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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 20-7 Preseason Loss To The Las Vegas Raiders 

Interviews, transcripts and press conferences from Seattle's preseason game vs. Las Vegas.


Q: Can you talk about how you are using Alton Robinson in this defense?

Coach Carroll: "He's able to play in all of the pass rush situations and nickel packages as an end. We are also bringing him along as an outside backer for early downs in base packages. We are just diversifying how we use him and seeing where he fits with all of the guys in the competition."

Q: Can you evaluate Stone Forsythe's performance?

Coach Carroll: "I don't have one, but we got sacked once and I didn't feel like he had a tough time. I'm pleased that he got a tone of play time as well. It was a huge advantage for him to get that chance. DeeJay Dallas played a nice game, too. The touchdown play was a really good play by Alex McGough by reading the blitz and picking it. That was a big convert for DeeJay to take the ball, make a guy miss and score a touchdown for us."

Q: What happened with Aldon Smith?

Coach Carroll: "He just couldn't hang with us. He tried. He just couldn't make it. it's disappointing. I'm disappointed for him. We gave him a real chance. We looked after him in every way that we knew how to do it. I wish we would have done better. I don't know what we could have done better, but we were very open to helping him to become apart of the program. It's just unfortunate that we weren't able to do that."

Q: Besides Geno Smith, were there any other injuries?

Coach Carroll: "Phillip Haynes had a little bit of a sore knee, but nothing serious. We're very fortunate in that regard."

Q: What do you think about all the reps that Ben Burr-Kirven received?

Coach Carroll: "It was great. He had double digit tackles. He was running, hitting, he had a fantastic camp. With Cody Barton being out, he has had tones for reps. He was calling the game. He was leading it out there. I thought that he did a really nice job. He is a really good ball player, and we are seeing that in the culmination of his work leading up to this has been really good. By all rights he should have played well and he did. He came through in a big way. It was great that we got Cody out there. Cody had a couple of sacks. A couple of real good finesse things that he did, hitting the pressures and it's great that we will have him back. We should get a real boost this week of guys coming back to us. The guys who didn't play in the game, they were cheerleading all game and trying to help us. Coach up on the sidelines. I can't give them a lot of credit for their coaching. I will have to critique that later. They were there in support of the young guys and we really dedicated the night to them. For the first time they have played NFL football. They got the feel fo the big crowd, so it was good for them."

Q: Did you get a feel for your cornerbacks today?

Coach Carroll: "We didn't make any plays to stop the third-down attempts. We have to take a look at that. We did a lot of things to mix it up, and we needed some wins today. We didn't get much."

Q: What are your thought's about the lack of offensive production?

Coach Carroll: "We were messy. We just didn't convert. We had some chances to get our third downs. We had to get some third down wins, and didn't. The sequence starts all over again. We really wanted to throw the ball with Geno. We came out to do that. We wanted to make sure we got some chances, and I think it was the third play and he gets wacked. So we didn't really get him the opportunity that we were hoping for. We should have thrown the ball a bunch with him. That was just a great chance to give him some time to play some football, but we couldn't get it done."

Q: What are your thoughts on Aldon Robinson's play?

Coach Carroll: "He's a really hard worker. Really smart, always in the right spots. He does a very nice job for us. He's an opportunist guy. That was a really good rush by Aldon to make that happen. He was close to a couple other ones, too. The rush was formidable, but not quite enough on the night to connect as well as we wanted it to."

Q: How do you think it went for you out there?

McGough: "It was good. I thought [Head] Coach [Pete Carroll] was calling good plays. I thought we were executing for the most part. I think we had some mistakes. I could have been better on the false start we had on the, I believe it was the second drive or first dive of the second quarter I believe. I could've been better communicating to the tight end and everyone was a little confused. I could've done better there, but I think for the most part we did well. We had guys make plays, and I just hope next time we can string more drives together."

Q: The only rhythm of the night on offense seemed to be that first drive after halftime. What worked there?

McGough: "We just made plays. I think every play that we called; we can do what DeeJay [Dallas] did, Cade [Johnson], Travis [Toivonen]. All these guys, I can name the whole team, like we can make plays like that. I just think we got to go out there with that demeanor of that can happen every play, and I think sometimes even myself can get lost instead of just playing, like go score."

Q: Pete Carroll said you sort of stepped out of their blitz on that touchdown pass and was able to dump it out to DeeJay?

McGough: "Yeah, Coach had a great call for a great play…It was fourth-and-4, Coach had a great call against man, and I saw the way that defensive lined up that if that defensive end didn't run with DeeJay there was nobody to run with him, so right when he cleared him, I just tossed it up and DeeJay made a great play."

Q: What are your overall impressions on Shane Waldron's offense?

McGough: "I like it, it's great. It puts the defense in a bind in many ways. That's probably all I'm going to say about that."

Q: Anything from your receivers stand out to you being Aaron Fuller or Cody Thompson?

McGough: " Aaron made a great in the first quarter on the shallow. It was third down and he made a great catch and he was able to break a tackle and get the first down that was great. I thought Cade [Johnson] played well. He was in the right spots. I thought everyone had a really…Cam [Scarlett] had a really good scramble response down the sideline. The defender made a really good play on that. It was a great. Dom Wood-Anderson almost made some really good plays for me. I could've been better with my accuracy throwing to him. I thought Cam Sutton blocked well played well. Pretty much everyone played well.

Q: Was Dom the one on the sideline that was just out of bounds?

McGough: Yeah, and he had the one over the middle he almost caught, too.

Q: When the Seahawks drafted you John Schneider talked about your throwing on the move. How much do you think that can be a part of you game?

McGough: "Yeah I think its a really big part of my game, you know. Especially because plays break down in the NFL it's just a fact. It's just how it is, and I feel if I have the ability to move left, move right, it doesn't matter which direction, and to be able to throw the ball down field, underneath, wherever, it's a big um help to the offense. It spreads it out a lot more."

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