people don't have. He can make guys miss, and for his size, (230lbs+ or whatever he is) he has speed that's ridiculous. It's good to see him back out there. Like I said, he's like my brother so, anytime I see him out there I'm happy for him. He's just getting his feet wet, he's going to get better, just getting comfortable playing through that injury. He has no 'let off', everything is 100% and you can see that explosion."

On how good he feels about the defense's improvement over the second half of the season:

"I think it's been awesome. I think this is the plan that we had at the beginning of the year when we started those Zoom meetings and we started training camp. This is what we dreamed about, holding teams to nine points, really good offenses, division opponents on a championship day. We did it. This is what we dreamed about and we put it into motion. We just have to keep this thing going."

On what happened on the play when he got an interception:

"I couldn't tell you. My coaches always told me in high school when I was a quarterback, to never throw the ball across your body. That's what I was taught and that's what I live by. I was just able to capitalize on the play, make a play, help my team. I showed you all how I used to do things in high school. Shaking, spin move, juking the whole team."

On if he feels like the defense is playing at a championship level:

"I'm not going to go that far, I mean we're playing great ball. I'll say we're playing great ball and we were able to win a championship today in the NFC West. We have a lot of areas we can improve in and we know that. This is the best ball we have played all year and we know that. Let's keep capitalizing on it, let's continue to work hard like we're doing in practice, and taking it seriously. Not having ME's, not missing assignments, everybody tackling, attacking the ball, swarming. It starts upfront and we have the rocks in the middle and the DB's, were cleaning things up. I think that's the fun part about it. Everybody knows their roles, everybody knows exactly what they're supposed to do. It's fun when you can fly around and have fun with these guys."

On how much it means to win the division and make the Pro Bowl:

"It's dope. I wasn't even able to play in the game last year for the division title so, that kind of hurt me. Being able to go out there and play at a championship level, in a championship game, win a division for the first time in my career, it's dope. I'm eager to see that banner up in the VMAC so I can look at it every day while we're in meetings. We got the hats and t-shirts to cap off a great week. First time Pro Bowl, I feel like I'm finally getting the respect I deserve. I'm not too big of a talker to you guys but, in the locker room I'm talking. It's a blessing. I give all glory to God. To capitalize on this whole week, it's important for me and my family, and my teammates. For John Schneider to bring me here, for Pete Carroll to bring me here, and Andre Curtis for helping me be a leader in this secondary, and Nick Sorenson, Tommy, all of those guys. They all deserve that, and I'm blessed to be here."

The best photos from Seattle Seahawks vs. Los Angeles Rams at Lumen Field. Fueled by Nesquik.

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