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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 20-17 Win Over The Eagles

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from the Seahawks' Week 15 20-17 win over the Eagles at Lumen Field.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Pete Carroll

PETE CARROLL: Wow, what an event for our crowd and our fans and the following and all that. What a beautiful night for a Monday Night Football game. To make it that dramatic, incredible football game. One nobody will forget that game. It was an interesting game in that early on we didn't get going well. We stumbled on a couple of penalties and things like that. Just lost our drives. Defense gave up an easy drive kind of in the first one, but then we just hung in there, kept hanging and hanging. That really was the theme of the night, that we just kept playing, knowing if we kept hanging in there, something could happen. We stuck with it. Sure enough the plays just started happening. Some beautiful football by a bunch of guys. I loved the way we ran the ball in the third quarter. It changed the game. That drive and then the drive after that we ran the ball well again. Kind of took the game in our control for us, so it was the game we wanted to play against these guys. So it worked out beautifully. So many guys made things happen in a special way. Kenny played a great football game for us tonight. He was all over the place. Just a fantastic game running and catching. By the time the game was over, it took all night to get it done. Drew played a fantastic football game for us and did a beautiful job. DK came through in the last drive and other times in the game. Tough plays, really difficult plays. He made them, other guys might not make. Then the throw and catch to Jaxon, I haven't seen the good looks of it yet. I know from what everybody's comments were, that's the guy that's going to make that play, make that catch, he's just that good. For him to have that opportunity, for Drew to put the ball on him, Shane to call it, guys to protect. So many gorgeous things that happened there football-wise that gave us a chance to get ahead there at the end. Then the defense finished the game and came through. Julian Love's game, tagging onto what he did last week, this week incredible game, incredible plays. The last catch is exquisite on the sidelines. Toes tapping, hanging onto the football, winning the game. Just fantastic stuff. I'm sure there's a lot of stuff you want to ask questions about, but we're thrilled to get that game. It's been a really difficult stretch. We played great football. Team's on a high. Every game, we've been in it. Every game we've had a chance. We just weren't able to get over the hump. This was a huge ballgame for us, of course going into the final stretch here. Our guys kept hanging. It's so obvious. We kept practicing really hard and working really hard and everybody kept believing we could do something, so tonight is that night. Now we'll get cracking for the next game. Got a short week. Just have to come back together and get working.

Q. 91 yards in less than two minutes. What does that tell you about Drew Lock?

PETE CARROLL: Beautiful football. Just beautiful football. The poise we talked to you about last week. That's where he's been. He's been on it. He's been in command. There's a couple incompletes in that drive, came right back and hit it, converted and made the first downs and all to throw the football to win the game. Amazing stuff. He would be the first to tell you about the guys around him. The offensive line did a great job tonight running the football, pass pro, did a great job against these guys, gave us a chance. I mean, we couldn't ask more from him in that game tonight.

Q. What was the process deciding on Drew as the starter?

PETE CARROLL: Drew took most of the plays during the week. We really tried to save Geno as much as we could, not overexpose him because it's been such a short span of time since the strain. We went out tonight to see could he play if we needed him to play in the workout. He looked really good in the workout. That was the one taxing workout that we put him through. We knew we could dress him. If we needed him, we could go to him, in hopes we wouldn't have to, so we could buy him another week of healing. It was really too soon. It was a tough decision. It was as hard as can be on Geno. We got him all the way to the point, then say no. Dress, be there if we need you, we will go with the other player, see if we can make it to the next week. We'd be very hopefully that would happen, Drew would be able to practice next week, prove it, really secure his opportunity to play. He's going to do it in his brain. He's a frickin' warrior. We just got to make sure he gets the reps.

Q. Did he fight you on that decision?

PETE CARROLL: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. We were battling. We were battling. But he understood.

Q. How did you feel about the progress Drew made this week compared to last week?

PETE CARROLL: Honestly, I can't tell you it's that different. I can't tell you that. We did throw a couple picks (last week). I don't have that perspective right now to compare it. I thought his night tonight was a great night against a bunch of guys, a championship club. He came through.

Q. At what point before kickoff did you decide on Lock?

PETE CARROLL: We went up to the window. We had to figure out who could dress, all that kind of stuff. We didn't know if Geno would be able to dress in the game. He did a beautiful job in the workout, showed us that. Whatever that time frame is, that's when we got serious about it, all that.

Q. When you decided Lock would start?


Q. Or did you decide later on?

PETE CARROLL: We took a little bit of time. The first thing was just okay, he could dress. He could play if we needed him. We'd have to figure out how to get him through the game. He would have done everything in his power to do that. I thought we made a hard decision, but a good decision. He'll have a chance to really come back guaranteed this week, this next week. This game, three hours of playing football, the experts said it was too much to ask from him.

Q. If Geno is healthy, he'll starting?

PETE CARROLL: Yes, Geno is our starter.

Q. How happy are you for Drew?

PETE CARROLL: I'm so thrilled for the kid. First off, it's a memory you're never going to lose. He's going to hold onto this Monday night forever. He earned it. He deserved it. He played up to the great moments in the game and came through. It's been hard. It's been hard for him. Anybody that has the brain of a starter, brain of a championship kid, it's difficult as heck to have to wait. So he's had to do it. But he had his chances. Almost put together a game good enough last week. Then this week he did the whole thing. It was amazing.

Q. Drew had about 116 yards passing before the final drive, missed Tyler...

PETE CARROLL: Had a shot.

Q. To hit the one to DK and Jaxon...

PETE CARROLL: I thought the completions to DK were amazing. One up the middle he ripped. When he was tightly covered, for DK to make that catch in such a crucial situation. The throw was low, contested, all of that. Fantastic play. He made the plays he needed to make to win the game.

Q. Only two sacks. I don't think Drew got hit in the first half.

PETE CARROLL: He didn't, I don't believe. The guys up front did a fantastic job. The first quarter rhythm was screwed up because we had a penalty, then we had a second-and-16 situation. I think there was something else that happened. We couldn't get our first down to get moving. Meanwhile they possessed the ball quite a bit. The first half, you can't get much out of it. But we finished it doing some stuff. We moved the ball, had a sense we could go, had the ball coming out. We had high hopes we could get something going.

Q. (No microphone.)

PETE CARROLL: Yeah, that's how we intended to play the game. We didn't have a chance to do it.

Q. What happened on the situation with the fourth down...

PETE CARROLL: Time running down, I called timeout with one second left. After I called the timeout, they challenged the play. I was a little screwed up on the rules on that one. I was trying to get the timeout back. In essence, because we called timeout, they had extra time to look at it. That's what he was hammering me about because they always get hammered, so when they get a chance, they get after you when you're not right (smiling). That's what occurred there. That was I'm sure the right thing. I was fighting it anyway.

Q. Jaxon has two game-winning touchdowns. For a rookie to be that trusted by his quarterback, coordinators, what does that say about him?

PETE CARROLL: I'm telling you, he was so chilled. He just made the catch of his NFL career. He was just as calm and poised. He's a great competitor. I'm serious about when what I'm saying

here. This guy, it was not too big a deal. It was like no big deal. Of course I made that catch. He's been doing that his whole life. It's that kind of confidence and savvy that allows a guy to separate from other players. He's got that stuff in him. I was incredibly impressed with that. I caught a couple glimpses of him in between all the craziness and all that stuff. He was just on top of it. Really impressive.

Q. Someone mentioned that Geno maybe reaggravated his groin in practice?

PETE CARROLL: The week before in a play he just felt it. He didn't reinjure it so much as he just felt it. We didn't want that to happen, that's the setback we were trying to avoid. He was willing to do whatever, but he did not get a ton of work with any tempo at all. We took it all the way. We were saving him to check him out tonight to see did that break give him enough he could play. He convinced us he could do that, but yet it was still going to be very risky. Everyone was involved, I had to call it, that's what we did.

Q. What was your impression of Leonard tonight?

PETE CARROLL: I'm sorry, but I didn't catch all the stuff. The guys in the locker room were raving about it. I didn't see what happened from him. I thought they ran the ball pretty well against us. We didn't want that to happen. Leonard had to be doing a nice job. Halftime I think they were averaging 3.8 a carry. Felt like they ran for 150 yards, but they hadn't. I don't have a good perspective.

Q. Two picks from Julian.

PETE CARROLL: That's four turnovers he's been involved in in the last two weeks. Holy cow. Holy cow.

Q. How big was he for you in the fourth quarter?

PETE CARROLL: He did an incredible job of playing. He had some other tackles up by the line of scrimmage. Both those catches were challenging, difficult plays. He made them look easy. Again, here is another kid that was so comfortable with that moment. He would go out and make another one if you gave him a chance. He just was not moved by it, beyond total poise and composure and all. Really impressive. He's going to have a baby this week, too. Really excited about that. He finally figured that out. Happening Wednesday. He's got a big week coming here. Baby has been a little reluctant on us here.

Q. Great Monday night games come down to the wire like this, what is it about Monday night?

PETE CARROLL: I'll go to my dying days not really knowing, to tell you the truth. I can't figure it out why other than the way we do it, the way we talk about it. We don't make this into something that it isn't. I gave you so many examples of composure and poise, hanging in there and all that stuff. Drew did a fantastic job. It's what he said to the team afterwards, how well we

did that. That's being comfortable with the moment, not letting it get you. Came through in great fashion.

Q. Starting Michael Jackson instead of Riq Woolen.

PETE CARROLL: Guys had a competition this week. That's how it came out. They're all playing good football. So we just thought it was worthy of those guys having a chance to battle for it. That's just the way it came out for the week.

Q. 8-0 against the Eagles. What does that mean to you personally, to this program?

PETE CARROLL: I like stuff like that, but it's no big deal. Don't mean nothing. I like numbers like that.

Q. What was your message to the team in there?

PETE CARROLL: I don't know. I was kind of out of my mind in there. I really can't recall. The big thing is to make sure that we realize if you keep hanging, you can win. That's why we always talk about the fourth quarter. This is fourth quarter time right now, this is. What have we got, three games left? This is the fourth quarter starting tonight. It kind of was, but the funky 17-game schedule you can't quite get it right. It's not just words. There's a mentality about finishing. We kicked this thing off exactly right tonight. I'm excited about our chances. These guys are, too. They know. This is what we talk about: finish. All year long, offseason, all that. This was the first real moment and we captured a heck of a night.

Q. Why were you out of your mind?

PETE CARROLL: Why was it out of my mind? I had so much fun tonight. C'mon.

Q. How close was Witherspoon to playing?

PETE CARROLL: He's got a legit issue with his hip. It's not a damaged hip. It's just a hip pointer. But it's really deep and really painful. He's been really uncomfortable with it. I can't imagine that he won't be able to make it back. That's me wishful thinking. We need him back out there. By the way, I thought Artie did a great job playing that spot tonight. He was all over it. He did a bunch of stuff disguising, rushing, blitzed. I was really fired up with the game he played.

QB Drew Lock

Q. Drew, if last week was fun for you, what was that?

DREW LOCK: That was a lot of fun. I mean, it was more than fun. I can't find the right word for it right now. It was a blast. One of those classic NFL games. Besides the two-minute drive in the

first half, three drives there, couple penalties stopped us, scored on one of them. Hats off to our defense tonight. For us scoring (20), I think that's what we scored, I just know that we scored a little bit more than they did, but for them holding them to what they did tonight, that's a powerful offense who scores lots of points. Hats off to them.

Q. Sounds like you got emotional on the field afterwards. What went into that emotion?

DREW LOCK: Thousands of things. We'd be here all night to talk about them all. I think it was just the over-the-top feeling of you don't get very many moments, you don't get very many opportunities in this league. With every opportunity you get, you need to be as ready as you can be bcause you don't get a ton of them. For us to come out tonight and play the way we did and get a win, one of two opportunities I had this year to start, I was excited. I was emotional. I was emotional for myself, but I was emotional for these guys in this locker room. It's been a rough couple weeks. We needed a win to pull us back, get our spirits back up. That's what we did here tonight as a team. We did it as a team.

Q. Is there any one particular moment that maybe wasn't as obvious to us watching that you experienced that will stick with you?

DREW LOCK: At the quarterback position, you're supposed to assume good things to happen. The one thing that's going to stick with me tonight is the deep ball to Tyler on the right side of the field going left to right if your on our sideline. Wouldn't have to have the heroics at the end of the game if we hit that one. The story is not as cool, I guess. I guess we're glad we missed it.

Q. You only had about 120 passing yards up untll that last drive. To come back and hit the one to DK, hit the one to Jaxon. How good did that feel?

DREW LOCK: I think the thing that you always try to get to as a competitor is when you're out there on the big stage, the big moment, the two-minute drive to go win the game, you're just not thinking, you're just reacting. You're using all the training, all the instincts you've gained from when I was in third grade started playing football to right now. All the reps we have in two-minute drives in the indoor (facility), going against the (no.) one defense on Wednesdays and Thursdays. What was I thinking? I wasn't. I was just flowing, making decisions with the ball. Guys were going up and getting it. Guys were going up and making plays. Jax, DK, Tyler, everybody. The tight ends. Not to mention our O-line and the backs tonight. Being able to run the ball like we did against that front and defense is special to say the least.

Q. What did you see on the throw to Jaxon?

DREW LOCK: It was actually sweet. Shane came back to that call. We ran that call on the first third down, first drive. We didn't use the element of one-on-one go ball to Jax on that. We had man that first time. My plan going into it was we're going to work the concept side first, first third down I get this call. I'm breaking the huddle. Shane gives me the reminder in the headset, don't forget Jax is one on one if you got him. All right, turn around, hey, you're getting the ball if you get one on one here. We already played that frontside. Who knows how they're going to play that concept that they've kind of seen and felt the same thing earlier in the game. Sure enough,

they gave us one on one. Kind of a perfect look. We had an off corner, Jax kind of tempo'd it off the ball, hit the jets, put that thing in the back corner.

Q. What is your relationship like, you and Geno, and what has he meant to you during these two weeks?

DREW LOCK: That's like an unsung hero in these last two weeks. The encouragement he's given me, the pep talks here and there, helping in the film room. It was cool when roles flipped, I was going to have to be the starter, he was doing the same thing for me as I was trying to do for him. That's just an unselfish dude in there. I appreciate him more than words can describe. Talking to me before the two minute, You're the best player on this field, you're going to lead us down this field right now, go get it done, things like that. It's really cool. This is a special quarterback room, including Sean when he came in here the last couple weeks. Savvy vet. Knows a lot about ball. It's really comforting having him in the room. Just awesome.

Q. To see him in this moment kind of being right there along with you, celebrating, how good does that feel?

DREW LOCK: It was just a full-circle moment I think for the both of us. Like I've said many times, I'm up here, I never want to be put in that position where I'm looking to the sideline and seeing him. He's the starter for this team. That was what we had planned going into last season, we had planned going into this season. I'm supposed to be there for him. I'm supposed to be helping him out. Unfortunate situation for him. Like I said, for him to reverse those roles, be my biggest supporter out there, it's really cool. Really cool stuff.

Q. What has Pete's confidence done for you the last couple years?

DREW LOCK: It's got me back to being more of me, more of who I am. That's the confident guy that will go out there and sling the ball around. He gives me full confidence to go be exactly who I am. He preaches that all the time. Don't be more than who you are, just go out there and be you because you're here for a reason. We want you here on this team. When you try to do a little more, that's when you start acting out of character. I think tonight was a great test of that with it kind of being a slow game, not a lot of points. I thought both sides of the ball, offense and defense, did a great job of staying relaxed, knowing as long as there's a couple seconds on the clock, we're going to have a chance in this game. Sure enough, we left it 28, 26 left.

Q. (Question about pregame situation.)

DREW LOCK: All week it's knowing Geno is close. Prepare like you're the starter, prepare like you're going to play. He's going to do his workout and we're going to tell you after that. That was just the mindset going into it. I mean, that's my job. It's what I signed up for, knowing and not knowing when I'm going to have to step out there on the field. I appreciate the guys rallying around me. It's a really special group. I just couldn't be more proud of everybody tonight.

Q. When did you find out you were going to start?

DREW LOCK: Little bit before kickoff today.

Q. DK coming up with three catches...

DREW LOCK: I appreciate him trusting me. I put that ball low to him on the Omaha, on the out route, down in the red zone. I went up to him, my bad, man. He goes, quit apologizing to me, just go out there and play. Okay, all right. You're right. I'm going to go out there, we're just going to ball, sling this thing around. Sure enough. I appreciate him keeping his composure throughout the night. Him being him, he wants the ball every play. When you're not getting it, staying cool, staying calm, knowing that next play he might get it, I appreciate that out of him tonight.

Q. You and Geno have had iconic moments on Monday Night Football. What does that mean?

DREW LOCK: It's just going to keep growing. Our relationship is going to keep growing. I think we hugged like 10 times in the locker room tonight. He's just so excited for me. I appreciate genuine excitement out of him towards me. That's not easy to do. It wasn't easy when he got named the starter for me last year. It's not easy for him now watching it from the sideline. I know the type of competitor he is. He wants to be out there every single snap. I just appreciate his pure joy for me. Likewise, I've been giving pure joy to him.

CB Tre Brown

(On how much faith he had in Drew Lock to score on the final drive of the game) "I had a lot of faith. It was crazy, I was talking to (Quandre) Diggs, I was saying, 'We always thrive when we get in these situations.' Whether we come up short, sometimes it would be close enough, and today we finally pulled it through. It was the defense today."

(On what he thinks the team showed the rest of the league tonight) "That we can be that team. We showed who we can be if we don't beat ourselves, because that tends to be the reason sometimes we let things be out of our control, and tonight we showed up against a really good team. If we play our best game, the sky is the limit for us."

(On how rewarding it is to win tonight despite all of the outside noise) "It feels really good. We stuck with each other, no matter what was going on outside of the locker room. We didn't let that affect us. There's a lot of people on the outside making assumptions or starting their own thing. They don't know what goes on. We came out here and proved to everybody who we were."

S Quandre Diggs

(On how the win feels) "It feels good. It's always good to win. It was an opportunity for us to keep our hopes alive. Like we say, every day is still ahead of us and we just need to enjoy this while we can and then get back to work on Wednesday."

(On their mindset going into the last drive) "We work that every day. Being able to get a two minute stop is big. [Julian Love] made a hell of a play. He's been making those plays all the time. [It's] so dope to see him be given the opportunity to be out of the box a little bit more. It's been fun."

(On holding the Eagles to 10 points in the first half) "When they were running the ball, we just had to fix certain stuff. Doing what they were doing, coming out the way they were attacking us, they were running the ball more than they've been running it this past year. We had to come in and change up our game plan to see what we were doing. We were able to go out there and go get some stops."

(On winning despite being down two starters and amidst questions of the togetherness of the locker room) "We knew who we were in the locker room. That's never been a doubt for us. We know how we walk with each other. At the end of the day, we never had those questions. It was more of the outside people just talking their talk. For us, we just go to work. It's been a struggle, but to be able to get back in the win column, it's been fun."

(On Drew Lock's performance tonight and if that's what they've been seeing in practice from him) "He's been making plays. He's been one of the most underrated guys and I've been playing safety for a long time. I was always excited for him to come over and it's paying off big for him."

TE Colby Parkinson

(On Drew Lock converting back-to-back on 3rd-and-10) "We work on this everyday in practice so he's comfortable back there, you can see he's poised in the pocket and just went out there and executed just like he does every day in the Virginia Mason Athletic Center."

(On Jaxon Smith-Njigba's catch) "When it was up there, I knew he was going to come down with it, he makes those plays all the time in practice."

(On Drew Lock staying ready after not starting for two years) "He's just the ultimate pro, he practiced every single week like he's ready to play and obviously he was because last week he was able to step in and do a great job, and this week helped us get the win."

S Julian Love

(On the two interceptions) "First one, I saw, I think it was Watkins screaming. He ran that route a couple times earlier in the game. I'm dropping, for him, and I just hear Q [Quandre Diggs], I'm running with him, and Quandre yells "Ju!", middle of the play, because the ball was in the air. I had a bead on it, I had good positioning. I just looked up, the ball was floating, and I came down with it. Second one, I just had a good feeling that they were going to go to number 11. A.J. Brown is a real deal receiver, and I was honestly watching him that entire play. I was in the post, I saw the double move, and I just took off. I saw the ball floating, and I must be living right, because I got my feet in, thankfully."

(On being able to hear Diggs during the play) "Oh, yeah. At home, mid play, nobody is really yelling. You're seeing what's happening. We have good communication between us, and I heard him yelling, thankfully."

(On whether he had deep post responsibility on the second one) "Yes."

(On whether he wasn't where he was supposed to be) "Hey, I'm where the ball is, so, yes, I would say I was where I was supposed to be."

(On what this game means after losing four in a row) "This is huge. December football is critical. You just need some energy and some motivation and some momentum going into the end of the season. I think we needed this game. Nothing is guaranteed going forward, we know that. We got to carry this juice going forward. A few plays, here and there, the past couple weeks have really brought us down. This, I already know, is going to revitalize us."

(On being able to finish this one) "I said it maybe last week, or a few weeks ago, whatever. We make big plays each game. Offense, defense, special teams. We're making plays out there. It's just putting it all together in a cohesive effort, to just be consistent and not give up the one-off plays. I think today we did that. Obviously, that's a good team out there. Philly is a good team, a well-coached team, and they're going to make plays, but we played cohesively and built off of our success."

(On welcoming a baby this week) "Yeah, hopefully a healthy baby boy comes this week. My wife has been doing a killer job throughout this crazy stretch of football. Yeah, hopefully the next time you hear from me, I'll have a newborn in my hands."

(On what this win shows today) "Obviously, it shows that we're resilient. It's easy to just give up on the year. We have a lot of high character people in that locker room and people just didn't back down. Bobby and Geno, early in the week, challenged us. Got up in front of the team meeting on Wednesday or Thursday, and just addressed us. Just said what was in front of us. I'll let them talk specifically about what they said, but I think we all got the message that everything we have is in front of us for the taking. We just had to get this one, and thankfully we did."

(On whether it's sweeter after some of the plays that Jalen Hurts and the Eagles made against the Giants last year) "Of course. We lost to them three times last year, and that was tough. Tough losses, all of them. I have the best teammates in the world. They had my back; I had their back. Thankfully, I got the win this year."

(On how satisfying this was for him after a challenging year) "I wouldn't say it's been too challenging. I think just my whole mindset to attacking football is that whenever I'm out there, make the most of it. Be productive, whether I'm running down on punt [coverage], I'm going to try to make a tackle, and I have been doing that. I've just stayed steady. I try to reflect and think that football is just me playing in the backyard when I was a kid. I just carry that mindset with me, and I think it leads to success. That's been my whole mindset whether I'm playing a lot, playing a little. Whenever I'm out there I just need to be having fun and producing."

WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba

(On his last catch of the game) "I just want to give all glory to God, my lord and savior Jesus Christ for allowing me to wake up and play today. Super fun, emotional win, and emotional game. Drew Lock stepped up. On that play I knew if we had man coverage it was coming to me. I am just thankful that I was able to make the play."

(On how similar his final catch was to his catch against Utah in the Rose Bowl) "Definitely kind of similar. I've been making catches like that for a long time so hopefully that continues to carry on."

(On running the same play as his last catch earlier in the game) "I knew just by preparing all week that if it was man-to-man then I was the go-to on that play. We ran it before and they did play man, but you know, stuff happens. The next play we were able to get it down, so I'm happy I got the same look."

DT Leonard Williams

(On how the game went) "Man, that felt great. That was a big win for the team. There is a lot of energy going forward to finish this season off right. We still have a few games ahead of us, but I think for now, we've got to enjoy this win. Guys played great, guys stepped up when they needed to step up and we got away with the win."

(On how Seattle responded against Philadelphia this week defensively) "I think mindset wise, we bent but didn't break. You could tell guys were locked in. They (Philadelphia) had some long drives on those opening possessions. I think guys were doing their thing, but they did a little bit better on those drives. Guys weren't hanging their heads or feeling defeated, I felt like we were competing out there today. Guys were communicating, playing off each other and kept it rolling."

(On how Julian Love performed) "He was a huge role for us tonight. I've played with him since he was a rookie and I'm still with him now. For me, being an older guy and seeing him develop as a player has been amazing. Getting the ball out on that last play was crazy. I was probably the biggest fan of Julian (Love) tonight. I think he takes a sense of pride in special teams as well, that's big time."

RB Kenneth Walker III

(On how he would grade Drew Lock's blocking skills on his touchdown run) "Great. I came to the sideline, and I told him thank you."

(On what that final drive means to the team) "It means a lot. We knew we had to win. That final drive just showed how much we fight. We didn't quit when we were down. Nobody flinched, they made it happen. It was a great throw and a great catch. Great pass pro. Everybody was coming together and playing as a unit, and we executed."

(On how good this win feels) "It feels great. I trust in our defense, and they trust in us. We played off that energy, them stopping them. We practice it, too. Like I said, we didn't flinch and we kept playing."

(On the impact of the running game) "I felt like we kept running it, we trusted it. The O-line did a great job, they had holes open. O-line did a great job."

(On the O-line creating big runs up the middle and outside) "They just did a great job. The tight ends on the end, the wide receivers. It takes the whole unit to make our jobs easier, for the running backs. I give a lot of credit to the guys up front, and the wide receivers and the tight ends."

(On how he is feeling right now) "I feel great. It's always good to win. We're going to enjoy this, but we've got to lock in for next weekend."

(On how happy he is for Drew Lock) "I'm super happy. We rallied behind him and we believe in him. It's cool to see him out there. He practices hard. He knows everything. He's getting his opportunity, and it's great to see."

(On whether that is what Lock shows in practice) "Yeah. I think he's a great quarterback, so I see that every day. He had a great game, not just that drive, but the whole game."

(On the reaction on the sideline following Julian Love's final interception) "Everybody went crazy, I went crazy, the fans went crazy. Shout out to the 12."

(On how the running game got the offense back in the game in the third quarter) "I don't know. I feel like we just executed. That's what we need to do. We need to trust the run game. I feel like we did that tonight."

Check out some of the best action shots from Week 15 vs. the Philadelphia Eagle at Lumen Field on December 18, 2023. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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